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New Products from Arcam, Bryston, Naim, McIntosh, REL and Wilson Audio!



Hi Everyone,

So there has certainly been a lot of exciting new releases announced over the last couple of weeks so I just thought I would do a quick overview of what has been announced, most of it on permanent demo soon, if you’d like any more information please feel free to give me a ring.



When it comes to home cinema Receivers and Processors then Arcam really do lead the way so it is great news that they have just announced the new range with a shiny new look to carry on from the mega successful previous range, again it comprises of 3 new receivers, 1 processor and 3 new power amps, a 2 channel, 4 channel and the one I’m most pleased with the return of a 7 Channel amplifier so you can run a 2 box system with the processor and 7 channel amp, perfect. These have just been announced so are not on our site yet but the full range will be on demo shortly.





There is no secret that we are big fans of Bryston at HFL and I have to say the announcement of their new BDA-3.14 certainly got my interest, basically it is a streaming DAC which is Roon compatible for around £4000 which seems great value to me as Bryston’s DAC’s have always been top draw and as I previous BDA/BDP user at home if they can combine the 2 units into one slimline box and keep the performance then this will be a real winner, on demo soon.





Naim have just recently upgraded their Muso and now we have the new Muso Qb 2nd Generation on demo, offering the same small footprint as the previous version but upping the audio quality significantly + many more improvements, it really is very impressive for its size, feel free to come in for a listen.




I can’t deny that like many I am a sucker for a bit of McIntosh, I love the looks and sound quality, they really are very unique and undeniably retro in their appearance but certainly not in performance, after the success of their first Hybrid amplifier the MA252 now comes the MA352 2 Channel Amplifier, not only does it up the power to 200 WPC into 8 ohms it also adds the iconic blue VU meters, what is not to like there, stunning.





So I am a strong advocate of running subwoofers with a 2 Channel system, whatever the speaker, and when it comes to this REL lead the way so it is great news that they have just announced the new S Series which is our most popular range, we have the new S/510 and the bigger S/812, they basically offer more power with lighter and faster drivers than the previous range and are now stackable so if you are feeling a little crazy you could run 3 S/812′s on each speaker, our demo models are arriving today.



Wilson Audio


OK, so if I ever needed to sell an organ or 2 to get a pair of speakers these are the speakers I would be willing to do that for, what a thing of beauty, as many will know I was lucky enough to go to Dave Wilson’s house to listen to the Mighty Wamm and Wilson Audios new Chronosonic XVX carries a lot of the technology from the Wamm with Daryl Wilson re-evaluating everything to create something truly special, they are not cheap at around £350,000 but oh my god, they just look amazing, I almost don’t care what they sound like when they look that good but the reality is that they will sound incredible, I’d love to say that these will be on demo shortly but unfortunately that is extremely unlikely unless anyone is looking for a new kidney for £300k.






So that is a quick overview or what to expect going into the Autumn, feel free to get in touch anytime to discuss any of the above, certainly looks like exciting times are ahead




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