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  2. Well it was a news embargo and I had to keep lips sealed for the last few months as he was deep in planning it but Craig has given up his old premises just before Christmas and moved to a new location - not far away - with a lot more scope for him to expand in further and offer new services. I was lucky customer No.1 at the new place yesterday with the Evora (well only because drivers door lock shat itself and wouldn't open - Grrr) and he can be found just over the railway up the back of where Murray's used to be be still in the Sighthill Estate. 6 Bankhead Cross Way South, Sighthill
  3. Funny how the powers that be will come at you for a small logo infringement which is only seen by a few enthusiasts, is very tongue in cheek and actually pretty well thought out..... but completely ignore the glaringly obvious disgruntlement with the lack of progress and flawed communication with a Scottish dealership which is sitting at the top of the LEGS page. I’m pretty gob smacked and disappointed they’ve obviously read that thread and are literally sticking their fingers in their ears and looking the other way without comment.
  4. Right now, No. But then I could just trade the Evora in for a McLaren, at the same dealer, and rather than take a day off work and savour the obvious delights trudging around Hamilton and the long round trip they'll come and pick the car up for me, in a covered wagon, do the work, and bring it back! Now, when I next splash out £90k+ plus on the likely Evora replacement which brand would it likely be (oh, and Porsche have a dealership on 20 miles away in Perth - but that would feel like cheating on the wife, not good.)
  5. Brian - my gripe is they know who you guys are and the valued, multiple custom, you guys have brought over the years. FFS, many of you are good mates with the Head of Dealers at Lotus! So, a little bit of common sense and a reach out, in a simple polite manner to ask you to modify/desist and maybe offer some help and guidance to make the logo "official" or licensed. We're a small community at the moment so a small amount of thought re the approach would go a long way. It just maybe is starting to feel like Lotus doesn't want "us drivers" and owners any more. I hope I'm wrong. Very wrong.
  6. Think you might be asking a bit much. Do you think a brand, and dealer, who treat customers in the way they have for the last few months, will consider any of that?
  7. Marvellous. That sends such a positive vibe out to us all by Lotus. I’m not sure what anybody else thinks but I wouldn’t want the new Lotus logo anywhere in whatever we use in the future anyway as it looks like a bored 5 year old created it. Never liked it and not just because of this. Stuff em. We can come up with something better and more apt I’m sure
  8. My understanding is that it is the fact that the word LOTUS has been replaced by the word LEGS which makes it distorted. To use the new Lotus Logo we would need to have a trade mark licence from Lotus to use it. I thought it best to take down the distorted logo and in the short term replace it with a Saltire. @C8RKH Andy, I think if you were to distort the PORSCHE logo by replacing that word with another e.g. PORKER, the folks in Stuttgart would have something to say about it. Intellectual property is a big thing to large corporations. In my business many years ago one of my Man
  9. @C8RKH my thoughts exactly. Instead of something positive they have achieved a negative outcome. Surely it would have been better simply to correct the groups logo. or maybe - they just don’t care about Scottish owners
  10. If you bought a Porsche you have to turn into an arse of a bloke too. Oh wait.....
  11. Great way to go Lotus. So purile and a great way to thank members for their loyal support and goodwill. If nonsense like this is the future I may as well buy a Porsche as it's the sort of behaviour I'd expect of them.
  12. I have been contacted by Lotus Cars and asked to remove the "amended" Lotus logo from the online sites due to the distortion and unauthorised use of the logo. I have therefore replaced the original LEGS Logo with the Scottish Flag.
  13. Hmmm. It will be a 160m round trip for me. So realistically that means a day off work and by the sound of it a day walking around Hamilton. Super! New plan. Drop car off. Go to McDonalds for a flat white and a muffin, then settle in sat on the pavement with the cup in front of me. Chances are, when the car is ready, I'll have collected enough to pay for the service! Alternatively Parks put in some hot desks that you can book, near a coffee machine (happy to pay to cover coffee costs) with good wifi so customers can work whilst their cars are serviced. Wouldn't cost much but boy
  14. What a load of pish. No offense to you Bibs. They told me to ring them back in 4 weeks, in writing. I work with GDPR daily with thousands of registered patients every day and as a small business we have our own assigned data controller. We get in touch with patients daily with correct digital consent gained and stored in our server. I’ve registered with Parks Lotus, I’m happy to receive information from them including telephone or emails so they can let me know as ‘you’re at the front of the Q Andy”, but still they can’t be arsed to get in touch with us directly instead getting you
  15. @Bibs I had the same information from Lotus customer services today regarding Parks and when they will be ready for warranty work. I got an explanation regarding the repeated warranty recall request. They also went some way at apologising for the continued shortfall in Lotus coverage and support. I dropped Laura at Park's a line to make her aware of the warranty letter situation but they were already aware. January
  16. Parks are undertaking a renovation of the Lotus workshop at Park`s Lotus Hamilton. 143 Almada Street Hamilton Lanarkshire ML3 0ET These renovations that should have been completed but due to conditions outside of their control this was not possible. Parks have been installing new lifting equipment so that they can safely and securely work on Lotus customers cars. Parks though will be fully operation from January onwards and will be delighted to take bookings to this effect from now. Lotus cars are monitoring the situation and are assisting Park`s as
  17. Interesting points Andy re the difference in service from ostensibly the same dealer, just different brands. Both selling niche cars to "drivers" and McLaren being a logical "upgrade" for Lotus so get it right you could get people into a Lotus then upsell to a McLaren.
  18. It’s funny as McLaren Glasgow, under the umbrella of Parks Group, is rated best in the country and they’ve been great at talking to me about a car even though I can’t go and see it yet. They’ve bent over backwards to answer my questions and responded to my emails straight away, discussed movement on price and inclusion of extended warranty deals to be had etc and will deliver all cars under covered car transporter including the services, at no extra cost. The car I’m looking at is only £40k or so more than I spent on the Cup. Makes me think is a Lotus thing, an ingrained mentality from the pow
  19. I also got a second recall letter for the fuel rail on my elise, when I contacted lotus to say it was done by parks they had not informed lotus that the recall was done
  20. I'm assuming if you've been holding your breath your now quite blue. At least the frustration is now over.
  21. Just received another letter from Lotus asking me to get the recall done on the Elise. (Fuel rack). It asked me to go to my local lotus dealer. I was rather frustrated by this letter from customer service at Lotus. I believed the recall work had been completed in September at Parks in Hamilton so I informed them of this. I also took the time to point out that the availability of a "local" Lotus dealer has been some what of a frustration for those living in the North of England and Scotland this year. We will see what transpires!
  22. Agreed - I made the decision to postpone the service til next year a while back now, and glad I did. The continued lack of communication (and in some cases downright lies, such as the Facebook post above, and Laura telling me I could book a service months ago) is a complete shambles. If there are any issues come March/April time then my short spell with Lotus will be finished.
  23. My car has manufacturers warranty until April when she will be 3 years old. It needs the DRL's fixing and I have sent Parks an email informing them of this to "report" the issue within the warranty period. Did not get a response, but hey, it's proof of when the issue happened and inside the warranty period. The car has been SORN'd for now due to the issues re COVID and visiting places and I'm not inclined to "unsorn" it for a 700 mkile round trip to a dealer who possibly could look at, never mind a 160 mile round trip to a dealer who can't be arsed to keep us informed properly re what is happ
  24. I’m with you there Andy on the “you call us” nonsense - that’s not how you invite new customers to your business, is it? Really quite poor....and the wait to get up and running is poorer still!
  25. It’s another 4 weeks minimum until they’re going to be ready. It’s also you call us back, to see if we’re ready to accept cars, rather than we’ll call you! Wow. Its weird as they have just serviced a 430CUP with someone on PH forum Scotland page? All very strange. On the plus side, I’m going to see a man about a 720s.

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