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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Have you all got the hethel e mail tickets I'm in the USA on an iPhone and can't see an email
  3. yeah we left at 9.10 must have just missed you.
  4. I didn't get ther till 9 coz it 65 miles from me in that rain using foglamps as no headlamps
  5. I was there from 7.30. Didn't see you or the cat or the bumps
  6. Best to go in a landrover lots of bumps in the road
  7. All I saw was the pub cat missed all of you still car run ok just head lamps not working 😐
  8. Well that was a bit lonely good job lotus fella and his V8 turned up.
  9. Gonna take a raincheck on this one! πŸ™„ Evora is on SORN so that I can enjoy the hot summer weather in the Elan. Law of the sod - the Elan has been filling up with water all day. 😊
  10. Not much is πŸ’€πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈβ™ΏοΈ
  11. And I'm 20 years older than the car
  12. Test run for me the excel is 33 years old
  13. Good test run for hethel next month😳
  14. Is this the final choice? 🀨
  15. Yes to that look forward seeing you guys again
  16. Il try To be on time πŸ˜€
  17. Keep an eye on the main festival thread as that will be the one with the info.
  18. Will we need tickets for hethel?
  19. @ChrisJ off twat f πŸ–•
  20. until
    Click on the link below for the discussion thread.
  21. Thought I'd post the next meeting a bit earlier this time around as we are back by the river in Upware in August. Old School Lane Upware Ely Cambridgeshire CB7 5ZR Don't follow @Dave Eds on the way home though, he likes to get stuck in the one-way system in Cambridge Usual meeting time, 7:30 for 8pm.
  22. Dave Freeman

    BBQ at the Farm

    Just thought I would add this to the calendar, BBQ at the farm, starting at around 2.00pm, bring your favourite tipple, we will supply all the food, if you want to bring your favourite meat then please do so. We have a field if anyone wants to camp. We will be doing BBQ breakfast on the Sunday morning. Please see the full details on the Events in the main forum. Please add your name on the list....... looking forward to seeing you all on the day.