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  2. SATURDAY, 25 SEPTEMBER 2021 FROM 10:00 UTC+01-16:00 UTC+01 South west Lotus Centre Open Day and BBQ Old Tinhay, Lifton, PL16 0, United Kingdom
  3. espritmania, MPx, Rick Edwards, mayesprit, SWLC, elite503chris, rafphillips, splodge s4, malcolmS, JayTwo, Simon350S, Alex Carter, paul1972, blueg33, swindon_alan, Tris..., alias23, esprit17, Phlissy
  4. Usually pop along to this event at Redditch, which is on tomorrow at 10am. Good selection of cars usually turn up, albeit usually more retro
  5. Great to catch up gents, car is filthy again now @DJWNo laughing about the rain, I remember from my Elise days as long as your moving its not to bad, I did cringe at the Golf driver pulling in front of you though!
  6. Wing envy, but then as my Exige was the 4x4 of the group I don’t suppose I need to worry about aero...
  7. Yep i got caught in some hard rain, but just kept going and outran it @alias23 love the mods on your car and that wing is immense @2GOOD miss my orange 350 after seeing yours, love orange @dalepearson hope you weren’t laughing too much following me in the rain
  8. I hesitated at the pub & got back out of the car to put my soft top on. Moments later I was wondering how you were getting on...
  9. Well that was eventful... got stuck in a bit of traffic in a rain storm! Good to see you guys and @DJW the 380 sounds immense on the road... I need to change colour to Black!
  10. Not planning on eating, just given the car a quick clean and about to head off.
  11. Roof off already too & sorry Imran but just about to eat at home.
  12. Roof off here already had one pub meal today, so I’ll give it a miss, but happy to join anyone eating
  13. Weather looking good and hoping to get the roof off!
  14. Ditto ditto? Me too anyway 😀 After looking dodgy earlier weather looks good now, see you in a couple of hours chaps
  15. She hates car meets, so that's a bad plan
  16. Agree assuming weather is all good then I’ll be there for 6.45pm
  17. Assuming no family drama and the weather is reasonable I plan to pop along. Need to try and find the time to give it a clean too as its covered in crap from the bad weather.
  18. Cheers PZE i better practice my reversing skills, i not been to cornwall for about 30 years, i been to goonhilly downs when it was active thanks for the info
  19. When I saw drove past, it wasn’t in the Lotus, the daily diesel certainly doesn’t sound muh more of a meh...
  20. Even though I’m a home worker, I’m finding an excuse to take Lotus to Brum office tomorrow, via a few tunnels ...have you heard the 380 on full chat ............muhahahahah
  21. Drove past the pub tonight & can confirm outside tables in view of the car park! Just hope the weather is something like today 😎
  22. Ooh - I remember that one well - bitch to get and not cheap for what it is
  23. Roads around that bit of Cornwall are mostly a bit rubbish - either big through-routes with lots of speed limits (A390) or really tiny sunken lanes with no sight lines and few passing places. You definitely need to be happy reversing a few hundred metres if needed. Fortunately if you head on to *actual* southwest Cornwall it gets a lot better. The north coast road from St Ives to St Just via Zennor is spectacular, and over the moor from St Ives to Penzance isn’t bad either. Starting from Helston the road down to Lizard is pleasant and sometimes quick (well ok, very occasionally quick, but it’s worth it to visit Kynance) and the B3293 across Goonhilly Downs has a mile-long, generally empty straight that is perfectly designed for, erm, driving at a sensible and law abiding 60 miles an hour. For example. Goonhilly is the home of various satellite/comms projects due to its exceptional levels of quiet, so you can see how appropriately a Lotus exhaust would fit in there. Other things: there are some good roads around Bodmin Moor but again there’s a lot of sunken stuff with poor visibility. The north coast run from Bude to Watergate Bay has some great views but between April and October you’ll probably be mostly viewing the back of a caravan doing 35mph. Finally the North Cliffs road from Portreath towards Hayle is often quick and you can stop off at Godrevy to see a cove full of seals, which isn’t something you can often combine with a decent road. Happy driving - if all else fails, drive down to Lands End so you can say you’ve driven to Lands End.

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