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  2. ChrisJ fay2000 Janet + Ade Dave Eds + 1 Eren Wayne + Michelle Pete + 2 Spadger
  3. ChrisJ fay2000 Janet + Ade Dave Eds + 1 Eren Wayne + Michelle Pete + 2 Any more ?
  4. Will be there with a friend and his wife in his gt3RS. I'll be in my BMW.😈
  5. Think my brother is going to join us as we were meeting later in the day anyway......he won't be in his tvr though.
  6. Wot Pete says - There's not lower age limit. @PAR has bought his young one along before. PS You don't need to come in your Lotus if it isn't a 2+2.
  7. Can you count me and my son in please? Roy Sorry Chris, won't be able to make this now. Just been told by my lovely wife she is off to Ireland this weekend so I'll need to look after my young daughter.
  8. Hi Happy New year all Count me in please. Got the car back at last. Thanks Eren
  9. I would love to give the +2 a run out, but unfortunately i will be in Plymouth that weekend. Hope the weather stays good for everyone.
  10. Happy New Year! Assuming I make it back from Russia this weekend, I'm sadly on a boat survey next weekend, so won't be able to make this one, but hope it all goes well.
  11. This is the same date as Bicester Scramble so won't be able to make it πŸ˜’ Hope everyone has a good meet
  12. until
  13. Happy New Year. 1st meeting of 2022, and we are back at Essendon Country Club The address is: Bedwell Park, Essendon, Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL9 6HN We will be in the usual car park down the hill. I'll post an image of the location a couple of days prior to the meeting. As usual: 8:30 for a 9:00 breakfast Please add your name to the list as I need to provide numbers before we go. ChrisJ
  14. Looks like a great drive out and meet. So disappointed I was unable to make it πŸ˜’
  15. Was nice to see you all today, it’s been a while. Trevor.

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