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  2. Hi Mike, can you add me to the list please. I'll pm you my number.
  3. New to Lotus. Just DM’d you
  4. Hi guys, were planning a run from jack's hill cafe nr Towcester (nn12 8et) 09:30 this Sunday morning (28th). We'll have a half hour or so of banter and then aim to head out for a drive at 10. The routes about an hour or so and has a good combination of roads. Would be great to see any of you guys join us, all welcome.
  5. Mike. Could you include me in your WhatsApp group. I'll PM you my mobile number. Usually busy most Sundays, but would like to know your meet ups so I can come along if I can be free. Tony
  6. Absolutely mate, DM me your mobile number and I'll add you in. Trying to plan a drive for this Sunday morning, so if you know of any good roads just say . Thanks
  7. Hi Mike, Could I be added please?
  8. Hi guys, I've recently managed to get a group of like-minded owners together on Sunday mornings for a drive around the Northamptonshire countryside. It's been really great getting to know other owners and to get the cars out for a spirited drive . If anyone else would like to come along just let me know and I'll add you to the WhatsApp group, all are welcome ! Thanks
  9. Thought this might be of interest. Jim Clark: how Autocar remembered an F1 legend
  10. Hi All, A Dutch contingent are doing the above tour and stopping off at Smithy's Marina Bar, London Road, DE72 2HU close to A50/M1 late afternoon... Some of us will be going to join them , aiming to get there circa 4;00 pm . If you would like to join us , more the merrier. Always nice to meet international members. We may also be taking in the breakfast meet at Hill Top Warwickshire... This meet is being co-ordinated through the EMEG section , so keep an eye on both for updates.. Dave.
  11. Great turn out for Drive out day next one Eddie
  12. It's a great event to walk around, reccomended. Trevor.
  13. Eddie
  14. Excellent to hear..would be good to see you there
  15. Hi dodge Hope you and the Midlands crew are well. Sound good. Just removed engine for detail and cambelt change. If all back together would be good to have brekky on the 2nd April. Kind regards. Simon.
  16. As last months Stow breakfast meet was quite a success, and seems to be a good central location to plan more, Im putting out the date for the next one as April 2nd..another sunday morning...It would have been the weekend before but thats Mothering Sunday so Im sure there will be those who are busy on that day. If this date proves unsuitable it can be amended to suit the majority but personally I wont be able make any other date until some time in May after this one.. The venue will be the same again, breakfast at Speedwell's Cafe, Chruch St (GL54 1BB postcode), which opens at 9am (car par
  17. Really enjoyed it - great to meet some new people, Mrs Lizard also passes on her thanks, some fantastic cars and a lovely place to meet up, hopefully next time we wont cause everyone to get up and leave the first place
  18. Nice fun run out and great turn out , 16 heads counted , thank you Darren for organising this.. Great location , central enough for greater midlands and north London to get to without excessive driving.. The breakfast choices and quality was superb and the walk around to coffee shops after gave variety.. Well worth looking at to repeat..
  19. Lovely morning out, thanks to Trev for the ride. And nice to meet old and new friends!
  20. Well how about that ... two rights can't be wrong ! Even my customer agrees to me having a day off. Thank you Richard.... I am sure youra will do the same , fresh eyes and fingers for Monday ... See you all soon
  21. Dave, you're absolutely right! I shall be shotgun with Trev. :-)
  22. take a very well earned break from that S3 some layers of skin back up so you can tackle the body. Its no good if the ends of your fingers are the wrong shape for sanding either :-). Have a good trip out. Richard
  23. Uhmm .. Know what you mean but sometimes a break and an inspirational talk from an intellectual bunch will help focus the mind.. Well that's what I told myself.. plus I need a break from the customers S3 turbo I am doing.. or my fingers will go on strike.!! Its about 10 months since I spun the wheels up on my Esprit so I ran out of excuses for not going.... Your trouble is you were drinking to much coffee this week with Trev.. instead of fettling da mota mate. Hope you change your mind and rest for a day, the trip out will do you the world of good.. Nagging over........
  24. Chaps, think I have to pull out. This SE C service has become a monster, and I have to crack on.
  25. 1 dodge 1979 2 changes 3 palmergeddon 4 chrisv8 5 Trevsked (probably 99% best do or else) 6 Paul Maurice 7 David Hindley 8 Sparky 9 Paul and Sue (GT3). 10 Mr & Mrs Lizard 11 Ade 12 Nige

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