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  2. That's a bummer! Thanks to a glitch with my internet connection over the weekend, I didn't see this until last night. My original intention on Sunday was to go to the Performance Car Show at Bo'ness. The gates were due to open at 0900, but I thought it best to get down there way earlier than that. Even so, the queue at 0800 was out to the main road so I abandoned that idea and went for a solo blast around the Trossachs. Your little jaunt would have been so much better.
  3. I'll be there for breakfast and the drive. First one for a long time for me.
  4. 0900 at Dobbies Garden Centre, Fife Leisure Park, Halbeath, Dunfermline, for a bacon butty! (vegan and other options available) Depart c.0930/0945 for a circular run up through Perthshire to Loch Tay area and back round to join up with A90/M90 for those going back down south (though no reason to not go through the lovely roads of Fife but steer clear of St.Andrews as it will be mobbed). Hope to see a few of you there as we drive on some of Scotland's finest roads.
  5. Sunday run, 0915 at Dobbies Garden Centre car Park, at Fife Leisure Park (just beside M90 Dunfermline jctn). We'll head north towards Loch Tay area in a loop to rejoin the M90 at Perth for those heading back south. I have a backup route down to Moffat and then east/north east through the borders back towards Edinburgh. We can decide Sunday. 0915 depart for prompt 0930 start. All welcome.
  6. Just a bump up for this. At least 3 of us will be there now as David above, myself and my son in his Exige 350 Sport are signed up. You can't turn up on the day and have to make contact in advance if anybody thinking about it and numbers are limited. £10 for a car and 1 person which gets you a coffee and a bacon or whatever buttie.
  7. Hi David, I'll look forward to seeing you again after a long break. I haven't seen the restyle yet either in the flesh so to speak.
  8. I've got my name down, and paid my subs, for the next one - gives me an excuse to get out of the house for an hour or two doing something else other than hospital visits, not that I begrudge my good lady any of these brief periods together of course.
  9. LEGS is too quiet these days due to WhatApp being easier I suspect so thought I get posting. Well a few of us who were in touch on the WhatsApp group made it along to Sunday Worship yesterday organised by Classic Car Tours and managed to keep the Lotus name up there. Photos from the photographer can be seen here The meet was at the But & Ben in Croftamie not far North of Glasgow. There were Parks of Hamilton dealer demo's along from McLaren and Maserati although nothing from the Lotus side as they have nothing to sell partly and partly as they still haven't appointed somebody to be the Lotus "agent" as looking for somebody with the right passion for the brand. Not sure if that is what Lotus expects their dealer go-between to be called or if Sales Person is still applicable? I was talking to the General Manager covering Maserati and Lotus and they hope to start being more involved once the Emira's start coming through. Drives and maybe a breakfast etc. I think he said he was expecting the Dealer Demo in late May. If anybody wants to put a date in the diary the next Sunday Worship is 1st May so suggest we try and get a few more of us along for that months Breakfast Club. Spaces are limited by car park size.
  10. That would make it Glasgow registered, even though there wasn’t a dealer there at that time… I have spoken to the first owner of the car who does indeed now have a GT4. Great to be able to talk to him. He has told me it has the uprated Exige 410 clutch which is great! I’ll ask him about the Glasgow reg.
  11. SA - SJ are all Glasgow registered plates SK - SO are Edinburgh registered plates I don't know the previous owner of the car but he now has a grey 2019 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4
  12. Interesting point there! I just assumed as it was an ‘SV’ reg that it was Glasgow. All the Edinburgh supplied cars seems to be ‘SN’.
  13. Wouldn’t have been sold new by Lotus Glasgow. They only took the franchise on last year. Maybe a Leven Edinburgh car?
  14. Hi all. As you might have seen fro my other topic, I have just placed a deposit on an Exige 350. The car is down near London but originally supplied by Lotus Glasgow. It's coming back north of the border now but just wondered if anyone knows the first owner? He had it for 2 years on plate S17SJF.
  15. Hello, First post so apologies in advance if this breaks any rules; I don't own a Lotus but i have just got rid of a Rover 45 due to excessive rust but before doing so i spent a lot of money having a VVC head modified to run on the standard MPI ignition by Roger @ Sabre heads. I didn't get a chance to fit it to the car and obviously its no use to me now but i was wondering if there was anyone in Aberdeenshire area that might be interested in it? (Needs to be an in person deal hence me putting it here and not in any for sale section - i.e. i won't post) Its a 143 head in good condition...Roger has recut the valve seats and enlarged the VVC cam sensor hole to run the MPI sensor. Hes also modified a Newman Ph2 cam to have a cam sensor lobe and supplied his VVC blanking plate kit. To get it on an engine (Non VVC) it just needs the valves putting back in (which i have) and also the cam ladder massaged slightly so the newman cam spins freely. I think from memory all this would give roughly 160hp on a 1.8 MPI and a bit less on a 1.6 Note this is only for MPI cars - it will not go back on a VVC car due to the modifications In addtiion to the above i also have 2x turbo sport verniers and, VVC coils and a stainless VVC exhaust manifold, manual cambelt tensioner. So a fair bit of kit for a k series car. Is there anyone near me that might be interested? Its been sitting in my garage since this time last years and seems a shame not be used. ?
  16. Well it looks like my journey with the 430CUP, my third Lotus has come to an end. I’ve been without my car for 6 months now so don’t really want it back now anyway. I don’t think my back can take it anymore anyway 😂. A few ends to tie up with the deal but it looks like Lamborghini Edinburgh will be taking the car unseen straight from Craig’s lock up now the last bits have arrived. It’s been given a whole raft of new parts, 4 new suspension 3 way dampers direct from Lotus with permission from Hethel for Craig to fix that and everything else at no charge under warranty given Glasgow’s damage they caused. If you are in any way thinking I’ve got it in for Glasgow, I don’t, I’m just not a mug. I love and know my cars and I know when I’m being taken for one so I got an independent assessment with CMC to check their workmanship. Pease do look at the photos I put up with a review on their FB page. Photos are from Craig when the car was delivered by one of the Glasgow dealers employees some 4 months ago. They also filter out any bad Google reviews so if you’ve ever got any issues you want to air to warn others then go to FB or indeed here and let people know. Got a belter of a price for it and it’ll most probably be advertised up for sale in the next few weeks. It really is a phenomenal car and I’ve had no issues with it other than factory faulty springs/dampers now replaced with 4 new ones at £1200/corner and the split in the A/C condenser. It’s got a full history, 12k miles, 4 new cup tyres and just had its annual service and first MOT and some subtle mods with all original parts in a box with the car. I just can’t go on with the Lotus with the motoring group who now look after this marque in Scotland. I even ruled out a McLaren due to the same group running this marque. Please do all use Craig. He’s an absolute star and has a great team and set up. He now has a large foot in the door with Hethel who’s he’s been working with on my behalf and they’ve allowed him to do all the work rather than let Glasgow balls it up again. Its been a blast 💥👍🏼.
  17. Hi George, great to see you coming back to the fold. I am with you on not interested in being a Lotus test driver again so will sit and wait like you. ** I only paid up so I wasn’t too far back when the deposits started going nuts. I also want to experience the AMG before making a decision or at least seeing what EVO and Co think is the sweet spot of all 3 of the options. ** for anybody thinking I’m having a dig at Lotus there it isn’t only them on their inevitable smaller development budget. We had one of the first Evoque’s on the road, the turbo petrol one and it was 8 years of total grief from the day bought to the day sold (with problems) and never happier to see the back of it. It cost JLR a lot under warranty and continued to cause grief (As Bingoking can attest to!)
  18. Coming back to the Lotus fold after replacing the Evora with a Porsche Spyder We placed our deposit with Laura on 22nd July. Obviously this has been refunded and order placed with Lotus direct. Due to us being down relatively late with the deposit I very much suspect that we will be a 2023 order which suits us fine. Ensure any niggles (albeit I suspect less than the Evora LE's) will be ironed out by the time that we get ours. Only concern is whether the V6 will still be available in 2023 as I was looking forward to having it with a manual box.
  19. Hi Allan, Paid a deposit to Laura last week (1K) and had valuation for my Evora 400 but decided not to sell for now. I don't think it is a good idea to be "Lotusless" for another 18 months. As you said, it's difficult to decide on specifications now and we need more colour choices. Roll on September. A
  20. So who has 'gone and done it' and ordered an Emira in LEGS? I know of a couple and I know that Laura has been VERY busy this last week or so....... (Even website deposits come back to local dealers) Having been tempted to go elsewhere recently but thankfully resisted I'll admit I have gone and done it today when I said I wouldn't. 😬 I was reading so much on line about how many deposits have been taken in the UK alone this week, on top of the earlier dealer deposits and with the ROTW just starting to see it now I thought I'd better move on this if I want one even in 2023. I don't want a launch edition for a number of reasons (not least of all being a bit of a meh colour choice IMHO) and I do want to see in the flesh and read some actual reviews before deciding final spec. I remember what happened with the Evora for early adopters This car is the first car to get my juices flowing since I first saw the Evora unexpectedly at the British Motor show in 2008 on my way to the Hungarian GP and it got my juices going then so I ordered one of the Launch Edition cars (& cancelled and AMG order ironically) as soon as I returned and my affair with Lotus has continued since...... Laura was telling me that they hope to have the Goodwood cars touring the UK Dealers in a couple of months so watch this space when we start getting some more info through. Cheers, Al.
  21. I’m very slow in providing some positive feedback for Parks; in particular Laura, the Service Manager and most importantly the senior Lotus technician. During the Recent Absolute Lotus Magazine Scottish Tour I dislodged the rear mini fog light when the rear bumper panel took a knock. The final stop on the tour was a visit to Parks, which gave me the chance to get it looked at before heading to Cairnryan & the boat back to NI. They happily looked at it and the Lotus tech spent a good hour over his lunch break dropping the rear diffuser to get at the light to reseat and then seal the base. This was all done at the drop of a hat so that I didn’t miss my sailing time. They also refused point blank to take any payment from me for the work involved. They said it was good will to a returning customer & they were happy to see the car again. Anyway with that kind of customer approach, plus Laura’s enthusiasm for her job & all things Lotus, I’ll be very happy to make the lengthy round trip to get the car maintained in future.
  22. Hi all yes back to first Sunday of the month. We will be having breakfast in the Royal Burgh of Musselburgh and at S Luca Ice Cream 0930hrs but not only breakfast there will be the launch of a very special ice cream just for Lotus owners too. After ice cream a run down to Duns. Get your names down please. A
  23. Hi all Same for me just caught your post and would like to come along if still space for one more. cheers scott
  24. hi guys, new to the lotus scene, would be quite keen to meet you guys for a drive tomorrow and meet some people if there's space, realise its quite late in the day so no worries if there's not can always make the next one. cheers gordon
  25. Might have to give this a miss unfortunately, as any spare time I have will need to be spent on bringing the Evora back from its current state to something approaching factory-fresh normality, .
  26. Count me in Andrew! Did the route we did last month in reverse last night none stop - not a single car to overtake from Blairgowrie to Ballater, just an empty road. I went straight on at Ballater and followed the river on the south road - again, did not have to wait/pass a single car until I hit Edzel. It was just sublime!

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