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  2. Cheltenham Lotus Meet

    Maybe sometime mid September
  3. Cheltenham Lotus Meet

    @alias23 & @DJW Looks like Thursday night went down rather well on the other forum with quite a few people who weren't there wanting to come to the next meet. Did it work because it was short notice? Give it a week & maybe sort out another one? Taking my car to Europe on the 8th for a few days, so can't do Thursday the 7th.
  4. Cheltenham Lotus Meet

    Good to meet you & your car too! Run down Birdlip hill was brilliant & the lights are much better than I expected. Windscreen could do with a clean though!
  5. Cheltenham Lotus Meet

    Great evening last night! Thanks to everyone who came at short notice.
  6. Cheltenham Lotus Meet

    No worries bud family first. We're meeting at 7.30 likely a few may be eating so well probably be around for a while.
  7. Cheltenham Lotus Meet

    Wife isnt doing to well, so currently on kid duty. May get out later .... what time do you guys think you will be done there?
  8. Cheltenham Lotus Meet

    Let's look to meet at 7.30 that would work best. See you all tomorrow guys!
  9. Cheltenham Lotus Meet

    Got home tonight just gone 7, so a quick change & about a 25 min drive will mean later than 7.30 but with luck before 7.45!
  10. Cheltenham Lotus Meet

    Hopefully, but not yet confirmed @DJW
  11. Cheltenham Lotus Meet

    Look forward to hopefully meeting you both @DJW & @alias23!
  12. Cheltenham Lotus Meet

    @dalepearson @2GOOD ?
  13. Cheltenham Lotus Meet

    Hi Folks, @DJW and I are looking to meet up for a drink and catch up this Thursday. If weather remains dry we'll be at the Royal George at Birdlip for 7pm. Royal George, Birdlip, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL4 8JH For those interested in meeting up just let us know. Likely we'll be parked at the rear of the pub car park. Cheers, Imran
  14. South West Events PM List

    Erm, you're ok with SWLC doing maintenance then? Just asking.
  15. May go to this but will probably be without the Lotus - it's in at SWLC for a belt change and a few things the week before.
  16. Killerton Classic (Nr Exeter) Sunday 14th May..not sure of Lotus content though.. But if anyone wants to show, it might not be too late...
  17. Doh.....what else would you do.....
  18. You can add all this stuff yourself folks, that's the idea so I don't have to do everything
  19. concours d'elegance, this Sunday at Downside Abbey Somerset ,12 until 4pm, You'll need to register if you want to be judged, but if not just turn up and hob nob with the toffs. My car won't be there this year but I will be. Be nice to see a Lotus presence on campus. Perhaps you could add this to the meagre South West events list @Bibs .
  20. Please can you add me to this list as well @Bibs. Thanks
  21. A few of us meeting at South West Lotus Centre between 11.30am-12pm for a Drive out over the Moors stopping for liquid refreshment and a Devon cream tea. Any more takers would be more than welcome to join us.
  22. A few of us are organising an evening meet.... Likely in the Cheltenham locale on a Thursday night. If anyone is interested reply to this message and ill ping updates as i get more info
  23. Please add your name to this list if you'd like to be notified by PM of local events... 1. 2...