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  2. Brilliant, thanks Kenny. I did look on Google maps and found the Lay-by OK. Looks quite straight forward! Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Simon
  3. Brilliant @KennyN ! ๐Ÿ˜… Should be able to get there for that time, nothing like an early start! See you then.
  4. It was great to see everyone last night, I had just about thawed out by the time I got home. @Simon Gooding Here's the Castle Combe track day prep centre on the left and the meetup lay-by on the right... @Techyd If you fancy joining the convoy of Kevin, Simon and myself we were aiming to meet at the lay-by in the pic above (just before Ludgershall) at 07:15.
  5. Kevin, I think Iโ€™m following the Xmas chat now!!!
  6. Hi Gang, work thing last minute - may be a bit late, sorry!
  7. Sorry chaps, just catching up - I can't make it this evening, but will be at the Castle Coombe track event on 29th May - look forward to seeing you there ๐Ÿ™‚ Fingers crossed for good weather ๐Ÿคž
  8. Isn't the 21:00 curfew just for the kitchen?
  9. Make it 19:00 then? More time to drink the two pint allocation!
  10. If they close at 2100, is 1930 early enough? (Yes, Paul, before you say it, 90 mins is probably enough DC for anyone... ๐Ÿ™„)
  11. Apparently they only take bookings for diners. So let's just turn up (19:30ish?) and grab a table. See if anyone can get there before Dave! More than 6 - grab two tables!
  12. Unfortunately I cant make this one, having jab #2, so gonna take it easy. Have a great night chaps hopefully see U at next one. Been spending some hands on time with a gorgeous 24yr old. BEWARE DIRTY PICTURE BELOW, for those that like that sort of thing. Need less to say the bearings didn't make it out alive !!!!!!! (front hubs and dead bearings, I had been wondering what that noise was)
  13. I will book it tomorrow. They close at 20:00 on Sunday and 21:00 on Tuesday, according to their Facebook page.
  14. I can make that too, wonโ€™t have the Lotus though as itโ€™s having some TLC at the moment!!
  15. It's a lie! I never touched her๐Ÿ˜ the sheep at Romsey-๐Ÿคซ
  16. No worries - we going to try somewhere else?
  17. No problem, thanks for trying @peteyg Hopefully it'll be possible soon.
  18. @Kevin Wheeler @Simon Gooding @DaveC72 @KennyN @Techyd Sorry guys, Wonston is a no go on Tuesday. Matt says he needs a few days off so I've asked him to give me a date that works for him, preferably another Tuesday. Pete
  19. Hey guys, Still waiting to hear back from Matt about next Tuesday. Says he's checking with the wife and will let me know. Pete
  20. Works for me - BUT the Elise will be in garage getting serviced and MOTโ€™d !

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