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New PrimaLuna EvoLution Range on Permanent Demo!




Hi Everyone,

So Valves or Solid State? that is the question that a lot of audiophiles are faced with when looking to buy a new amp or pre-amp, well and now DAC’s thanks to PrimaLuna.

PrimaLuna have always been one of our most popular brands, even people that don’t come in to buy a valve amp are always intrigued to have a listen and in all honesty I have never had one person say that they don’t like the sound, it is impossible to not be cast under the spell of that tube sound so I am really pleased to say that we now have the new PrimaLuna Evo range on demo.

We have normally focused on PrimaLuna’s integrated amps but as we now have a new range it seemed a good opportunity to expand on this so as well as the new Evo 400 Integrated we have also decided to put the Evo 400 power amp and Evo 400 Preamp on demo along with PrimaLuna’s new valve Evo 100 DAC which is a intriguing proposition, can’t wait to have a good listen to that.

So why not come in for a listen to the new PrimaLuna range? just get in touch to book an appointment anytime. You can see the full range of products below -






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