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PMC Speakers Fact Signature Launch Event + 10% Off Upgrade Promotion - July 20th!




Hi Everyone,

Firstly a huge thanks to everyone who came to our Naim and Focal Summer Party last weekend,, it really was an excellent day and great to see so many familiar and new faces, it was certainly one of our most popular open days to date and was a lot of fun but at HFL nothing stops so it is now time to start promoting our next Open day.

So anyone who knows us at HFL knows we are big supporters of PMC Speakers and we’ll basically use any chance as an excuse to have a PMC Open day so with the launch of their new Fact Signature range we have the perfect opportunity so have decided to do a launch event in conjunction with PMC on July 20th.

Personally I have always been a huge fan of the Fact range, the Fact.8′s have always been a favourite of mine with their amazing resolution and speed and I currently run fact.12′s at home so I for one can’t wait to hear the new and improved Fact Signature range, speaking to PMC the biggest difference with the new range is in the crossover as they learnt so much from the development of the mighty Fenestria that that technology has now trickled down to the Fact.8 and Fact..12 to give a more open and transparent sound apparently, can’t wait to hear for myself.

Fact Demo Rooms! 


So for the Fact open day we will be running the new Fact.8′s on the PMC Cor amplifier in our upstairs demo room, this is bound to be a great match, we will then run the new Fact.12′s on our Naim 500 system as we have a lot of Naim customer’s that run PMC speakers as there is such a great synergy between the 2 brands, then in the final room we’ll have the awesome Fenestria’s running with Bryston 28B mono blocks which really do get the best from the speakers, so that really should give 3 pretty awesome sounding rooms.


Upgrade and Save Offer!

For one day only on the open day we will be offering you a chance to save 10% off any PMC Speakers if you upgrade your current speakers, basically trade in your existing speakers and we will give market value to save you the hassle of selling them yourself, the only speakers excluded from this offer are the Fenestria’s, so please get in touch to discuss the options and to get a price for your current speakers.

Please find a link to PMC on our website with current prices -



We will have representatives here from PMC to help run the day and answer any questions you may have and if the weather looks like it is going to be kind we will fire up the BBQ again, if you’d like to come along could you please fire me over a quick mail so we can get a rough idea on numbers, thanks -

[email protected]

Look forward to seeing everyone on the day and having a good listen to the new Fact Signature range myself.






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