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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Not going to make this one. They do a nice breakfast though!
  3. I'll get you a doggy bag for the black pudding Chris
  4. until
  5. Time to try those chilli black puddings again at Chiquito Harlow. 8:30 for 9am. Unit 2, Queensgate Centre Edinburgh Way, Harlow CM20 2DA Unfortunately all my Sundays in March are taken up with hockey, so I won't be able to make it this month.
  6. Hi Guys, Unfortunatley no Duxford again this year however please see here: I think I've already mentioned this to a few people already and it was a great event last year. Martyn
  7. Thanks for the pics did the wind remove all the colors hence mostly white cars?
  8. Oh joy , stinking cold /sore throat has arrived to ruin my weekend plans, if by a miracle tomorrow morning I feel a lot better , we will attend and enjoy your company & breakfast. Stephen
  9. Most generous of you! I shall request an audience with the Ayatollah...
  10. Well at least your not washing your hair wanna lift? Assuming you can get into small spaces
  11. I would be there, honest, but the GT3 is out as a courtesy car right now.
  12. I meant in Dunmow. I live up past Ely, Cambs so Dunmow is a good distance. The others are a bit too far for me.
  13. shame this is in Feb not March as loti is tucked up and would have like to come. Have a good meet.
  14. Looks like a couple of people from Facebook will be turning up
  15. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit or Excel SE. Trevsked top-plumber - Turbo Esprit shelly Schumacher Elan M100 se turbo Vipers - 3-Eleven 430 PainterDave - Excel Composite guru - Elise 220 Cup (work dependant) JNW - Esprit S1 or Essex Esprit Bibs - Evora NA Dave Eds - Evora NA or M100 Sizona - GT430 or JPS Esprit Martyn - Esprit SE Simonf - 340 &/or V6 Exige Stephen - Elise S C/ Racer Sorry only just seen this , if still possible to join in would be great. Stephen
  16. Would it not be easier to tell us which ones you can make Dave, your a busy man obviously Hoping to come along also

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