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New Bryston BDA-3.14 Now On Demo and It’s Superb!




Hi All,

I just wanted to say that we now have the new Bryston BDA-3.14 now on permanent demo and it really is a brilliant bit of kit, every now and again a HiFi company brings out a real gem, something that deserves to be a big success and I would say after a few days playing with the BDA 3.14 that this is a real killer product from Bryston.

I have been a Bryston user probably for around 10 years+ now, I still run 7B3 mono’s at home and have had various Bryston Preamps, Dac’s and Streamers over that time so when I heard of the BDA 3.14 I didn’t hesitate to order one to put on demo as it sounded like an intriguing product.

So our demo model arrived on Thursday and I took it home over the weekend to play with and it really didn’t disappoint, if anything it far exceeded my expectations, now it is easy in this game to get flippant about how much kit costs but to me at £4000 this seems like a genuine bargain as in it’s loosest terms it is a very high performing DAC, a Streamer, a Digital preamp and a Roon Endpoint but in reality it is much more than that thanks to it’s support of Tidal, Qobuz, Internet Radio and with HDMI inputs for SACD Playback it really does stand it part from a lot of other DAC’s on the market.

The beauty of this product is it’s simplicity, all you need is a power amp and a pair of speakers, needless to say a Bryston 2.5B3 or 4B3 would be ideal, and you are up and running, at home I just run a couple of XLR’s into my 7B’s and I was listening to music in no time at all and it really did sound excellent, to start with I controlled it with the BDA’s own on board software then I set it up as a Roon endpoint and then it came into it’s own, as for anyone who has used Roon will know it is the interface to end all interfaces and the hours just flew by as I spent the evening putting it through it’s paces, amongst other songs I listened to Nick Caves Ghosteen in it’s entirety and got totally swept away by it, totally captivating, now I know the whole system plays it part but the source is where it all starts and is incredibly important and the BDA-3.14 really did shine.

So to sum up, this is a great bit of kit, you don’t need to be a Bryston fan to appreciate how good this is, I can’t think of anything that is as complete a package as this at this price point, to me I look at it as a cheaper version of the dCS Rossini as they do similar jobs but that costs £18,000.

Anyway if you feel this is something that may appeal to you feel free to get in touch to give it a try, I guess I need to take it out of my rig at home and bring it back to the shop, bugger.

Please find more information below -






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