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The New PMC Fact.8 and Fact.12 Signature Speakers now on Permanent Demo!




Hi Everyone,

Just a quick heads up to say that we now have the brilliant PMC Speakers new Fact.8 and Fact.12 Signature speakers now on Permanent demo, the fact range has always been popular with our customers, one because they look quite discreet so can fit in with a lot of peoples living spaces but mainly because they sound so good, I have always said that the Fact.8′s are one of my favourites and I have had Fact.12′s at home for a couple of years now and I have to say that the new Signature versions really are a step up, they just seem to have another level of engagement which is saying something as the originals certainly weren’t lacking in that department.

Anyway if you fancy a listen anytime please feel free to get in touch to arrange a demo, we are also happy to look at any trade in you may have.

PMC MB2 SE’s On Demo


In other PMC news, at the moment we also have the awesome MB2 SE’s on demo, these really are the speakers that inspired Wendy and Myself to start HFL as we had a pair for home around 10 years ago and I got so addicted to them I left my job as a printer, sold our house to free up some cash and start HFL which was the best decision of my life, so thanks PMC for giving the world the MB2 SE’s




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