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PMC Launch New Ci Series Range, Perfect for Home Cinema and Discreet 2 Channel System!




Hi all,

So PMC announced their new Ci range of speakers towards the end of last year but last week they completed the range by adding 4 new models, taking the range to 6 models, and I have to say they look awesome and I am sure they will sound equally as impressive.

The Wafers have always been very popular but have been around a long time now so this new range is most welcome and is bound to be equally popular if not more so, I use Wafer 2’s at home for rears and in the shop so I am hoping to put the new Ci140 in at home and also in the shop very shortly.

The model lineup looks very similar to the Twenty5 range really but for cinema and installs, so there are 5 speakers + a sub with prices ranging from £995 each for the Ci30 up to £3495 each for the much bigger Ci140, which in all honesty seems extremely good value, the number basically refers to the height so the Ci30 is 300mm high whereas the Ci140 is a massive 1400mm tall, I can really see a lot of people using these as stereo speakers for their main HiFi as not everyone can accommodate a floorstander and we all know these will sound amazing but will be much more discreet than a conventional speaker so easier to accommodate.

Needless to say they incorporate all PMC’s magic tech with ATL and Laminair amongst other goodies + a new ingenious install system for in-wall called Qikfire, all the speakers can be used either in wall or on wall other than the Ci140 which is on wall only, the Ci140 even has its own matching on-wall sub, now that would be a pretty potent combo.

Anyway if you’d like more info just let me know as I have a PDF here that I can mail over and hope to have some of the range on demo shortly and will add them to our website once I have all the info.









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