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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Looks like a great turn up, so sad I was not allowed a pass from driving the kidskin duty this time!
  3. Very nice venue and thanks for organising 👍 Trevor.
  4. Good to see some old faces! And it's good to be back behind the wheel of a Lotus.
  5. Thank you very much for the invite. I don’t think i will make it tomorrow but would love to join in future. Cheers!
  6. Think I'll give it a miss then! 😁
  7. Wearing a mask(nothing new there then)
  8. Luckily enough I’m feeling a lot better so I shall be coming among you. You lucky people. 😛
  9. No problem, will be good to meet up. I think I should be there around 8:45
  10. I’ll be there for 0830 but will leave at 0900 if that’s ok.
  11. Thanks for the prompt Spud but I will not be at this because (a) I will be on the 07:15 flight from Stansted to Chambery because "J'aime faire du ski" ... and (b) I do not eat Sunday breakfast and a drive early Sunday does not appeal. (Early Monday to Slough doesn't either but money makes me do it ... your honour..) Slough contract got extended to end of March so I will be returning from Slough every Thursday evening so the sooner the evening pub meets start again the happier I will be.. Meanwhile .. Happy New Year to everybody ... and get well soon Wimp ... er ... Wayne..😄
  12. I'm planning on joining you, Sizona and Stubox will come too I think. Trevor.
  13. Wimp! Still I get Shelley all to myself so every cloud....
  14. I need to start feeling better really soon, I have a dreadful cold... may miss it on Sunday.
  15. Don’t forget the hood protector and cleaner... ( 5 ) schumacher und mwoar... ✌️
  16. At last someone who can make it🤓 me!
  17. Chris, sorry both of us working the 13th hopefully catchup in Feb. Stephen
  18. I’ll see if I can make this one. I’m at autosport international at the NEC the day before so may need my sleep 😴 Steve
  19. Bit far for me but will try and make the next one wherever it is.
  20. Thanks for the invitation, but will be away. Hope to catch up in Feb..