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  2. Hi Andrew, I am not sure given the restrictions in Scotland on meeting up with other households that we can organise a meet this weekend. Here is a copy of an email I received from Ed Foster at The Rhynd Cafe near Leuchars. Nothing to stop folks from going out for a drive independently and stopping by for a coffee and bacon butty! Weather dependent I may go out for a drive around Fife on Sunday morning.. Hope you're well, and getting through lockdown OK. As you might have guessed, with current restrictions, we can't officially organise Bacon and Brakes this Sunday mo
  3. Thank you @aJayMitchell, I will look those up for sure!
  4. Think I'd probably go B862/B852 down the east side of Loch Ness to Fort Augustus, then A82 through Glencoe to Crianlarich. The A85 next to Lochearnhead is lovely too. I'd then try to find my way over to the B822 - Kippen to Fintry, then over the Crow Road to Lennoxtown. South of Glasgow I'm not too sure of a good route sadly!
  5. Thank you so much @Fueltheburn, this is really helpful and appreciate the offer of a brew! Will look up the roads you mention and see if we can pack them it.
  6. Before you get to Pitlochry however. Take the route that will bring you past the lake and peak district. A and B roads in the UK take a bit longer to navigate but by far provide you with the best experience. Just read the above again... You say you won't have time for Pitlochry. Honestly the road from Newcastle up on the dual carriageway is boring as hell. I have moved from KininmonthK. Kettle is always on but even my relocation to Tarves is still out of the way for you.
  7. You have to take the Pitlochry road that goes past Glenshea. Via this road you go over the Fettercairns, avoiding all the speed cameras between Perth and Aberdeen plus avoid the awfully boring road that they are sited on. For many years, old "proper" top gear filmed all of their sequences on the Pitlochry road.
  8. Thanks @C8RKH, that is really helpful. I have to admit that I did want to go past JOG solely for the "I was 'er" photo opportunity as I expect I am unlikely to get it again! However, I am prepared to sacrifice a silly photo op at the altar of driving Nirvana, so would love to hear your advice on better alternatives. I had heard that the East coast is less appealing than the North/West as you say, and so we were planning to drive from Inverness all the way to Tongue on the first day to leave ourselves more time to head down the West coast as far as Oban. Very rough itinerary would be:
  9. The bit from Inverness to John O'Groats on the East Coast is very meh! My view you are better to miss that bit out if time is tight and focus instead on the roads from Inverness north towards Betty Hill and then play from their to the left - the circle below is by far the absolute best bits Just my view. If I can meet up I will but can't promise as work is just nuts right now. There are some roads up through Scotland to get to Inverness that are simply outstanding too and will more than make up for the North East roads you miss. however, I know people like to take the piccies at John O'Groa
  10. Hi all, apologies for the thread hijacking and resurrection, but I thought it would make more sense to follow on from the above than start a new thread... I am planning a trip up to Scotland to do the NC500 in October with a friend in his Aston V12 Vantage. I'll be in my Exige. Unfortunately we do not have the luxury of time, so we will be limited to 4 nights. Planning to start in Inverness on Sunday 11th October, do the loop anti-clockwise, and finish up on Wednesday 14th in Oban for a spot of whisky tasting (rather than going back to Inverness). There are lots of great tips on t
  11. Aware of that, but don't really want to waste my time making two separate appointments. The car will be SORNed for the next 5 months now anyway.
  12. hi all i am unable to do Octobers meet so who is up for setting up a venue for Sunday the 4th. Andrew
  13. Parks in aberdeen can do the fuel rail recall as i had mine done by them as Lotus trained one of there engineers on how to do the recall .
  14. Funnily enough some blown DRLs too, and a possible issue with a sticky throttle when pulling away. As well as the outstanding fuel rail recall. I wouldn't have minded so much if Lotus had been upfront about how long it would take, but the messaging has consistently been "very soon" - and when the Parks deal was announced, servicing and warranty was going to be available in August.
  15. My DRL's have stopped working so need them done under warranty (checked and replaced the fuse yesterday just in case). Just going to email Laura and that way I have a "record" of the issue being raised within warranty period and then will wait until Park's are up and running to get them sorted. Unless it's critical I'd take a pragmatic approach and give them a chance.
  16. What are you needing doing? I had a chat with them last week and was told I was high up on the list of getting warranty work done but the set up looked a long way off, as did the showroom.
  17. Just chased up when Parks can start taking bookings for servicing/warranty work and been told they still don't have their Lotus ramps installed, and can't even confirm if a booking towards the end of October is possible. As much as I'd rather not, I think I'll leave the work til spring next year now so I can get it off the road and SORN'd for the winter. Strongly considering selling up soon - fallen out of love with the brand a lot now.
  18. Yes, I remember it will well now you have reminded me lol! My memory is not what it once was. I'm still in Abernyte, been there 24 years now, and regularly get out for a blast - went out last night for a quick blast around a favourite loop as had a shit day with work, was totally stressed. I find just driving nowhere with the windows down, no stereo on, just me and the car, so relaxing. Superb route on mostly back / empty roads.... Would be good to catch up one morning for a bacon roll and you need to join us on one of the LEGS breakfast meets, first Sunday of the month... Here's my route
  19. Congrats to Parks .. and a special Thank You to Laura. Arranged to get the recall done on my Elise today at Parks in Hamilton and at the same time got to see and get a seat in the Evija .. Great service from Parks, friendly helpful tech that took care of my car and explained what had been done. took no more than an hour. I thought the Evija looked good in the magazine photos but in person ... it's astounding ... if you get a chance to look at it properly I suggest you take it. Not every day I get to sit in a £1.8m (+tax!) Lotus Thanks Laura for sorting it all out ..
  20. Kevin and the Team are a great group of guys with some beautiful and cherished lotuses; After my visit to Knockhill last night I called in to Murrayshall (I live not far away in Bridge of Earn) to say hello and share a pint and a chat .. Great evening.
  21. Kevin. I thought there was a blue Esprit in the group and did wonder if you were heading for the Tay Bridge. The Perth / Dundee road is fast but boring whereas, I think you'll agree, by Balbeggie Abernyte road is also fast but twisty as well - one just has to watch the corners for oncoming traffic - being a rat run. I hope you all have had a good tour and holiday in Scotland. Today has been a cracker of a day for this area and I believe the next few days will be equally good. I take it your tour ends with the new Jim Clark museum after a night at Dryburgh. I am going to be in the neigh
  22. Heading over tomorrow to get the fuel rack recall done eventually and have a booking for the Evija look around.
  23. Yes, was pleased to see you. Your Ice Blue (???) Esprit made my day!!! Hope you are enjoying the Ship and you certainly have the weather with you today, it's glorious out there but I'm stuck inside on frigging conference calls....... argh......
  24. Glad you got to see us Andy. We are in the Ship in Elie now. FYI @M100S2man the other three were an Orange Elise, a yellow Plus 2 and my blue Esprit. Have a look at the Esprit picture and video thread for a photo or two.
  25. Nipped in this morning on my day off to discuss warranty saga. Appears it will be sorted pretty soon. I was surprised to see the Evija sitting in the showroom. Was shown round in great detail by the guys from Hethel before their first booking at 1pm.
  26. They had been staying at Murrayshall and where heading out towards Balbeggie, then took the cut down through to Abernyte and the A90 to Dundee before heading over to Fife. I was on a conference call when I saw them go past the house (I live up the hill so had a great view of the cars) around 1010. If I hadn't been working I'd have met up.

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