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Isolation Products From Quadraspire and IsoAcoustics at HFL!



Hi All,

This is just a quick blog to say that we have just bought on IsoAcoustics as a new brand + we have some interesting new isolation supports from Quadraspire.

As a quick overview, isolating your equipment and speakers can really help get the best from them, on speakers it can tighten up the bass which helps free up the midrange and when used on certain electronics it can really help focus the sound, the name of the game though is to try them under different components to see where you get the biggest gains in my opinion.


With IsoAcoustics they do the Giaa range for under your speakers, there are 3 different models depending on the weight of your speakers and they also do the Orea range of isolation pucks that sit under your equipment, again there are 3 different versions, depending on the weight of your equipment, we have the whole range on demo so if you’d like to try any please feel free to get in touch to try in here or at home, we have actually sold quite a few of these for both speakers and kit and everyone has been really impressed, I have to say that it helps that they are beautifully made and look pretty cool and they don’t cost a fortune also.

Please find more info below -

Giaa Speaker Range -





Orea Equipment Isolation






Quadraspire QPlus Supports

When it comes to HiFi Racks then Quadraspire really are up there with the best, the X Reference really is very popular with our customer’s and rightly so as it looks stunning and performs brilliantly.

So what Quadraspire have done with their new QPlus range or equipment supports is offer 3 shrunk down versions of their racks to help isolate your equipment and they really do work wonders, you can read more below on Quadrapires website -

We have a really nice presentation case that we can lend out to you if you are curious and would like to try them at home, it is great as you can now have a bit of X Reference under all your kit, now that has got to be a good idea, seriously though if you’d like to experiment with this please feel free to get in touch as these really can help un-lock the true potential of your system.






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