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  1. What's new in this club
  2. And I'll be in NYC next week. So the meet will go ahead without a hitch.
  3. @Sparky @Dave Eds @top-plumber - didn't see your reply Wayne when I posted this
  4. Yeh just spoke also. A long way for me and Michelle in bad weather. See you all next week hopefully ✌️
  5. Just been speaking with @pete and we think it's best to postpone for a week as it's pretty icy out there tonight.
  6. Sorry, can't make this one, will be at Spa if I get there ok..
  7. I'm hoping to get to this (don't laugh), so it's all down to weather...
  8. And me if I get back from Wales safely.
  9. Looks like a quiet one this month with just @pete @top-plumber and me.
  10. Have added it to the calendar so it will appear on the front page of the forum. Ignore me, I didn't realise it was already there - so have moved my event to last year to get rid of it, as I don't know how to delete them.
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  12. Please see main thread here: Obviously I expect everyone to attend Martyn
  13. Sorry guys have to take a rain check family issue Cheers Steve
  14. Menu includes - Chilli black pudding
  15. Be good to see you and the Elise again Steve. I Will be there
  16. Thanks Chris Please count me in. Be good to finally meet you guys. Steve
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    ***** POSTPONED FROM LAST WEEK ***** Come and have some chilli black pudding. click on the link below for comments