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  2. Good point @aJayMitchell I had forgotten that on the Elise the DRL's were integrated to the headlight, unlike the Evora where they are a separate item. Glad to see Lotus has responded positively. That, is good customer service.
  3. @C8RKH Not sure if the issue is perhaps slightly different as blown DRLs on the S3 Elise require the entire headlight to be replaced - so I can understand them not just having stock lying around. I spoke direct to Lotus and sent them a photo and video of the light and it looks like they're going to pre-authorise the replacement so it can be done at the same time as the service/fuel rail recall.
  4. @aJayMitchell - Park's have just confirmed my DRL's are in so I'll be down there this Friday - only a 180 mile round trip for me, but if the weather is good I will take the long route home - I'll go North to go East if that makes sense and have a play up in the Trossachs, then up to Fort William and across the top of the Trossachs to Crianlarich, Pitlochry etc! I'd ask them to order the DRL's in advance, sure Lotus would or could do a SOR, and in any case, they'll need them for another Lotus soon enough as they do seem to fail bloody often! Not sure why they should be should such a "frag
  5. Can you ask why they can't have it waiting for you? They just need to order the part in advance, there must be another reason here. Not sure what Lotus have done that's relevant to having a service mate or how any issues would be down to Park's other than they took a bit of a while to get up and running but business in a pandemic hasn't been easy for anyone.
  6. In the process of trying to arrange my service and getting a couple warranty issues resolved as well, including the same DRL issue. Ross has told me that they can't arrange for a replacement headlight to be ready and waiting for when I drive down for the service, and so I'd need to head back down a second time to get it replaced. If I lived within 10 miles it wouldn't really be an issue - but another 320 mile round trip is a PITA. Surely with it being a common issue, and easily to see the issue just by looking at a photo/video, you'd think they'd try to be a bit more accommodating. Especially
  7. Thanks! Was nice to see the 2 of them parked next to each other when I picked mine up. Orange looks good but laser blue was the only choice for me. Complimented with the blue alcantara seats as well
  8. Very nice choice - haven’t seen the Blue version in the flesh yet.....but saw the Chrome Orange version last week! Epic!!😎
  9. And a little treat at the rear of the car 😉 (if you know, you know)
  10. That’s the one, still can’t quite believe I own it! I had it round at Incredible Detail for new car detail and ppf/ceramic coating so it was definitely looking it’s best
  11. The one with the blue seats? Bloody lovely looking car that!
  12. I picked up my new car on Saturday, was the laser blue 20th in the showroom, you might have seen it. The workshop and lifts are top drawer, sales showroom a bit small and needs to get bigger if lotus want to shift more new cars when type 131 starts. Hopefully back soon for 1000 mile service
  13. Have to agree. Mine was in for the annual service and Davy looked after the car and was thorough throughout. Ross took care of me and Laura was her usual cheerful, helpful, chatty self. Excellent service and I personally wish them all the very best of luck in this new era of Lotus. Laura had sold 16 Lotus this month incidentally! Good times are here to stay for Lotus. Bring it on. I enjoyed myself that much and was so pumped up by where Lotus are heading......I came home, started looking at Elise S1’s and bought one this morning!😳 It made a relatively inexpensive service........quite
  14. The service was carried out in good time. Passengers door lock replaced (sticking) The windows were adjusted to seal better this was amazing and has made the cabin much quieter at speed, such a difference. I had a great 9-10 mile walk around the Strathclyde country park and Avon walkway Great service from Ross and the team at Parks 👍
  15. I agree to an extent Andy. Problem is, with so many rules and regulations these days, organisers need to know they have ex amount of income to help cover costs. You can no longer just open up a field for example and put on a display/show without having marshals, toilets, first aid etc and all that costs money. Even free to enter for the public events have to be covered. A few years ack when I was on a regular shift rota, in one season we had 52 events. These days with current charges, that would be impossible. Even something as simple as a drive it day with over a specified amount of vehicles
  16. Gents that is how it should be done! Too much stuff now is just run for the benefit of the organisers wallets...
  17. The Lotus Festival has always been free for clubs. We usually have a dozen or so Lotus clubs attend and most get 50-60 free tickets for the people (+1 too) who bring their cars to exhibit.
  18. As a club we almost always have to pay to attend a show, which we don't mind as we usually have a decent spot, get the gazebo up and the tea and coffee on for visitors. That in itself can wrack up 50/60 quid for the weekend. We then have an overnight stay which we err tend to indulge. But some of the shows charging those prices forget. If the clubs don't support the show's. There would be no show. We know the restriction on organisers now is very tight, what with marshal's, first aiders etc all causing overheads. BUT. Our Glams weekend for example probably costs' Wendy and I about £300 minimum
  19. I think Carfest was something like £3k just for clubs to turn up with a tent supplied and you weren't allowed to have any marketing for the club visible and camping pitches were £195/night/tent. Said no to that one!
  20. Wow @johnpwalsh and @Bibs those prices don't make any sense. They'll be making money from the food stalls, the mechants, etc. Someone somewhere is being very greedy!
  21. That is nuts. The Bromley Pageant did the same, charging the exhibitors who to be fair make the event worth visiting.
  22. Wow. Just been on the website to check the fee's. Car enters free. Driver cost Discounted price. £24.95. Passenger. £24.95. So £50.00 before you start. Then fuel, food etc. I recon pricing themselves out of the game. You should see the cost of a 3Mx3M trade stand. And £175 to put up an advertising banner.
  23. Gotta be one for @johnpwalsh and Wendy to look at given their North East activities.
  24. This just popped into my inbox... Dear Lotus Enthusiasts Group Scotland, I wanted to send you a wee update on the Royal Deeside Motor Show. Following the announcement by the UK Government some weeks ago, supplemented by the additional clarity provided by the Scottish Government last week and the current localised stability and suppression of the ongoing Coronavirus-19 pandemic, we are excited to announce that the Royal Deeside Motor Show will proceed in July 2021. Whilst we cannot be complacent and ignore the current challenges presented by the ongoing

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