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  2. Hi, To enable us to give an idea of numbers to the parlour, if you are hoping to make the meeting could you please let me know asap kind regards, Darryl
  3. It would be great folks if you could mention that you're planning on heading along to this event Darryl has organised. It encourages others along as more people equals more fun and makes for a better event for everyone
  4. 10am Thaymar Ice cream parlour and farm shop; Haughton Park Farm, Near Bothamsall, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 8DB Bacon cobs and coffee, hopefully a few more members than at the West Retford? keep safe Darryl
  5. Hi, can you please confirm if you will be joining us next Sunday and we can give hotel better idea of numbers thanks KR Darryl
  6. Hi all, bacon butties and coffee at the West Retford Hotel, table booked for 6 people in lounge/bar area meet about 10am
  7. Hi @jaydt good to chat with you yesterday and for bringing your lovely Military Grey (FE) Exige 390 really awesome colour in real life
  8. Update on coffee it's £2.25 for a single person pot, £4.50 for a pot for two various coffee types same cost for tea.
  9. Please note we will be in the bar/lounge area and not the restaurant keep safe darryl
  10. West Retford Hotel in the bar/lounge area table for six booked for coffee/bacon sandwiches. About 9.30/10am Please let me know if you are popping in so we can amend table size? Keep safe KR Darryl
  11. With such excellent service from the staff yesterday thought I’d better give the news on prices as the venue is likely to hold further meetings next year. Pot of coffee £4.50 Bacon cob/bap £4.50
  12. Hi, anyone I’ve not pm’d (apologies if missed) who will be joining us next Sunday so I can give an idea of numbers to hotel? kind regards, Darryl
  13. A change in venue this Sunday still 9.30/10am The West Retford Hotel a 250 years old grade II listed building with period garden 24 North Road, Retford DN22 7XW we have had to book a table, if you are able to please let me have an idea of how many will be turning out end of October so we can firm up numbers to the hotel much appreciated
  14. Good to see clarky5150 yellow Esprit, and we don’t think the paint is as bad as you think apologies didn’t catch the name of the young (very nice dark Red) Rover engined Elise S2 owner and partner, next time you’re in Tuxford pop in
  15. Usual time and place; Thaymar ice cream parlor near Retford at 9.30 - 10am, chat Lotus/cars, coffee & bacon butties
  16. Great to meet you all - rest of the trip was fab - especially under a glass roof 😉
  17. It was good to meet up and chat. Good to see and hear a 380 not in a showroom
  18. Was good to meet you all, and put some names to faces 😁 We got absolutely frazzled driving around in that hot sun with no roof on 😵🥵
  19. Thanks for organising Darryl, enjoyed our get together, hope to do it again 😊
  20. Hi @[email protected] @Davey D @Mike Healey Good to chat this morning, Julian hope your good lady enjoyed the remainder of her special day in York
  21. Looking forward to a bacon butty, coffee and chatting all things Lotus
  22. Can't do this one - family birthday plans already set in STONE 😉.
  23. 9.30 - 10am Thaymar Ice cream parlor and farm shop; Haughton Park Farm, Nr Bothamsall, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 8DB Bacon cobs and coffee and I would expect lots of Emira chat 😍

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