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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Just got back from rugby tour, I could do with a RAC recovery truck
  3. 1. Bibs - Evora 2. Dan E - Esprit 3. Lee - Aston 4. Peapod - Elise Cup 250 & Mk 1 Escort. 5. Ian & Shan - Esprit w/air-con.
  4. Nice one, the more the merrier mate 1. Bibs - Evora 2. Dan E - Esprit 3. Lee - Aston 4. Peapod - Elise Cup 250 & Mk 1 Escort.
  5. Sign me up. I will try to get my Mk1 Escort along as well.
  6. Good luck with that, don't forget the wife will be standing guard. Will your car be arriving on the back of an RAC recovery truck as usual?
  7. Would be great to have you along Lee! When are you moving in? I'll treat you to a welcoming pint in the Duke
  8. Hi, I’m moving to Ryarsh very soon. Don’t have a Lotus but I’ll bring my Aston along if there is space.
  9. 2. Dan E @Chillidoggy I shall bring some Hobnobs and my special jeans with extra large titanium rivets then we can both enjoy them sitting on your front wing
  10. You can borrow mine. Can’t help with lack of the air-con, though.
  11. I would go but I don't have a Bremont!!
  12. Only if you're not rationing the chocolate Hobnobs. I only managed to stuff two in my gob before you snatched the packet away last time.
  13. 4th year! I'd love some of you wonderful people to come and join us again this year. It's always been nice to see a good selection of our members cars on display. It's a lovely family day out, I'm organising the whole event this year so would love a good attendance. Lotus cars preferred of course, but any classic/sports/interesting cars are welcome as are bikes. We usually have a few pre-war Bentley's rock up on the day too! 1. Bibs - Evora
  14. Stranger things have happened in the Duke!
  15. Gentle reminder that tonight's the night
  16. Is it the monthly meet tomorrow? if it is where is it taking place, The Duke of Wellington?

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