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  1. What's new in this club
  2. I think the BTCC idea was a good one for next time...!
  3. Glad you all enjoyed it, I think the only way to beat Tommy will be to make him wear a blindfold......and he'd probably still beat us!
  4. Hey Chaps, just wanted to echo Kenny's comment, most I've laughed in a long time! really enjoyable evening, hopefully we can do that again and, if we do, we will have to think of some sort of handicap for Tommy! Best regards to all
  5. @pbharcourt Thank you again for organising the race night, not that it was much of a race, Tommy was in a different league! It was good fun, I look forward to the next one.
  6. Shame you can't make it Dave Just like a real race you will just have to drive faster to catch up Not really!
  7. Ugh, I have to be up at O'crack Sparrow Fart tomorrow morning. Have fun.
  8. Just to add - not sure how strict the start time is for the event - I'm likely going to be a few minutes late this evening
  9. I look forward to it, see you there on Tuesday.
  10. Yep, Tommy and I are looking forward to it.
  11. Just a quick reminder for the 7th may, I have booked us for open practice sessions which will cost £24 per person.
  12. Yes 19:00 sounds right, I have reserved the evening for us. About £35 to 40 a head I think.
  13. I shall have to dig out Gran Turismo and practice first! What time was it again, 19:00?? Also spoken to my brother RE 3D printing the wing mirror, he's going to round up some 6th formers and see who's interested - he did note they only stock 'low density material' so may only be suitable as prototype / blueprint.
  14. For those not at the Mayfly the other night, I have asked if anybody fancies meeting at the 'Chandler's ford race center' for a bit of formula 1 racing on the 7th May, everybody welcome! ...catch me if you can!
  15. @peteyg The Wonston Arms sounds like a good choice for June. Have a great holiday!
  16. Great to see everyone at the Mayfly, farmyard smells and all! Can't make the next meet, will be sunning myself in Sardinia (conveniently near some well known Lotus filming locations). but hopefully see you in June. Happy to enquire about another Wonston Arms gathering for June maybe? Pete
  17. Other than the "country air" taking its toll one of the group, it was another good gathering. I look forward to the race night on the 7th and the meet up on the 28th.
  18. What a good night and good company. To remind all: next meeting is the 28th May at the Chilworth Arms on the A27. In Chilworth.
  19. I'll be there. Looking forward to seeing the new car, Simon.
  20. Yep - I'm in - looking forward to seeing your new Exige!
  21. Chaps, just wanted to check all still good for this evening? Mayfly near Stockbridge for 7.30 ish? I need the running in miles!!
  22. Hang on .......yeees.....I think I can just about reach the cruel knife sticking out of my back! You guys
  23. I assumed that they actually wanted to get to the venue

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