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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Oh yes, didn't I tell you about that?
  3. It was good fun! Made all the more exciting by the closure of the M27!
  4. Great to see you all tonight. Thanks for coming out
  5. I might make it.....if I remember!
  6. Unfortunately, I will be travelling back from the northern wastelands of Chesterfield
  7. Job is einen Gooden, as they say in Germany. Anyone else?
  8. Sounds good to me. 19:30/20:00? next Wednesday - 19th.
  9. Too many tattoos. I am back in the UK next week. Skiing presently. Tuesday next week?
  10. Too pretty? Not enough moustachery? I'm in the UK for the next two weeks if anyone fancies a pint? NB the above two statements are in no way related.
  11. I'm not about for next month's meet up i'm afraid, hope to see you all soon though!
  12. @pbharcourt Might I suggest hitting the "Follow" button?
  13. Agreed, it was a fun evening, as ever I have also booked the Castle Combe track day, I'm looking forward to it, hopefully the weather will be kind. @Simon Gooding Hopefully Lotus will be able to come up with a suitable option on the tyre front, he was very responsive when I was in touch.
  14. Morning All, great chat last night, I'm booked onto the Castle Coombe track day on the 23rd May (via Club Lotus), so looking forward to that. As for my phone, all I can say is, bloody waste of money, so much easier on my laptop at work!! Kenny, I'm sending an email off to your contact at Lotus this morning, so, will be interesting to see response, I will share when received. Regards to all
  15. Dang!...having posed the question I then forgot to look for replies and missed it! Sorry to hear about your Elise Dean, you'll just have to bring the Elan along!......or in fact any old shitter (like me) as its your company we value
  16. Good chat tonight! Next meet Tuesday 25 February at the White Horse Otterbourne. Posted from my phone Simon!
  17. Chaps, what sort of time are you aiming to get to Stockbridge his evening?
  18. Oh No Dean, what a shame! especially after just getting your exhaust! if you fancy selling that separately, and replacing the original unit to the car, I could be persuaded, assuming it would fit my Exige!! As for the Cups at Stockbridge, that is fine with me!
  19. Thanks Kevin - for sure, and I've got that Go-Karting to organise! Definitely going to be back in a Lotus one day
  20. Glad someone else can make it because I have a feeling that the staff are all blokes and not really my type!

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