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Wilson Audio Open Day - March 23rd!




Hi Everyone,

For our next Open Day we are going to be showcasing Wilson Audio Speakers, without doubt makes of some of the finest speakers in the world, you get certain moments in your HiFi life where you hear something for the first time and you know that is the sound for you, it happened many years ago when I heard my first pair of PMC Speakers and more recently I got that same feeling again when I heard my first pair of Wilsons and to be honest with the release of the new Sasha DAW there has never been a better time to hold a Wilson Audio Open day as these speakers who have been designed by Daryl Wilson in tribute to his Dad, Dave Wilson the founder of Wilson Audio who sadly passed away last year, hence his initials DAW, are quite exceptional, they really are a stunning tribute to Dave.

So what is the day going to comprise of? well we will be running 3 rooms, the final setups are yet to be 100% confirmed but I thought it was time that we also run turntables in each room as well as digital so if you’ve got any vinyl you’d like to bring along please feel free, please see below for what we’ll be having running on the day.

Room 1 - Upstairs Demo Room


As well as the DAW’s being new the TuneTot’s were only released a few months ago and really are an incredible speaker, giving all those brilliant Wilson attributes but in a smaller package that isn’t fussy in placement, we will be running these in our upstairs room driven by a Bryston Pre/Power with the dCS Network Bridge or Bartok and the Michell GyroDec for Vinyl duties so make sure you venture upstairs as this room is bound to sound excellent.

Room 2 - The Naim Room


In here we’ll be running one of my favourite Wilson’s, the Sabrina, what I love about these speakers is the size and quality of sound they give from a small speaker, they are just so musical and they always make me smile when I’m listening to them, there really do defy their size, so we will be running our Sabrina’s on our 500 Naim System with the new Rega Planar 8 on hand for vinyl duties, again this is a another combo that will really sing.

Room 3 - The Highend Room


So this is the big one, all guns blazing in here to really show what the Sasha DAW’s are capable off, I stayed late this last Saturday night listening to this exact system and I was sitting there wondering how things could really sound any better as it really was singing.

So we will have the DAW’s driven by the epic Audio Research Reference 160M Mono Block valve amps with the matching Reference 6 Pre-amp, for digital duties we will be using the dCS Rossini running the new version 2.0 firmware which really is a step up in sound quality and for vinyl duties we will be using our newest Turntable brand, the brilliant VPI Prime Signature running a Lyra Kleos cartridge which I must say sounds brilliant.

RSVP Please

So there should be enough there to keep everyone busy for a while, we will also be having american themed food for the day + drinks and help will be on hand from the guys from Absolute Sounds who can answer any Wilson or Highend HiFi  Questions you may have, it will be great if you can come along but if you could please just let me know on the below e-mail address that will be great, thanks -

[email protected]

I’m really looking forward to this one as I know we will have 3 fantastic sounding rooms so hope to see you on March 23rd, we’ll be starting from 10am till 5pm so hope to see you then.

Please see below for the Wilson Audio Range of Speakers on our website below -

Wilson Audio Visit 2017

Finally for those who didn’t see my original blogs back in July 2017 when I was lucky enough to visit Wilson Audio in Utah for a factory tour and more importantly visit Dave Wilson’s house to hear the incredible WAMM’s which is an experience I will never forget, please see below for a couple of links

What it is like being Wamm’d -


Wilson Audio Factory Tour -





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