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  2. Hants meet up

    Hopefully, the Hampshire Bowman on the 28th will have an open fire!
  3. Hants meet up

    September is here, the winter nights are drawing in, the rain is running down the window as I look out across the drill yard...bah humbug! Cheerful little country pub with an open fire anybody?
  4. Hants meet up

    Yep I'm going to Brands Hatch. Not really given any thought to times and journey. Though will be going up the A31 rather than the M3. I'm new to TLF. Had a couple of Elises in the past now on V6.
  5. Hants meet up

    Welcome Simon. You could say hello in the introductions area if you want, I'm sure you'll get a warm welcome there. Yes most here will be going to the festival. I'm driving up the day before for a number of reasons but we had 4 or 5 cars go up together last year. Sport 380 will be a welcome sight in the county though, congratulations, epic car!
  6. Hants meet up

    Gents and ladies, as a newbie to the Forum I am not sure whether I should add to this existing thread, or start a new one so please forgive me! I was simply wondering whether any of you were planning on going to the Lotus Festival, and if so, whether you planned to meet up on route? If so, it would be nice to join you! All the best Simon
  7. Hants meet up

    Great if you were about Richard. I'll send you an exclusive preview by PM. Very close to going for a green one, massive fan as you know, but am trying something different...
  8. Hants meet up

    I may well be about and would love to join in! what colour have you gone for Jonny?
  9. Hants meet up

    Going for a pint at the Kings Head at Hursley tonight 7:45 with 'tokyotaxi' if anybody fancies joining us for a chat please come along
  10. Hants meet up

    Yes welcome aboard! Hope to see and hear the 380 in action. How about @RJB? Are you in the UK on 28th Sept? I have a 410 on the way but not due until Nov now. Always nice to see the car responsible!
  11. Hants meet up

    Hey Dave, thanks for the response, I'm over in Spain at the moment with less than perfect wifi, so will try to upload some photos when I get back to Blighty! The 28th is fine for me, could you just confirm meeting point/pub, referring to above, it would not let me open the link this morning! All the best Simon P.S. I have tried to upload a photo, wifi not liking it much at the moment!!
  12. Hants meet up

    Hi Simon, welcome. Be great to see you on the 28th if you can make it There's nothing you need to do... oh, hang on... Sport 380? Pics please! Pop over to the introductions thread too.
  13. Hants meet up

    Good afternoon All. I am based in Hedge End, far too close to the Snow Lotus Dealership for the safety of my bank balance! Earlier this year I could resist no longer and have had a wonderful summer on the roads of the A32 and the A272! I met Bibs at a recent open day at Bell and Colvill and he kindly pointed me in your direction, I would love to meet up with you on the 28th of September. What if anything do I need to do in the meantime?
  14. Hants meet up

    Yes. Saturday 26th. He is getting confused with the Bank holiday.
  15. Hants meet up

    The wedding is the 26th?
  16. Hants meet up

    Will pencil it in diary. Hopefully can make it.
  17. Hants meet up

    Hi Joe and welcome, No meeting in August i'm afraid, just me goading Dave as thats the day he gets married
  18. Hants meet up

    Well believe it or not just outside Bishops Waltham about a mile from the meet in September, is there a meet at the end of August?
  19. Hants meet up

    Welcome Joe, be delighted to see you there. Where about's in Hampshire are you? Just helps when we're trying to share the love in terms of locations for meets.
  20. Hants meet up

    What do you mean august is a wash out Dave? We have already had one hants meeting at supercar weekend and having another one on the 26th! I am working nights but might be able to swing some time off.
  21. Hants meet up

    Welcome Joe!
  22. Hants meet up

    Hello I have just joined, but would like to join you all for this meeting
  23. Hants meet up

    Looks worth a try. Count me in.
  24. Hants meet up

    Great. @peteyg, @The Pits , @pbharcourt and others?
  25. Hants meet up

    Same here! Heard good things about the pub but never been.
  26. Hants meet up

    Anyone want to suggest a venue and a date for a meet up please?