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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Stranger things have happened in the Duke!
  3. Gentle reminder that tonight's the night 👍
  4. Is it the monthly meet tomorrow? if it is where is it taking place, The Duke of Wellington?
  5. This evening folks, anyone coming along?
  6. Ta. Not sure about the oysters, though! I once heard eating them described as ‘swallowing someone else’s phlegm’. Which kinda put me off.
  7. I'm up with MJK tomorrow or would have popped down for this. Have a nice day, enjoy the oysters
  8. We’ll be there tomorrow. Weather looks perfect, too!
  9. I'll be in the main bar watching the footy if anyone wants to pop round
  10. Yes as above, good fun good to meet Ian and that font of technical knowledge Shan my new favourite women on the planet 😂👍
  11. Cheers Bibs, always a pleasure, and sorry we had to leave earlier than we would have liked.
  12. Thanks very much to everyone who came along, it's really very much appreciated and I hope you enjoyed the afternoon
  13. That was a good afternoon, good weather, beer/cider, burgers and the Chillbillies to listen to. Good to meet man!
  14. running late, kitchen man is here.....will turn up though
  15. How cool! I run the village website and there's a list... Ryarsh is pretty small, you'll struggle to get lost but the village green is behind the village hall and the cars will be parked up in the area shown. Any probs, please feel free to call me on 07973 402532
  16. Hi, my wife's family are from Ryarsh, her ancestors owned the Duke of Wellington 😁 I'm not that familiar though so assume there is a village green and it will be easy to find....

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