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  2. Another breakfast meet for this Sunday coming, the 11th June, for anyone who fancies it at Stow-on-the-Wold. The venue is again Speedwells Cafe. Postcode for parking is GL54 1AB in the main market square, and Speedwells is GL54 1BB. I would suggest aiming to be meeting in the Market Square for 9.30 and if I know a number of attendees prior, I can call ahead and see if tables can be reserved for us again, so far we have 5 or 6 attendees and all are welcome. Hopefully this time there will be no incidents en route!
  3. Yeah was a good drive, even met an Evora 410 on the way back, the breakfast sandwich wasnt bad either
  4. The green V8 was mine, one of the Esprit's had an accident on the way to Stow so I parked up and jumped into my dad's TT to go and help. Did the 3 of you enjoy the breakfast? It's a great location to have a meet. Hopefully we can do it again soon.
  5. At least we had a good run across. Two 400's and a Lambo with race exhaust, on full chat, sounded pretty good to me
  6. What happened to everyone? Saw a green esprit parked up when leaving, but no one else?
  7. Can't make this one, will be at Henley tomorrow though. Should be up for the next Stow meet if it's 23rd April? Busy for the next three Sundays then 21st and 28th May free.
  8. If anyone from the Oxfordshire region is planning on going to this and wants to drive across in convoy, let me know Details:
  9. Be aware also that The bromyard festival of speed is on the same day. PF
  10. 1 dodge1979 2 changes 3 chrisv8 4 Palmergedon 5 rugby Phil 6
  11. Darren, I'm going along to the Hoffmans meet on Saturday so unlikely to make the Sunday I'm afraid. Trevor.
  12. If you weren't already aware, there is also a Breakfast meet at Hoffmans of Henly on Saturday 1st April.
  13. As last months Stow breakfast meet was quite a success, and seems to be a good central location to plan more, Im putting out the date for the next one as April 2nd..another sunday morning...It would have been the weekend before but thats Mothering Sunday so Im sure there will be those who are busy on that day. If this date proves unsuitable it can be amended to suit the majority but personally I wont be able make any other date until some time in May after this one.. The venue will be the same again, breakfast at Speedwell's Cafe, Chruch St (GL54 1BB postcode), which opens at 9am (car par
  14. Ive booked a table at the destination for 9.30 under the name 'Darren', but its available from 9am which is when Speedwells open on Sunday. Its booked for approximately 10-12 persons, but I did say there may be more if there are partners etc and a few last minute attendees or possibly less if some shy off for a bit of misty weather. Sam the owner is happy to accommodate us in whatever numbers we turn up in and (subject to it turning into a success) has some good ideas for future meets if we decide to make a regular thing of it. And hes a keen enthusiast of the motor car too which always helps.
  15. I wouldnt worry about cleaning I havent washed mine for two months what are you bringing?
  16. Sunny Coventry Will try and give it a clean before hand...
  17. Looking forward to Sunday fellas, think it's time for a run out in the Sport 350. Hope to get Internets and Sizona along too. Trevor.
  18. So it's looking like a good turn out for sunday. Regardless of some badly named bit of wind pushing a few fences over nothing stops the enjoyment of a lotus, coffee and no doubt cake.. 14. Mr mrs lizard (from the Midlands somewhere?)
  19. I think I need to break the monotony of Esprit's cos they are rather common 12 nige
  20. Lots going on, but I'll try hard to make this one. 1 dodge 1979 2 changes 3 palmergeddon 4 chrisv8 5 Trevsked (probably 99% best do or else) 6 Paul Maurice 7 David Hindley 8 Sparky
  21. 1 dodge 1979 2 changes 3 palmergeddon 4 chrisv8 5 Trevsked (probably 99% best do or else) 6 Paul Maurice 7 David Hindley 8
  22. Wow. Im sorry you'll have to 'suffer it' And just because there are people who use 'view new content' is does not mean that everybody does. Its irrespective of how much activity is in each region as to whether a thread should be updated or not.I would politely ask then if your not interested perhaps stop hijacking what is supposed to be a nice social event thread, informing interested persons of the details and that other persons are going, with whinging about someone making an effort to try and inform a wider audience of people as to what is happening in their areas.
  23. Would have loved to do this one but have to be elsewhere. Hopefully next time.

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