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Mark Levinson Now At HFL!




Hi Everyone,

I have heard it said many times that Mark Levinson started Highend Hifi as we know it today, to be 100% honest I had never really sat down and listened to it but towards the end of last year I was approached by the distributor to give it a try so I thought why not, a few hours later I had signed on the dotted line to become a Mark Levinson dealer, I really didn't know what to expect but the sound quality is right up my street, neutral, clean, dynamic, just basically very honest and what with the new 5000 Series just being launched it seemed like good timing to become a dealer, actually got it running now as I write this hooked up to a Rega Planar 6 and the JBL L100 Classic speakers and it is sounding particularly sweet.

For demo we have gone with the No 5805 Integrated amplifier which we have here now and the soon to be released No 5101 CD, SACD, Streamer and DAC, which combined will make a very potent 2 box solution, just add a turntable and you'll have all the HiFi bases covered.

Several things impressed me with the 5805 amplifier, firstly is the build quality, this is a very solid unit designed to last years, the sound quality for me is hard to fault and it is impossible to not be impressed by the feature set of this amp, it is a real swiss army knife of HiFi, as a quick overview it has the latest Sabre DAC's and is full MQA Compatible, has a full MM and MC phono stage, has multiple analogue and digital inputs, Bluetooth, high quality headphone amp, HT Bypass and dual mono design with a massive custom Toroidal transformer + loads of other clever stuff so as integrated amps go this really does tick all the boxes.

Really looking forward to partnering the new No 5101 Player with this amp once it is released as at £5000 I can see this being a combo that is very difficult to beat for a 2 box system.

Please find all the Mark Levinson products on our website from the link below and a few pictures and if you'd like to come in for a listen anytime please feel free.









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