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  2. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    No thanks, It is only £5 per head but I do need you to use the link that I sent you to book your meal please. Jonny is the only other one who has not booked a meal. If anyone else wants to come please let me know and I will expand the booking.
  3. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Kev do you need deposit money?
  4. Hey guys, I am looking for an 85/86 Turbo around south coast UK (Hampshire or Dorset ideally) that I can use as a model for a handful of reference photos. The shots will be aerial/plan view, taken with a mast and can be done on a driveway and would take about 15 minutes max. Can anyone help?
  5. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Wipe clean leather seats for all those greasy (bodily) seepages kev
  6. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    And have greasy chicken in your brand new GT430?
  7. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    I am in too. Sorry I couldn't make the last meet, was travelling back from Nottingham later than planned.
  8. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    I suggest that we find a different time to look at your GT430. @DaveC72 is catching a train, I believe. Which is why we are in Winchester town centre.
  9. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Yes would like to do this. But imagine leaving your Evora GT430 in the Park and Ride car park and then having to get on a grimy old bus! I was hoping for KFC drive thru!
  10. Hants meet up

    Bookings for Christmas dinner being taken. £24.95 for two courses, £29.95 for three.
  11. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Well done Kev i'm excited!
  12. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Make me 100% Pete
  13. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    At the moment we have Kevin Wheeler Paul Harcourt 99% of Petey G a driving eeyoeish a possibility of the Pits Possibly Davec72 Anybody else interested? Anyone want to change the venue (I have not paid their required deposit yet)
  14. Hants meet up

    Gentlemen All of you following this thread might like to look at If you would like to pop over there and tell me if you would like to come along, I can expand the booking or try to find somewhere more suitable if you don't like this venue
  15. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Me ☹️
  16. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    How about the William Walker in the town centre - Just off the Cathedral Square? I have tried to make a booking there - will let you know how I get on. Fullers pub. Not too far from the railway station for Dave. Parking admittedly not good - but then who is driving?
  17. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Yeah - all right - give me a chance - some of us have to work occasionally! Anyway, I said that I would try to find somewhere!
  18. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Kevin said he knew somwhere....i think. Have to book it quick though!
  19. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Yes would like to do something. Can’t make TLF Christmas dinner any more. ☹️
  20. Hampshire Christmas gathering

    I'm 99% sure I can make this. Where? Pete
  21. 21st December probably Winchester and I can make it....
  22. Hants meet up

    I'll be showing the Jag unfortunately. A sequence of events this week means I couldn't bring the Esprit this time...
  23. Hants meet up

    Don't forget it's show and tell tonight!
  24. Hants meet up

    9th it is then. If I can get the air out of my clutch line I might even bring the Esprit...
  25. Hants meet up

    Didn't mean to help put the kiss of death on tomorrow! The 9th is now in my diary so count me in.