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  1. What's new in this club
  2. @Trevsked, when's this months Ace meet?
  3. Hello, My parents are in London (unfortunately not bringing me the Europa that remains in France) and if there is any meet, they always like to go (with 1 or 2 lotuses) thanks
  4. Ace Cafe Wednesday 19th July

    Think that was a rain related decision mate, a bit like me not choosing to go in the Elan...............
  5. Ace Cafe Wednesday 19th July

    Is that the roof on your Elise Pete? Shame on you...
  6. Ace Cafe Wednesday 19th July

    Excellent company as usual and a spirited drive home with Mr eds. A couple of photos :-
  7. Ace Cafe Wednesday 19th July

    See you there Dave. Will be good to chat. ?
  8. Ace Cafe Wednesday 19th July

    Look forward to seeing you both. Trevor.
  9. Ace Cafe Wednesday 19th July

    Meet on way Pete?
  10. Ace Cafe Wednesday 19th July

    Will try to make it
  11. Ace Cafe Wednesday 19th July

    Ooooo, Toxic Cup, nice. Trevor.
  12. Ace Cafe Wednesday 19th July

    I'll be there in my Toxic Cup.
  13. Ace Cafe Wednesday 19th July

    Will try and make it in something Lotus like
  14. Sizona and I will be at the Ace for their regular Lotus night this Wednesday if anyone fancies joining? Trevor.
  15. Garage / workshop?

    I have got a very late s3 NA to do, though probably going to start with an old 3 litre Marcos Also got an Elite s2.2 and Elan +2 which are both runners but could be improved.
  16. Garage / workshop?

    Which Esprit are you tackling?
  17. Garage / workshop?

    That's good news. You should start a restoration thread - with lots of pictures.
  18. Garage / workshop?

    Well a long time after asking I have got a workshop unit to work in. It needs some work and sorting, but there is space for others to work there (at a very reasonable rent) once I have ensured all relevant safety standards are met. Happy to discuss with anyone interested and hear you ideas on what would be most useful.
  19. Hotel required

    You'll be pleased to hear the idea is sold. Brooklands hotel is booked Sunday night.
  20. Hotel required

    Just show em a pick of the car and I am sure they will understand why you want to stay in a nice secure place.
  21. Hotel required

    Show them pictures of the spa and the big tv in the room
  22. Hotel required

    Barry, Unfortunately work will pay and £140 for a bed only will raise questions.........and hours of hassle!
  23. Hotel required

    Now that would've been funny. It's where you left it!
  24. Hotel required

    better speak to you before i pick car up then. Didn`t read the post properly