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  2. Same here, 8th or 22nd work fine with me too!
  3. Unfortunately, I will be travelling with work on the 15th. Would a week either side of the 15th work?
  4. October 15th sounds good for Tommy and I as well!
  5. id really like to make one of these meet ups but timing is never great, I missed last nights due to being in Switzerland and next month (15th oct) is my wife's birthday.. im not sure id get away with missing that ill make it next time
  6. Another Race Centre meet sounds good ! ! ! I think we liked the idea of some touring car action, and a track we know - say Silverstone? Have myself a PS4 now with Gran will be try and be competition ready this time!! Mondays or Tuesdays good for me - 15th October is free.
  7. Likewise, really great to catch up with you all down there - definitely up for doing same pub again (not just because it's on my doorstep!) The Race Centre sounds good to me, just to throw a date in the mix do we fancy same time next month (Say Tuesday 15th October?) just to get the ball rolling!
  8. Lovely to see everyone last night, very nice venue (one to do again?). Talk of the next meeting was around going to 'The race center' at Chandler's ford. Could we have a show of hands as to who is interested, and a date to suit
  9. I have some unexpected work commitments, not able to make it this month
  10. Just a quick reminder, looking forward to seeing everyone at the Goat in Romsey (Previously the Malthouse) for 7-7.30pm this evening! See you all there
  11. Yep, 17th good for me too, see you all at the Goat
  12. 17th sounds good to me, Will let my lot know and see who’s in!!
  13. 17th OK with me, still no Lotus on the road yet though. Immersed up to my armpits in dirty worn out engine parts, some of which are actually made by Lotus! That's not a dig at all you newer Lotus owners by the way
  14. Have we got a consensus for the 17th at the Goat then? P.s Elise is back on road, been out testing came back with huge grin!
  15. Unfortunately not, Dean. Just supporting a friend.
  16. I'm just back from the Gurston Down hillclimb, unfortunately, there was too much traffic on the road to make the journey as fun as I'd of liked, but it was a good outing in the Exige.
  17. Took my son to football lessons and back this morning - so a good 5 miles all in!! We’ve been out on the push bikes this afternoon!
  18. It's all apart and cleaned just need to wait for the postman . It's just a shame it happened as the weather has turned so nice and over the bh. as well. While it's in bits I can't have any runins with the local wildlife at least. I hope you're all out keeping the Lotus end up
  19. Oh no - Hope its not off the road for too long!
  20. Eithers fine, would offer to do a recce but Elise has just pissed coolant on the floor. Panicked a bit as I traced the leak up to the head but it looks like its the IMG that's gone, New Viton one ordered.

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