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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Got a few piccies - will crop/upload later prior to an early night for first trackday at Bedford - cheers for the support from those that turned up 😉
  3. No worries about the car Sparky, as messaged Looking forward to any photos of the meet
  4. I woke up almost on time, but knackered. Wish I'd gotten on the horse now! @Bling yeah, sorry about the car...
  5. Just woke up @ChrisJ I thought it might not be on and as I don’t have my new Esprit with me I didn’t put an alarm on to wake up. Probably won’t come apologies.
  6. Sorry - just got in, so not see this until now. Yes still on, table confirmed for tomorrow. All welcome, breakfast or not. Chris
  7. Hoping I can pop along, but unlikely to stay for breakfast.
  8. @ChrisJ I am absolutely shagged out. May get up; may not. OK if I just turn up, maybe?
  9. ChrisJ Bling Dave Eds Kevin and Clare Wayne Julian Is this still on @ChrisJ ?
  10. Hope you are all well and had a good summer. Can't make it as both cars are out of action but hope to see you all next time. Eren
  11. Sadly I can't make this one either I'm afraid, as I need to get to Dorset on Sunday.
  12. Hi Chris sorry not going to make it got to sell my daughters car sun morning
  13. Will try and make of us will be hung over as going to a 50th on Saturday! ChrisJ Bling Dave Eds Kevin and Clare
  14. until
  15. I've kept forgetting to book this - but has just emailed them now. So assuming all is OK, 8:30 meet for 9am breakfast. Please add your name to the list if you are coming ChrisJ There is also this from @Dan E if you want to go on after.

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