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  2. What a fab first ever Lotus meet !! - thanks to all for their welcome, and to Dave and Megan for their hospitality. Great weather and location - lovely drive.
  3. Looks like an excellent meeting. As usual Dave and Megan have excelled. Sorry we missed you all. Clutch slave cylinder. get well soon @pete wayne and Michelle ✌️
  4. A few more pics...
  5. Thanks to Dave & Megan for a lovely morning, great food and a fab location. Great selection of new and old cars. Some pictures included but can’t load up video, probably to long showing all cars Stephen & Kim
  6. True, although the Evora is still in the fleet 😁. After seeing so many wedgies I am having covetous thoughts...
  7. Excellent the Kent boy has been added. So Dave and Megan thank you so much, both my sausage roll followed by a bacon roll were excellent. I am however having a massive hankering for an S2 JPS now and that will lead to a very expensive divorce! Sparkles the Esprit is running like a dream after you emptied my bank account and pension pot 👍
  8. Great drive in both directions, and the first hoon I've managed in 2020! And exchanged waves another M100 on the way back; my first random Lotus spot in ages. Outstanding fun at Dave & Megan's, superb turnout and loads of laughs! In fact Tracy & I & Dave Eds stayed until around 1600. Brilliant, guys, thanks so much, and see you for the cambelt change some time in October...
  9. Kevin - I think the "car" under your profile is out of date You need a pointy one now.
  10. Big thank you to Dave & Megan! Fun morning drive out, fantastic brekky rolls and fabulous place to meet. You have a lovely home. And as always lovely people to talk to. Thank you again. Kevin and Clare (and Faye and Grace)
  11. Thank you Dave and Megan, thank you Chris. Great to see everyone and look at some wonderful cars. Fantastic location and the drive there and back was fabulous - much better than the M25 was last time!
  12. Thread is unlocked now if anyone else wants to post any pictures. Fantastic turnout as can be seen from the above. For the G cars, we are missing a 2.2 and a S3 N/A. Huge thanks to Dave & Megan for their hospitality . We were exactly on 30 people. Great to see some new faces, hope to see you in the future. Next month we may well have to be a bit creative as to where we go and how we meet - if we can at all. Sorry to [email protected] was ill, and that @top-plumber had car issues
  13. It's a couple of years since I was last there ... so going to need postcode or map. Seem to remember going into Finchingfield and out towards Sampford / Thaxted ... but not much else.... 🤔
  14. @Dave Freemanyou definitely need to get that extra pig.
  15. From Monday this meeting will be illegal Good route
  16. Was going to suggest you wait for us at Hadham Hall..... Will then do road through Stansted, Elsenham, Chickney, Thaxted....
  17. I shall be laying in wait to join the convoy, maybe on the A120 in Bishops stortford, or at Hadham hall. I can only stay about an hour as I have another date later with 20 English setters in our dog field later
  18. Hi @Kevjp, we are coming in from Hertford and can meet at Pearces Farm lay-by for 8:30. If anything changes just post, will keep an eye out. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  19. Bugger. Although it'll be spiffing to see you. 😁
  20. Step away from the bacon - I'm definitely coming, just not sure yet if I can make Puckeridge for 8.30 yet
  21. I'm in little Hadham, which you will go through after puckerage, may try and join the convoy.
  22. Of course. We will probably leave just after 8:30 (say 8:40) so if you can make it just turn up

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