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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Anyone fancy coming along this year for our xmas meal? Mike Kimberley will be along if you'd like to meet him too.
  3. internets

    Ace Cafe

    Thought I recognised him! From 8:52
  4. pete

    Ace Cafe This is the you tuber who was filming at the ace and 'interviewed' Sparky
  5. pete

    Ace Cafe

    Should be there
  6. Trevsked

    Ace Cafe

    I’d imagine the GT430. Trevor.
  7. pete

    Ace Cafe

    And which car will you be in?
  8. Trevsked

    Ace Cafe

    All, the usual Ace Cafe meet will be this Wednesday 20th June if anybody fancies popping along. We are usually there by 19:30. look forward to seeing anyone who can make it. Trevor.
  9. Yep, I'll be there tonight. Trevor.
  10. Is going to be such a lovely evening that a first trip of the year to the Ace is definitely on tonight
  11. It's on the Ace cafe's schedule I think?
  12. @Trevsked is there a meeting on the 18th
  13. Hello, My parents are in London (unfortunately not bringing me the Europa that remains in France) and if there is any meet, they always like to go (with 1 or 2 lotuses) thanks
  14. Think that was a rain related decision mate, a bit like me not choosing to go in the Elan...............
  15. Is that the roof on your Elise Pete? Shame on you...
  16. Excellent company as usual and a spirited drive home with Mr eds. A couple of photos :-
  17. See you there Dave. Will be good to chat. ?
  18. Look forward to seeing you both. Trevor.
  19. Will try and make it in something Lotus like

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