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  2. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 & 4 David & Jennifer (breakfast only as I start work at 1800hrs and will need to get some beauty-sleep, )
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  4. The November breakfast meeting will be on 4th November 10:00am - midday at MHOR 84 Motel, Balquhidder, FK19 8NY Breakfast Menu and for anyone interested afterward breakfast a trot around the Trossachs with the route to be decided on the day. One circuit could be Crianlarich, Tyndrum, Dalmally, Inveraray, stopping off to visit the jail, Rest and be Thankful, Tarbet, Balloch then split to head home. Difficult to plan a route just now as Rest and be Thankful is closed and I'm not sure when it will open again so a decision on the day would have to be made. If interested please add your name to the list below as I will give the Motel an idea of numbers a couple of days before the meet. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie
  5. Cairn was open 3 days ago; there’s a web cam on the Banchory side snow gates - suggest to double check that for through traffic. Cheers
  6. 1st Meeting point on A92 Thornton by pass at 1st lay-by 7:45am. Mike and I will be meeting there. If meeting up at Stracathro please be ready to leave at 9:00am. Does anyone on the ground have an update on whether the Cairn o' Mount Road is open, Traffic Scotland is showing no incidents or road works/closures on the road. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 Jim S  4 & 5 Mike +1 6 Ian C 7 Duncan 8 & 9 Duggie & Susan 10. Pit Stop
  7. Sorry to here that @Johnny5 hope you get it back soon. Have they been able to source a clutch yet?
  8. Hi Folks, Unfortunately my car is still in numerous parts spread over the Ramp and floor of Leven Lotus, so wont be able to attend. Have fun and drive safe.
  9. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 Jim S  4 & 5 Mike +1 6 Ian C 7 Duncan 8 & 9 Duggie & Susan
  10. Was nice meeting the group and thank you for inviting “the replica” to appear in the photo. Ahmed and Margaret
  11. Couple of photos of our photo shoot at Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre and the Lancaster. Great weekend at Hethel and what a collection of Lotus cars. Well worth the 1000 mile round trip.
  12. Count me in for this one please. Cairn is open again - I took a run over last night and the bridge is intact (for now). Duncan
  13. Ian, hope a yellow caterham seven is allowed to join the group at the scotch corner. (Wish it was the Evora 400). Ahmed
  14. Ian, I had thought of coming through to Leven for the start but wary of M8 from Glasgow in the morning. So I will drive down M74 to Penrith then A66 to Scotch Corner. I will plan to be there by 11.30, for the noon roll out. Cheers, Scott
  15. Gareth 12:30 sounds good. My number 07774705342 If I’m held up I will let you know Brian
  16. Brian that sounds about right......12:30 Newark.... my number 07778609393 I keep you posted if you wish cheers Gareth
  17. What time were you planning to be passing the A1/A17 Junction? If between 12:30 and 1:00pm I could meet up with you there. I am staying overnight Thursday near Durham and driving to Aslockton (20mins down the A46 from Newark) to drop my wife off at her mum's. I expect to be in Aslockton by midday, quick turnaround and could be back up to A1/A17 junction about 12:30, all traffic permitting of course.
  18. @Ian Parkin In true RAF fashion, when you arrive at the aviation heritage site can you enter in 'missing man' formation please, as a mark of respect for yours truly who would have dearly loved to have been with you but will most likely instead be 'lost in action' somewhere between the Channel Tunnel and the M25/M11 intersection.
  19. The plan is to meet at the dealership (Leven Lotus Edinburgh, Bankhead Drive, Edinburgh, EH11 4DJ) around 8.00am, setting off at 8.30am. The first stop will be at Scotch Corner Services, we should arrive around 11.30am, this will give people the opportunity to stretch legs/get food or coffee and also let any stragglers catch up. We will set off at 12.00pm and carry on down to East Kirkby to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre (Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby, Spilsby, Lincs, PE23 4DE) They have a Lancaster Bomber that will be taxing that day, I've called ahead and been informed that weather permitting we will have some picture opportunities with the cars and the Lancaster Bomber. They have a museum which is £8.50 entry if anyone is interested in having a look around. From this point we aren't too far from Norfolk so i'd expect folk to start branching off and heading to overnight accommodation, alternatively we can find somewhere to get some pictures of the cars if anyone knows any good spots around that area. Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier! Lets get as many Lotus cars from north of the border and north England to head down the road together! What a sight that will be and what a cracking way to start the weekend celebrations!
  20. Can I put in a request for that repair crew to come and work for our council's roads dept please. They're closing the main access road into our village, entailing a 9 mile detour to get to my house, for 3 WEEKS just to build a bloomin' speed-hump!!!!!!!!
  21. Just read that the Cairn O Mount has reopened 2 weeks early. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 Jim S  4 & 5 Mike +1 6 Ian C
  22. Didn't I read somewhere that the Cairn o' Mount road was going to be closed for several weeks after someone demolished part of a bridge? Not sure at this stage if I'll make this as I'm planning on staying in the deepest darkest south for a few more days after the 70th and might only be getting home late on the Saturday. Arriving back from a 3 week solo road-trip to Spain then going straight out again to a LEGS event wouldn't win me too many brownie points with SWMBO.
  23. Brian That's cool.....I was planning on coming through there but at about noon......I spent 4.5 years travelling this route every week so I know it quite well too......hoping to get to Dunston about miss all the traffic...... I'll see how things go..... Cheers Gareth