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  2. Looking forward to it mate, welcome to Kent. Got used to that blue colour in the sky yet?
  3. Hey LEGS! This is loooong overdue...and I wanted to get together with so many of you prior to moving to Canterbury, but alas, it was probably one of the busiest, albeit most exciting times in our lives. As many of you know, Lauren and I moved from California in 2008 to pursue warmer climates in Edinburgh for post-grad degrees. What can I say, it became home. For nearly that entire time, I was a part of the Murray Motor Co. family. When Graeme decided to progress in his career, I was offered the Lotus job and transferred from another site. MMC was very good to me and I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside so many great people. I'm indebted to everything they taught me and for how they enabled me to progress in my career to the general sales manager role for Lotus, Volvo and Suzuki for the latter part of my tenure. The Lotus brand and its drivers (that's ya'll by the way!) have also been so good to me. I'm really thankful that I was able to get to know so many great people through this shared passion. I am also grateful for having the opportunity to be of assistance with some of your buying experiences (and for some, more than once!). To share in the joy of watching you drive some fantastic cars away from the showroom made me truly happy! And I am overwhelmed when I reflect on all the great chats we shared in the showroom while your cars were worked on, in addition to all the various Lotus gatherings, drives, and events. Towards the end of last summer, Lauren was offered a permanent lecturing position at the University of Kent, so I started to have some conversations since we were looking to relocate. I found a good fit with Santander Consumer UK on their Volvo Car Finance team supporting the London and Kent region. Needless to say, my background and experience has been a real strength in this role and I'm enjoying it very much now that I'm a few months in. Anyway, now that I'm in Kent, I'm not too far from Bibs (we still need to get that pint btw)! And whenever there is a track day or meet down this neck of the woods, I'd live to know about it so reach out on Facebook and let me know. Though I will also try and check in here every now and again. All the best to you! Brandon
  4. Leven Lotus...

    This is great news for Lotus in Scotland. Leven have bought the entire site at Sighthill from John Martin along with all the franchises bar Volvo. Leven have done great things with Aston Martin and Rolls Royce, and their prestige and sports car specialist dealer is very impressive too. Lotus have already moved from a tight corner in one of the showrooms into the old Volvo showroom, so passers by can stare longingly through the window and actually see something. Brandon moved south a few months ago and I believe he is working for Volvo Finance where I’m sure he’ll do well. Free from the shackles of the previous senior management I see a bright future for Lotus under Leven. The move also brings added experience in service - some of you may remember Murray’s previous head tech moved to Leven just over a year ago. Ian Parkin remains as sales specialist and Ian Campbell remains in the workshop, and I’m sure they’ll both flourish under the new ownership.
  5. Leven Lotus...

    Given what Leven have done for Aston Martin, who Murray sold to them a couple of years ago, this is very positive news. Leven have just won the AM global customer customer service number one slot.
  6. Having been speaking with Ian over the past couple of months it all sounds very positive
  7. Just been advised by Facebook that Murray's Facebook page has just changed to Leven Lotus, although no details have been updated. In fact it still shows Brandon as the sales manager. ... First stage of a major expansion at Sighthill for the Leven group?
  8. Sorry for the 'no show' folks. Veterinary emergency took priority. Went out with the dogs first thing and Alaska managed to slip badly on some ice and tore open her wound from the recent surgery so a trip to the out-of-hours vet in Falkirk was necessary. Just back home now, with pooch freshly stitched back together. Look away now if you're of a squeamish disposition...............
  9. Made it out of the garage but not down the single track road here and bottled it! Snow coming down so sadly not going to make it. Apologies and well done to those who made it..
  10. Sorry chaps, going to have to back out of this one - one of the dogs is unwell and needs looking after. See you all at the next one
  11. Had hoped to do this one but got stuck south on a work trip and won’t make it back in time. ??
  12. Unfortunately the Holy Brae estate, especially Pitcairn place is still not moving and we are snowed in, can't make it tomorrow, have fun guys. 1 & 2 David & Jennifer 3 & 4 Steve & Julie 5. Richard 6 Duggie (If I can dig the car out and replace the battery in time)
  13. I have been in touch with Craigie’s and they have re-opened today and looking forward to you all arriving tomorrow.
  14. Unfortunately due to the weather we will not be able to make tomorrows meeting 1 & 2 David & Jennifer 3 & 4 Steve & Julie 5. Richard 6 & 7 Johnny & Audrey, 8 Duggie (If I can dig the car out and replace the battery in time)
  15. I note that Craigie's are closed today acording to their website and wonder if they will be open on Sunday. You should be aware that access to the carpark is up-hill on a single track road and conditions might not be conducive to low slung cars. I will try and contact them tomorrow and find out if they are open and what the access road is like. If anyone is thinking of calling off please PM me.
  16. 1 & 2 David & Jennifer 3 & 4 Steve & Julie 5. Richard 6 & 7 Johnny & Audrey, 8 & 9 Alan & Gwen 10 Duggie (If I can dig the car out and replace the battery in time)
  17. Won't be able to make this one. Hope the snow clears and the weather improves for you all. Enjoy!
  18. 1 & 2 David & Jennifer 3 & 4 Steve & Julie 5. Richard 6 & 7 Johnny & Audrey, 8 & 9 Alan & Gwen
  19. 1 & 2 David & Jennifer 3 & 4 Steve & Julie 5. Richard 6 & 7 Johnny & Audrey,
  20. 1 & 2 David & Jennifer 3 & 4 Steve & Julie