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  2. And again, even more offers!
  3. New deals out today
  4. Lotus Cars USA offer 'Bundle' deals to Evora 400/GT owners
  5. You've 5 Lotus dealers in Florida, any good?
  6. Does anyone know a place in the Tampa / Clearwater / St. Pete area I can take a Lotus in for service? Thanks Chris
  7. That's great thanks fellas, I'll let him know. 👍
  8. I would suggest AutoEurope. I have bought 3 Lotus from them. 1 Elise and 2 Evora. They seem to know a lot about Lotus, unlike some dealers. They only are dealers for Lotus and Morgans so it is their main focus. They are also closest dealer to U.S. headquarters.
  9. I would recommend Auto Europe in Birmingham ....... Very Professional.
  10. Thanks Bibs. Any experiences from folk who have used them would be appreciated. 👍
  11. These are the 3 closest, in distance order. I know nothing of any of them but @Tony K might have some insight into the Cleveland dealership. Scrub Cleveland, looks like it's closed actually so you've got Brimingham in MI and Chicago to chose from.
  12. Just reaching out to the US Lotus fans here. My son who, naturally enough, takes after his dad in being a Lotus fanboy (with me owning several examples over the last 50 years, there was little chance he wouldn’t be), now lives and works in Michigan. He has obviously thrown himself into V8 muscle cars since being over there (well you would wouldn’t you) but announced to me this week he is now hankering after having a Lotus in the garage (that’s my boy!). He has driven my Elise/Exige cars over the years, including track use, but being the US, realises it must be an Evora. That, in fact, is
  13. Hi I have found something Esprit related for sale in Florida,(waiting for location) that I have been looking for for a long time. Is there anyone out there that might be prepared to pick the item up for me. We can then sort delivery to UK or I can give an address in Missouri. Would be very grateful if anyone can help. I will post location as soon as I know. Thanks Phil I think very near Tampa but will confirm
  14. We open our doors in april 2017, come visit us
  15. It was harder yesterday than it was on Monday. Bloody M6 and road works. But its here and the work starts this weekend, she goes to the pain shop for a tear down and see whats under the paint.
  16. Well another epic run completed. First info. Go to the office in Felixstowe and the car will be ready for collection. Can I have a contact number please and a post code. Ping, the phone goes dead. So we book a Premier Inn for the night and head off to save more time later. Next day, no one wants to answer the bloody phones before 9 am. At last get a response, only to be told the car is in Lombard storage in Ipswich and has yet to clear customs. Give me a post code and we will head over and get it sorted I say. So off we head and find the said warehouse and after much discussion the car is push
  17. good luck on bank holiday monday
  18. Well, our next long run is about to start. The S1 has arrived and is now clear of customs etc and ready for collection. The old Tug, i.e the discovery is all checked out, trailer ready and off we go to Felixstowe early on Monday morning for hopefully an uneventful trip South and back. So if you see and old disco chugging North with two knackered looking occupants, gives us a toot, you may just waken us up.
  19. As we finally get dry weekends in So Cal, we decide to take a run up to Julian. We are expecting the day to top out at 70 degrees, but we do suggest tossing a jacket in the trunk as temperatures regularly dip below 50 at night. Our March outing is scheduled for Julian, California. We would like to make this a family trip so we are leaving a bit later than usual. This means a bit more traffic but we have a few detours once we get past Oceanside that we hope will help liven up the trip. Since Lotus owners come from all over, we are offering multiple pick-up spots: 0800 – In Huntingto
  20. Hi Matt, that's fantastic! Have you got any pictures of the ones you bought that you could post or pm me please? I have been studying these and it seems to me the ski racks appear different on pictures of the same car. Maybe they broke and were remade? Thanks, excellent news.
  21. Fabian, yes speak to Mick at Boss motors, he has the original moulds from Lotus, believe it or not they are one mould, the tops are fine but the bottom ones you need to ask him to add another 4 inches of fiberglass to make the curve, the finish isn't brilliant but the dimensions are correct out of the movie, I paid £130 for the set of 4 an absolute bargain
  22. My guy who goes to Florida quite a bit may be able to help in the future. i will discuss with him.
  23. No response from Deezer themselves then fabian?

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