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  2. Thanks to everyone for coming, especially those who came in their Lotus Nice to have a member from Cambridgeshire - welcome @Smuts Beyers Good breakfast venue - one for the goto places in future.
  3. Sadly DEX189T has been grumbling about the weather, so will not be able to make Sunday's breakfast. Best to all. Rudi
  4. pete phil flash chrisj Jan Ade Spadger Dave Megan Wayne Michelle
  5. Sorry to mess about jan /ade WILL be coming
  6. Dave and Megan will be there Someone pls add megan and dave to the list, having issues with phone, it will not do what I want it to do.
  7. pete phil flash chrisj jan & ade Spadger
  8. Sadly I can't make this one either - am away teaching for the Sea Cadets that weekend. Will look forward to the next one!
  9. Unfortunately I'm away that weekend have a good one
  10. This isn't their monthly car show - TEA ROOM | Little Easton Manor Little Easton Manor Park Road Little Easton Great Dunmow Essex CM6 2JN Can you add your name to the list pete phil flash chrisj
  11. Good man! Only 45 miles for me, not the usual 70+ ..
  12. Have provisionally booked little Easton manor for 9.00 breakfast on the 20th. Waiting for Chris to post.
  13. Recent double jab of Covid Booster in left arm and Flu in right arm has had an adverse effect on me .. head aches, dizziness and extremely high blood pressure so just not feeling up to an early start for a 75 mile drive. Hopefully I'll make the next one.
  14. I won’t be able to make it either. Apologies for the short notice.
  15. Very sorry for the late notice, but I'm not going to be able to make this meeting. Hope you guys have a great time.
  16. ChrisJ faye2000 Woodie Dave Eds Janet & Ade Rudi K phil flash Senior Kev & Clare Bling OnlyLotusForMe top-plumber & shelley Moonus + 1
  17. ChrisJ faye2000 Woodie Dave Eds Janet & Ade Rudi K phil flash Senior Key & Clare Bling OnlyLotusForMe This is where we will be parking

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