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  1. What's new in this club
  2. I'll be heading down the booza later if anyone else fancies it
  3. Monthly Meet - Duke of Wellington, Ryarsh

    Coolio see you all laters.
  4. The restaurant is being used for a wake tonight so we're in the main bar. The blackboard table (opposite the snug) has been reserved for us
  5. until
    All welcome. Ample parking, good beer, good food and good natter
  6. Thanet Classics "Classics & Chips"

    Informal meeting, usually a good turn out. Minnis Bay seafront from about 6pm onwards.
  7. 'Oh So Retro' Show

    Palm Bay recreation ground in Margate. Over 1,000 cars booked in, and usually a very good show with a good selection of cars.
  8. Another very pleasant evening
  9. Right, next month I will *try to* attend!
  10. 😂 not today Lemsip is
  11. Brandy is your friend Dan.
  12. Tucked up in Bed ill I am afraid mate
  13. KLOGS breakfast meeting


    Sorry to hear of lack of support, Ian. Personally, I have been quite ill this summer (16 days in hospital) and haven't driven the Elise since early June. Gradually getting some semblance of normal health back so should make it to Brands in September, for part of the day at least. Probably be on / near Lotus Drivers Club area. Maybe see a few Kent faces. Would support further breakfast meetings later in year. Peter
  14. KLOGS breakfast meeting


    You can lead a horse to water, etc......... Ordinarily we would be going to the festival, but it's the day we go on holiday, but I'm sure it will be a great day for everyone. We will however be attending Malcom Rickett's open day this Saturday, also a good event.
  15. KLOGS breakfast meeting


    Sorry to hear that mate and thanks for all your effort, I must say as event organisers for North Kent Lotus Group if we don't hound members with emails every other day we struggle to get support. Hope to see you at The Lotus Festival if your going. Regards Jon.
  16. KLOGS breakfast meeting


    Thanks Jonathon, I hope she's feeling better soon. As for the meeting, well quite honestly despite several people saying they were going to turn up and the weather being good, in the end only Andy in his beautiful green Evora did so. It's difficult to believe that somewhere reasonably central in Kent fails to attract much support, and I have to ask myself whether there is much appetite for a Sunday morning meet, whether the venue is not right, whether people prefer evening meets, whether they don't want to drive their cars, or whether it's a combination of those factors. I had hoped it would become something regular, and perpetuating, but in the absence of support, I cannot justify driving a round trip of 80 miles to face an empty car park. Therefore, after some consideration, I have decided not to continue with the meets, but would lend support to another if anyone is prepared to organise it.
  17. KLOGS breakfast meeting


    Sorry for the no show, Michelle is just not well enough at the moment. hopefully next time.
  18. Other car meetings in Kent for this year

    Reminder for the brekkie meeting at Bangers Diner this Sunday morning, 08.30 onwards, or whenever you feel like turning up. Classic Festival and racing at Lydden Hill this Saturday 12th. I believe it's half price entry for classic cars, but as I've no idea what constitutes a classic car, I can't say whether that will apply!
  19. KLOGS breakfast meeting

    Bangers Diner, top of Detling Hill 08.30 onwards, or whenever you feel like going home! Weather permitting, but it looks to be reasonable so far. Iam
  20. Other car meetings in Kent for this year

    Had a meeting with just Shan and I at The Pilot pub at Dungeness this afternoon, for their legendary fish and chips. Wonderful grub, highly recommend, and on the list again for another meeting at some point!
  21. Good attendance last night, nice to see you all
  22. Looking at our calendar we are not going to make the Lotus Festival at Brand Hatch this year, which is a great shame, as we really enjoy that one. If you have the chance to go, and are not sure, it's a great event. So, apart from the aforementioned TLF breakfast meeting on 13th August at Bangers Diner, we will also be attending the Lydden Hill Classic Festival on 12th August - half price admission if you bring a classic car so the flyer said. And the 'Oh So Retro' Show 24th September in Margate - 1,000 cars in attendance apparently. We went a couple of years ago, and it's gathering pace, that one.
  23. I'm hoping that someone on this forum would be able to recommend me a reliable, good bathroom fitter. I bathroom is stripped back to the bone and ready to start, we know what we want and how we want it, just need to find someone who can help us get it done. Does anyone know such a person? Or even recommend sites where I could find someone, Thanks