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  2. Hants meet up

    Where are you Chris? I'm probably the furthest East at the moment in Emsworth As Kev says, we've met at Langstone before and last time at Petersfield, which is easy enough up the A3 from our side...
  3. Hants meet up

    Hi Chris We meet all over the place. The closest to Portsmouth has been The Ship at Langstone, I think. Since we are spread as far as Hythe, Whitchurch, Hook and Portsmouth we tend to move about a bit. If you would like to suggest somewhere and a time, I am sure we are up for it! Kevin
  4. Hants meet up

    Do we do any meets a little closer to Portsmouth? I’m keen for a meetup, and definitely to get on track soon, but I’m not sure I’ll have permission for the hour round trip next Monday evening....
  5. Hants meet up

    I'm up for 26th! Likely to be in the Alfa though as time to crack on with the winter work on the Esprit. Don'y worry, I'll come in via the back door so as not to embarrass anyone... Pete
  6. Hants meet up

    We used to do a nice run to Brighton for fish and chips, everyone would meet at Pease Pottage and park in the multistory in the marina (although the ramps are very steep there so perhaps there's somewhere better).
  7. Hants meet up

    Yes, a very enjoyable evening and lots of wet Loti in the car park! +1 for Rainex. I use it and I have a wiper too. Belt and braces I know... I'm definitely in for a Sunday Brighton run. If people also wanted to do a shorter Sunday 'cars and coffee' run/meet we could have a drive up to the cafe at the Goodwood track (see further up this thread)? Maybe pick a day when there's something happening on track to watch.
  8. Hants meet up

    Doing a trackday at Silverstone that day but that's pretty much on my way home. Mondays would definitely be easier for me.
  9. Hants meet up

    Great to see you all last night. Great run home following Si - what a car! Apologies to Pete for not getting you in the above Photos.
  10. Hants meet up

    Chaps, Thank you for making me feel so welcome last night. Lovely to have a chat and a quick look over the cars. can't wait for the nicer weather and the lighter evenings, so that I can see them all properly. Looking forward to the Feb meet up! All the best.
  11. Hants meet up

    It was a good evening, as always. The next meeting is on the 26th of February at the Empress of Blandings between Cadnam and Ower We have chosen a Monday to see if that suits more people. I seem to recall that Dave was suggesting a Sunday Morning run to Brighton. Anyone up for it? @pbharcourt I understand that Rainx is quite a good product!
  12. Hants meet up

    Lovely weather last night....who needs wipers anyway, they are very over rated in my opinion! I just wanted to say thanks to 'Lucas the prince of darkness' for the lovely electrics in the Elite ....and welcome to Simon, Peter and Mike. Lovely cars and a very welcoming pub, nice.
  13. Hants meet up

    Absolutely nothing to do with the weather. No, Siree. Not at all.
  14. Hants meet up

    Me too. Just heading up there now.
  15. Hants meet up

    Sorry to hear that Jonny. I was looking forward to seeing you and the car. I will be there. Looking forward to a pint and a chat!
  16. Hants meet up

    Sorry folks, tuesdays aren’t ideal for various reasons. Will have to forego the drive out I was looking forward to, over an hour’s drive for me so I’d be late as can’t get away until 8pm earliest. Catch you all in Feb.
  17. Hants meet up

    See you all in a couple of hours!
  18. Anglesey 2nd April Trackday

    I would love to but its a bit far for my old crock
  19. Anyone else from the Hampshire group up for this - bit of a jaunt but sounds fun. Been on the radar for a few weeks but now booked it. It is also now open to other Lotus other than Exiges
  20. Hants meet up

    No worries, plenty of other chances coming up, starting with Feb!
  21. Hants meet up

    Typical....Unfortunately I will be out of town for a couple of days so can't make it !
  22. Hants meet up

    It's a yes from me! I'm looking forward to meeting you guys. Michael from Snows in Hedge End may well come out to meet us as well.
  23. Hants meet up

    It is for me. I hope to be bringing a mate who has an '05 111s - another Peter.
  24. Hants meet up

    Just wanted to introduce @WillyT to the group. He spotted my car last week and came over for a chat. I mentioned our get togethers and said he'd be welcome to come along to the next one. Is 30th at the Seven Stars still on?
  25. Hants meet up

    Gets caught in the front spoiler!