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Audeze LCD-4z and LCD-1 Now on Demo!




Hi All,

It has been a while since we have done a headphone blog, to be honest I have been re-assessing our headphone side of things and have decided to refine what we offer so we now focus on a few main brands, basically the brands everyone wants to listen to, so we have had a bit of a clear out but we still have over 40 pairs of headphones on demo so we should still have something for everyone. We have also decided to take down the dedicated headphone website, mainly as it is hard enough to keep one website up to date but it became too difficult to maintain both so we have kept our Highend Headphones webpage as a link to all our headphones that are listed on HiFi Lounge.

Anyway the point of this blog is that part of the re-focusing is to fill out the ranges of the brands that we have decided to keep representing so we have added to demo 2 very different ends of the Audeze headphone range with the £399 LCD-1 and the £3599 LCD-4z, the LCD-1 is a great sounding headphone but I am really hoping that they release a closed back version soon as that will make a great replacement for the OPPo PM-3 that was discontinued some time ago, as for the LCD-4z, this really is a worthy opponent for the Focal Utopia's as it is a great all rounder headphone and is extremely easy to drive making it easier to accommodate compared to the standard LCD-4, personally I prefer the presentation of the LCD-4z to the original LCD-4 and we have had a lot more enquiries about the 4z.

So there we go, we are still loving our headphones but after a few years it is time to refocus, to celebrate we will be having a headphone open day shortly so watch this space.










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