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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Looking at doing a trackday seeing who is about that want to to also do a trackday
  3. Sorry, won't be able to make it think evening - hope you all have a good one - I'll try my best for next month.
  4. I'll see if I can make it also - think I've only made 1 so far - lol
  5. Sorry won't be there I'm on a Co2 training course in Bradford ☹️
  6. I'm going to come along to this one, look forward to meeting you all 👍
  7. Anyone fancy coming along this year for our xmas meal? Mike Kimberley will be along if you'd like to meet him too.
  8. Would love to matey but I'm in Cornwall 😎🤟
  9. Tonight's the night! Don't forget @Luvyalizzy
  10. Thanks folks for coming along, it's very much appreciated and thank you very much Ian for the pint, I owe you one! Hope you all had a good time and didn't catch too many rays!
  11. No, wait, @Dan E did turn up after all..........
  12. @Chillidoggy a combination of 1. Hangover 2. Clutch is on its way out in the Esprit 3. Too hot has left me in the garden with my feet in a paddling pool wondering if 3pm is too early to have a G&T
  13. As expected, no sign of @Dan E, RAC must have been too busy.
  14. Hi, going to be running late so will be there just after 2. Will I still be able to park up? Thanks
  15. Between 12 and 12.30 would be lovely thanks mate
  16. Unfortunately I'm on call so cannot attend which is a shame Hope the weather holds for everyone
  17. Still on mate, it's only my house that floods in the village.
  18. Are we still on for this Bibs, or has Ryarsh disappeared under the water like Atlantis?
  19. I've been mugged into running the fete and last night was sign night!

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