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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Oops....I forgot all about the meet up, sorry guys
  3. Great to see everyone tonight. Sorry the person who actually chose the pub couldn't make it... Agreed date for March is Tuesday 12th at the Woolpack Inn, Totford Great pub, great food and lovely rooms if you want to spend the night...oh, and a nice car park! There's even a memorial tree for the person we bought our previous house from... Pete
  4. Dammit, I won’t be back from London in time. ☹️
  5. Looks like I’ve got to drop out this evening - lost my Childcare 😔
  6. Yep should be able to make it - the Evora's taxed again and even had a wash!
  7. Looking forward to it. Might even wash the Esprit in anticipation. 4 months worth of road grime isn't very becoming....
  8. I will be there and I look forward to seeing the photos.
  9. The Esprit is fixed (yay!) so we should both be able to make this one
  10. By George, I think I might be around for this one - and may even bring the Evora.
  11. Evening Chaps, just checking all still good for the 19th? Anchor Inn Alton? I am up at the Factory this Thursday, so I am hoping I might have a couple of photos to share of the new arrival next week!! All the best Simon
  12. I hope you didn't spend too much time polishing my pipework @peteyg! I shall make sure I bring it along to a meet once its replaced so everyone can admire it. Sorry I was late but glad I could swing by for a quick one last night. I hope the orange Elise isn't too badly hurt.
  13. I'll do my best for the 19th now my man flu is subsiding. Maybe @DaveC72 can shame me by bringing his Esprit along. Oh no, wait...
  14. At least you didn't hit one of those pesky, stationary, brightly illuminated lampposts...
  15. Not just ice to deal with on the way home - 6 deer jumping about in the road - spread over 4 different occasions! Thankfully, managed to miss them since I was driving slowly because of the ice! And for those who need reminding and those not there we decided on the Anchor Inn at Lower Froyle for the 19th Feb. Anchor Inn (Snow and default state permitting!)
  16. Did my best. Not sure it was designed for the engine bay of an Esprit! It's very pitted so not polishing up as well as hoped. 😆
  17. @peteyg Strong work! It's not quite as shiny as the "art" in The William Walker, but it's a good start 🤣
  18. Best I could do @KennyN Before and After.
  19. 19th is in my diary 👍 Maybe I'll get one of the Esprits working by then but don't hold your breath...
  20. It was good to see everyone again last night. I hope that everyone got home safely, it was pretty slippy!
  21. Lovely to meet everybody for a natter last night and an exciting drive home down some very icy country lanes in the Firecat Next meeting on 19th Feb, hopefully with better weather!
  22. Sorry you're poorly, hope you feel better soon.
  23. Dave who..? I'm hurt. Although it's true the Esprit is still defaulty. As it happens so am I (man flu) and I'm sure you won't want me sniffing and sneezing over everyone so I won't join you tomorrow I'm afraid.
  24. Good job I've got broad shoulders!

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