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  2. I'd heard Willowbrae had not been great for a period. Best to get recommendations from people who have had work done in say last 2 years.
  3. Years ago (2010/11) my first Evora was almost written off (Only the offside side panel was left attached to the tub during rebuild. Even the roof was off) being T boned at a junction and it was all handled by Willowbrae Coachworks in Edinburgh who at the time were recommended by Murrays and I went against Insurance company request as they were that adamant you needed somebody who could deal with these cars properly. I remember a lot of exotics being parked around the place in various states of repair. I was very happy with them then but who knows 10 years later.
  4. Well I had both my cars in with Craig this last few weeks for routine and some non-routine work and great to see he is really busy again. Usual exemplary service.
  5. This is great news. I was one of the moaners, so I am delighted it’s been resolved. Let’s hope the showroom and facilities are fitting of the brand. Parks deal with some pretty prestigious marques so I don’t have any doubts it will be nothing other than very professional. Gutted it’s not in Edinburgh, but that’s my very selfish view point! At least we have Craig Moncreieff as a brilliant independent.
  6. 1000 start? Any run planned after or just meet for brekkie?
  7. The warranty rate is lower than the retail rate and is offset against the dealers parts account too. Parks are a bit too big to worry about this as this kinda thing to make their money, the car retail section will bring in much, much more cash.
  8. B&Q are doing a special on these, just put 5 packets in the boot and use them to top up your charge. You'll be fine.
  9. I agree Stephen. I’ll do Parks as I don’t think the soon to be arriving Model X performance will carry the Lotus on a trailer without needing a top up every 100 miles . (I know-I know before I get EV abuse but the tax benefits are astonishing) I don’t want 500 miles on the CUP. I’ll send a tentative message while I’m up Norf next week.
  10. That’s brutal!! I think I’d be going with Parks @Andy Norman - they won’t be able to open and do work until they’re qualified to do so. The Technicians will have been taken to Hethel or Hethel staff will have been up there - I’d bet on both. Surely if Craig’s technicians can do the job on yours without engine removal, then a Lotus qualified technician can also do it - or is there a reason they don’t? Other than the cynical option, of making money.... They’ll be on their best behaviour to build a reputation so I’d personally be prepared to believe in their work. I wouldn’t want to be wasting time, money and mileage taking the car to Oakmere. But you’ll do what’s best for you
  11. It saves a grand. Lotus won’t ship the warranty parts to Craig as he’s not approved to diagnose and therefore allow parts release
  12. Craigs. Can't even think why you'd go to the others. The engine out bit will be by following the official Lotus service procedures. The bill will be significant if that is done.
  13. Serious question!! Have the technicians been properly trained to work on the cars yet? Would you send your car there for a AC condenser unit replacement and belt change? ( Craig said that’s normally an engine out job unless he does it ) Don’t know what to do? Parks or Oakmere
  14. That's great news and Hamilton is much more central than previous mentioned locations. Still have my recall work to get done so will book in shortly. On a another update David Hayton are moving their Lotus servicing away from Carlisle to Penrith. Received an Email this morning.
  15. Is she on here? If so, let's hear all the gory details of the new job, new showroom etc...
  16. Great for Laura - she’s a true car and Lotus enthusiast! I’m glad she’s stuck with it as I had feared she’d have decided to get out of the Motor Trade after this whole debacle. Good times ahead for everyone connected to Lotus in Scotland moving forward
  17. Great News, and relieved to know we have a dealer back in Scotland .. thanks for the update
  18. I'm sure many of you will remember Laura who now works at Parks!
  19. Patience Andy - everyone needs to have a wee bit of it right now. All good things..... Lotus are on a journey and given what’s going on in the World right now I’m just happy there’s progress
  20. Great news re Hamilton. Maybe all the whinging on here and Facepalm was actually listened to!
  21. At long last - brilliant news!!! @Andy Norman might want to rebook yours now

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