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  1. What's new in this club
  2. I'll be taking a rain check I'm afraid but enjoy. Soft top or Hard top? What about a canoe !!!
  3. The only question is: soft top or hard top?
  4. Looking forward to seeing those who can make it this evening.
  5. Also done, allowed me to get a few bugbears of my chest. I feel sorry for the poor robot that has to read my rantings on pot holes and lycra clad suicidal cyclists considering they only want to know about speed limits.
  6. Done, but I suspect my responses will be statistically removed as outliers.
  7. I'm just over the border in West Sussex so can't respond to this but no doubt WSCC will be looking at something similar. Already happening in Wales I believe. Seems like nonsense to me. All of the advancements in car technology and braking have probably halved the stopping distances since the 30mph limit was conceived, yet still it apparently leads us to the need to slow traffic down even further. I wonder whether cyclists will be observing (or even be obliged to observe) the same limits..?
  8. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have completed it. I am sure that they will not like my answers. It does not matter, really, they will not listen!
  9. FYI: Hampshire County Council is seeking the views of residents about 20 mph limits within Hampshire Councillor Edward Heron, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Lead Member for Transport and Environment Strategy, said: “We are keen to hear from as many residents, businesses and other stakeholders as possible, to find out their views on the implementation of 20mph limits in the context of other highways priorities and the County Council's statutory duties to maintain the highway in a safe condition within a limited budget. “The findings from the survey, together with data about use of the highway, speed enforcement, road safety and environmental impacts will be important in helping to shape future policy relating to 20mph speed limits in Hampshire and, in turn, future decision-making around 20mph speed limits.” The survey is available at: and should take just 15 minutes to complete. It is open until midnight on Monday 12 September 2022.
  10. I think kev did quite a good job by himself. Although nothing a bit of P40 can't fix I'm sure. Fantastic day at bicester heritage today, saw 2 Lotus, excel for restoration and a gorgeous 26R being race prepped. Definitely an interesting place for any petrol head lots going on there but I get the sense it's all well beyond my budget.
  11. Hope y'all managed to polish out the Solihull inspired stone chips...?
  12. Hope all got back OK with the road works. Had to pull in for an ambulance with blue lights, sobering, But had a great cross country drive back just a shame too many people don't seem understand dipping their lights. Just curious, Is Drift in an instruction on how to enter their carpark? 😉 Probably see a few of you at this Thruxton thing in a couple of weeks, in the meantime have fun and try not to get cooked.
  13. Great to see you all tonight. Think we decided on 16th August at The Drift Inn. Brockenhurst
  14. Alas I can't make it tonight. My Elise is definitely not clean that's for sure, prob won't clean it before skid pan thing at Thurxton on saturday either...
  15. Goat 🐐 tonight then, I've even washed the elise.
  16. I'm sorry I missed it however I've got 12th July in my diary for the next meet 🙂
  17. Great to see 10 of us tonight. Decided on 12th July at the Goat in Timsbury for the next meeting.
  18. I might try to get along to this if that’s okay. chris
  19. Sadly, due to work and childcare commitments, evenings are largely out for me. I'll keep an eye out though as if I'm on leave I might be able to make one of them 👍 Shaun
  20. It wuld be good to see you - and another Esprit!
  21. I might be able to get along to this one!
  22. @shaunw is this too far for you? Or a good excuse to go for a drive?
  23. See you next Thursday (not abbreviated to txting spellings for a reason)
  24. It's looking like the majority are able to do the 16th at The Mayfly. I look forward to seeing those who can make it next Thursday. @Techyd I hope to be at FoS on the Thursday too, let's catch up there.

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