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  2. Many thanks to Megan and Dave for such a wonderful breakfast in amazing surroundings - the hospitality was much appreciated. I ended up behind Chris on the way in, and snapped a few very dodgy photos through the windscreen. I so rarely see an Esprit in motion "in the wild", it was really enjoyable!
  3. Sadly that's the exact day of my wife's birthday, so don't think I'll be successful in getting a pass for that one! A shame, as I enjoyed it last time, they had a god mix of cars, and a lovely setting.
  4. As already been said many thanks to Dave and Megan as always
  5. Dave and Megan, as others have mentioned, thanks so much for steeping in and saving the day feeding us all. Also thanks to Chris for arranging the meeting in the first place. O and cheers Peter for the spirited drive and leading the way to Dave & Megan's place, don't think I would have found it without you leading the way. Thanks all, Roy.
  6. Thank you for making my first Lotus event so wonderful! It was great to meet you all, and some absolutely fantastic cars...!! Thanks so much to Dave and Megan for their awesome hospitality! Looking forwards to meeting you all again! Lawton
  7. What a great morning. Thank so much Megan and Dave 😀
  8. I echo what Pete said. Absolutely outstanding hospitality with wonderful friends. Thanks Dave and Megan
  9. Excellent hospitality from Dave and Megan, as usual. Good turnout.
  10. Next month we are going to meet earlier in the month on the 5th June at Jubilee Special Classic Car Meet | Little Easton Manor You need to register your car - click the link and RSVP - also add your name to the list here Hopefuly we will have an area reseved for us. ChrisJ
  11. Anyone thinking of coming through sawbridgeworth be warned the railway crossing is closed all weekend
  12. Thanks Chris for all the comms today to organise us all, and Dave/Megan for such a wonderful offer in an emergency! Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.
  13. PM has just been sent to everyone who has confirmed. You should receive an email notifying you of this - if you don't get one, please let me know. See you tomorrow morning. @pete - you still meeting at Hatfield Heath and still at 8am (bit early). I might meet up, depends when I can drag my son out of bed,
  14. I'm still good to go, if you can send the address 👍 It will my brother and myself, is the time still the same?
  15. That is very nice of Dave and Megan. They are excellent hosts. I am very tempted to change my Sunday plans due to this. I am sure everyone will have a great time with such fabulous hosts. Enjoy.
  16. Chris hi can you confirm the address / post please thanks 😁

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