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  2. Thanks for coming everyone - great turnout of cars. Nice to meet new members, with an Esprit HC as well For future meetings we need really do need accurate numbers to book a table as due to lack of responses up thread, @pete informed the pub that we would only be 6-8, yet we had 18 turn up If we are at Pearce's next month, I'm not certain they would allow us additional seating on the day
  3. Nice to drive out, don’t do it often enough. Left on track settings and drop in temps for the Cup 2’s and every rut makes itself known but dial it back to road setting and the 430 will be brilliant again. It’s the only car I’ve ever had the changing shock setting has ever made a real world difference. Thanks as always for organising and look forward to Pearce’s, I believe that’s the next venue? Trevor.
  4. Great meet with a good hearty breakfast, very well attended too thanks for organising @ChrisJ great to catch up with everyone
  5. Hi Chris Should make it there for 9 Kim staying in bed. Just got home from the theatre.
  6. Should arrive about 09:00 with Stubox and Internets. Trevor.
  7. breakfast is buffet style as before. good to see dave and meghan again
  8. Both Megan and I will be coming, book us in dano, sorry Pete I mean.
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  10. Sorry for the short notice, this has rather crept up on us this month. The Axe And Compasses Aythorpe Roding Great Dunmow CM6 1PP Meet @ 8:30 for 9am
  11. Yep, aiming to turn up to this, can someone call me early Sunday to remind me..........
  12. See you on Sunday folks. Me and Schumacher in the Elan.. “ Dave”
  13. Sorry Chris I'll make a real effort to get to this one on the 13th and I've been a bit up to my neck in it to be honest and but I'll catch up with you all soon looking forward to the 13th cheers mate
  14. Seemingly no takers for this, so we are going to postpone the meet by a week to Sunday 13th October and go to Chiquito in Harlow Unit 2Queensgate Centre Edinburgh Way Harlow CM20 2DA Meet at 8:30am
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  16. Venue changed to Chiquito in Harlow the following week as no one has responded to the initial invite. Feel free to attend the sprint if you want. Slightly different for October and a more civilised time. Herts County Auto & Aero Club members came along to our September breakfast, and they are running a sprint at Debden Airfield on 6th October. We are going to meet at the Elder Street Café and Deli at Debden Barns for breakfast, and those that want to, can go along afterwards and watch the sprint - and maybe sign up for some future events. The café only opens at 10am, so we can meet up at 9:30 for this. The address is: Debden Barns Elder Street Saffron Walden Essex CB11 3JY Will you please indicate if you are coming to this as we must confirm the numbers for the booking at the café. I will be there are the star, but I'm not sure how long I'll be able to stay as I have a family scheduling clash
  17. Par, Hopefully the daughter didn't ask you to go too fast!

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