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Naim 10% Off Promotion and Anyone Fancy Driving a Bentley Continental?




Hi Everyone,

In perfect timing for our Naim event on the 22nd June Naim have announced a promotion which runs till mid July for existing Naim customers, basically it is an upgrade promotion on the Classic Range as well as Uniti Range where you can receive a 10% discount on the new product.

So basically if you have say a SuperUniti and would like to upgrade to a new Nova you can receive 10% off the Nova + we will give you the market value for your SuperUniti as a trade in, the same if you have a NDX and would like to move up to the new NDX 2 or even better a ND555 or go from a NAC 282 to a NAC 252 or from a NAP 250 to a NAP 300, if you are thinking of upgrading your Naim system in any way, maybe adding a power supply to a source, it doesn’t need to be a trade in, then please feel free to get in touch to discuss and to see if you are applicable to receive the discount

All Naim require as qualification is the below to receive your 10% discount -

  • Existing Naim customer name
  • Existing Naim product
  • Existing Naim serial number

So in a nutshell if you are an existing Naim customer and are thinking of upgrading please get in touch before July 15th to receive a 10% discount, nice and simple.

Drive a Bentley Continental at Our Naim Open Day on June 22nd!


So this is pretty cool, ever dreamt of driving a Bentley Motors Continental GT Convertible with a fully loaded Naim sound system installed? well if so why not come to our Naim / Focal open day on June 22nd and bring along your driver’s license and the Bentley guys will apparently let you take the Continental for a drive, guess where I’ll be all day, all we need now is for the weather to realise it is summer and not winter :)

For more information on our upcoming Naim / Focal open day please see below -

Thanks to everyone who has let me know they are coming along on the day, we still have plenty of space for more music lovers so just fire a mail over to the below if you’d like to come -

[email protected]

Look forward to seeing you on the day.




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