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Chord Electronics Announce Huei Phono Pre and Ultima 2 and 3 Mono Amplifiers!



Hi Everyone,

The Munich news is coming thick and fast with Chord Electronics announcing 3 new products.

Huei Phono Stage


So Chord over the last few years really have been known as the kings of digital but they have always made brilliant Preamps, Power amps and sources etc but I have to say with the Huei they have perhaps designed the coolest looking Phono Stage around and I can see this being as big a success as their Qutest Dac, with which it shares a similar form factor, especially considering the vinyl revival we have been enjoying for the last few years.

It caters for both MM and MC Cartridges and will be compatible with most cartridges out there thanks to its wide range of gain and impedance settings which are easily accessible from the front panel controls, no jumpers here, and it also caters for RCA and XLR outputs.

Priced at £990 I can really see this flying off the shelf, it is available in black only from late summer, we have already ordered our demo model so can’t wait to give it a try.


Ultima 2 and 3 Mono Power Amplifiers

Late last year Chord unveiled their awesome Ultima mono Power Amplifiers, priced at £30,000 each these were definitely not for everyone, but now this tech has tricked down to 2 more affordable offerings in the Ultima 2 at £18,360 each which outputs 750W RMS and the Ultima 3 at £11,000 each which gives 480W RMS each channel, granted still not cheap but they are guaranteed to pack a punch and if you have a highend system then these would most definitely be worth a listen.

Please see below for a description from Chord on the Ultima Range -

‘The ULTIMA topology is incredibly powerful with an extraordinarily high peak output current (the speed at which the dynamic peaks can be delivered), bringing astonishing dynamics, fidelity and unrivalled musicality. ULTIMA is a truly unprecedented amplifier topology with exceptional performance and is one of the most advanced amplifier technologies in the world.’

These are all hand made over the course of several days Chord’s HQ in Kent and are available to order now, I hope to have a pair on demo later in the year.

Ultima 3


Ultima 2





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