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New Speakers on Demo from Wilson Audio, Fyne Audio, Jbl, Sonus Faber, Rel and Devialet! - Vipers' Lotus and HiFi Blog - The Lotus Forums #ForTheOwners Jump to content

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New Speakers on Demo from Wilson Audio, Fyne Audio, Jbl, Sonus Faber, Rel and Devialet!



Hi Everyone,

I have said it many times that for me speakers are the most important part of a good hifi setup, obviously everything has to be well balanced but as far as I am concerned if I had to choose one area where the biggest investment should be made then it would be on the speakers hence why we have so many demo speakers in here with more arriving quite frequently, so I thought I would just write a quick blog on our latest additions.

Wilson Audio


I’m a big Wilson fan and not only do their speakers sound amazing but unlike most other companies you can choose any colour you would like, to match your decor or your favourite car as 2 examples, we have just had a new pair of the Yvettes and DAW’s in for demo so we invented 2 new colours that Wilson had not tried themselves before, they actually supplied 2 test swatches to make sure we were happy before they started spraying them but I couldn’t be happier to be honest. For our new DAW’s we went for gloss Macadamia but with added silver and gold flake so in normal light they look like a dark brown but once the light hits them they really do come alive with a burst of colour, then for our new Yvette’s we went for what is now known as ‘Wendy Blue, it is a colour Wendy chose to match a Farrow and Ball paint, basically it is Sebring Blue with added Gold and Silver flake again but this time in the Matt Finish which looks incredibly cool.

Needless to say if you’d like to come in to demo these anytime please get in touch, we also have the TuneTots and Sabrina’s here and can get in any off the rest of the range if required although the Wamm may be a bit tricky.




Fyne Audio



Fyne Audio just seem to keep going from strength to strength so I am really pleased to say that we have the new F502SP’s in for demo, SP standing for Special Edition, basically they are made in Scotland and use the F502 Cabinet but use the drivers, crossover and plinth from the £5999 F702 all for a great price of £3499, we went for our demo speakers in Gloss Walnut which carry a small premium but they really do look a million dollars, for the price they are at they really are incredible value.

JBL Speakers


I must admit when I decided to take on JBL I didn’t realize that there was so much love for them, when customers come in and see we have JBL a lot of them have stories about JBL’s they have owned in the past, if I am 100% honest I only bought them on as I loved the styling, especially the L100 Classic but was pleasantly surprised how good they sound, I have the L100 Classic’s playing most of the day in our downstairs demo room from a Naim Uniti Star and they are really great fun you can’t help but like them, we have 2 pairs of JBL’s on demo at the moment with the smaller 4306 to follow later this month.









Ever since the original Phantom was launched I always thought it would look cool in black well now Devialet have launched the Matt Black Reactor on both the 600 and 900 models and yes it does look awesome and needless to say it does sound excellent, especially for its size.

New Sonus Faber Olympica Nova On Demo Shortly.


Due at any moment are the new Sonus Faber Olympica Nova speakers, the Olympica range has always been our most popular Sonus Faber range so I can’t wait to get them in here, we will have 3 models on demo, the Nova I, II and V, if they sound as good as they look then we are in for a real treat.

Spendor D7.2


We have had these on demo for a couple of months now but thought it was worth mentioning as the original D7 was a brilliant speaker, my favourite Spendor ever, and the good news is that the D7.2 has refined this formula to give a slightly more open, natural and neutral sound but still with that classic Spendor naturalness, if you are looking for a speaker around the £4k mark you really should listen to these.



Finally just a quickie to say that we also have the new REL S range on demo, the S range has always been our most popular subs from REL and the new S/510 and S/812 take things to another level with more power and better driver designs so if you need a sub for cinema and 2 channel then look no further.

I’m sure before the end of the year is out we’ll have some more speakers in here but if you do want to try anything we have here please don’t hesitate to get in touch to make an appointment to come in for a listen.




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