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  2. Great to meet you guys finally and once up, driving at stupid oclock in the morning is fab!
  3. Very pleasant if chilly morning for a drive out. Good to restart meeting again after a long layoff, and a nice variety of cars. Sorry you couldn't make it Dave. I think for the foreseeable future this might be the best location to meet as it is on private land and has teas/coffees (no food until 11am unfortunately). I'll try to move the time to 8-8:30 start for the next one, and I'll contact them over the next week to thank them and arrange the next meetup. I'll also give a bit more notice, but we may well still be number restricted.
  4. If the toddler wakes up at 5 again then I am tempted to take her for a drive an join you.
  5. Won't make this in time from Gloucestershire, 7.30 in the evening though..........
  6. I had no problems getting mu Esprit of SORN, just used the number on the V5.
  7. Hey Chris, double booked this. Out on Saturday night around my daughters for drinkies. Not a chance we will make 7.30 next time champions... W&M
  8. I don't know why people can't add their name to a list ChrisJ pete JNW3 Me and Schumacher Painterdave
  9. Bugger! We are unable to make this. (More to the point we are staying over at a family members and there is no way we are going to get up early enough to make it) Although they have only got room on a trampoline in the garden in sleeping bags. K & C
  10. This is worrying, half those who have put their name down struggle to make 9.30
  11. Has to be that early to hopefully miss all the club members.. ChrisJ pete JNW3 Me and Schumacher
  12. Hi Chris - I think I should be able to make this, so please add me
  13. until
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