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  2. Hi Joe Out of Covid times we usually have a monthly pub meet. We vary the venue on a whim each month. Any suggestion always encouraged as you will see from this thread and the others in the Hampshire section. Sounds like you are planning a lot of use out of your car. Good man! If you follow this thread you will see when we next get together. Probably on Teams again next. Look forward to meeting you. Kevin
  3. Gents, I'm a new S2 Exige owner near Southampton. Keen to get to know some other owners in Hampshire / Dorset/ West Sussex. What's the usual calender of meets in our area outside of covid times? Monthly pub meet? Thruxton, Goodwood? I'm also looking at doing spa classic and other northern European weekenders in the coming years. Thanks Joe.
  4. Belated happy birthday chaps, Sorry I've been a bit lax on the forum front, and everything else to be honest. Had a bit of a covid drama here (just turned out to be a reaction to the jab, good excuse for the old man to quarantine himself in his campervan though, I think it was just an excuse to use it even if it was just in the driveway) and a sick dog all absolutely fine now. Its snowing here, not enough to worry the jeep. No Lotus action here but good to see others working on theirs.
  5. Thanks All! No candles were harmed in the celebration of my birthday 😃
  6. Happy birthday guys😘 Fire extinguisher on standby for the cake!
  7. Happy Birthday @DaveC72 & @Techyd Stay well back from all of those candles or you risk getting a professional visit from @pbharcourt
  8. It was good to see everyone last night. Hopefully we can get a few more along next month.
  9. Sorry I cut out early, I will try and get it up on the laptop next time!
  10. Great to see you gentlemen this evening. Looking forward to the next one.!
  11. OK, you should all have an invite now - let me know if you've not received it?
  12. Probably works out nicely for the rest of the family too...
  13. Locked myself in the spare foom with Doombar and wotsits! I may just stay here until next week!
  14. Any excuse to get on the beers early, eh!
  15. wednesday! It's a problem with old age....zooming prematurely!
  16. @pbharcourt What did you try exactly? 🤔 @DaveC72 is organising a call for next Wednesday, details to be provided in due course.
  17. Well I tried but failed to connect, bugger!
  18. I would be up for something - and happy to sort. I seem to spend my life on Videoconfernces these days, so I feel your pain Kenny. When would suit everyone? Next Wednesday night at 1930?
  19. A Zoom call/quiz would be good, although I do seem to spend 8hrs+ on Zoom, Teams, Skype these days

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