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  1. What's new in this club
  2. I see that LDC have added a Cornwall trip to their 2023 schedule. I can't do the actual trip (it's basically a full weeks holiday with accommodation etc) but may well pop down to join in with one or two of their driving days (once I know where they are going!). Anyone else fancy it?
  3. The Devon Vintage Car Club Autojumble Our next Devon Vintage Car Club Autojumble will be held on Sunday 9th October 2022 at the South Devon Railway Buckfastleigh, TQ11 0DZ, just off the A38.
  4. As from their Facebook post 10am till 4pm
  5. At Hendy Exeter - on Facebook...
  6. Did go to this event, not very large about 50 sellers, held just next to the steam railway station, Did see a pair of Elan window/door frames for £20 (baby elan). Bought some more MG 17" wheels.
  7. I’ll pop along to that I think, thanks Keith 👍🏻
  8. Don't know anything else about this - came up on my fb feed..... Classic car and motorcycle show with auto-jumble Sunday 26 June 2022 The playing field Staverton near Totnes
  9. Tomorrow is the Club Lotus do/track event at Castle Combe, Wiltshire. There is mention of it on the f/b club lotus south west. Sometimes it is also on the South West Lotus f/b. They have a customer with a racing Lotus. Can be a longer journey back due to the traffic on the M5. Also BH on Monday so may increase traffic levels.
  10. Might be a fun drive out if I have the time. Quiet on here... I guess most of the Devon and Cornwall plans are done on the Facebook group...
  11. Don't know anything about this, but it came up on facebook, May be a few old Lotus arts?
  12. Nice to see a brace of M100's may be next time there could be 1 more.
  13. I'm sure @mayevora and @SWLC would be kind enough to upload their pics here when they get a chance
  14. The link to Ian's still works for me. One is.... The police Evora - Sgt Owen something - part or a road safety campaign has almost 0.5 million followers on tic toc (apparently all the young kids have dropped off facebook and twitter.)
  15. Thanks for the postings Keith. For those of us not yet assimilated into the Borg its helpful to have cross posts like this...tho' can't see Ian's pics, only James's.
  16. And from James, South West lotus centre
  17. Ian @mayevora has posted a few pics on facebook
  18. They even had more room for cars than I expected as it can be a bit cramped round the back. Were a few non British cars. Their Lotus showroom is finished and they will be completing the second part where the 'other' makes performance cars live shortly. And met @MPx with his M100 which was 1 of 2. Good to have a chat about the M100. More Evora's there than I have seen in one place before, even more than the Club Lotus Castle Combe event, - although one was the police GT410 sport that has been posted before. Look forward to another, may be the Emira will be in the showroom by then?
  19. Well that was a lot bigger/better than I expected. Some lovey cars came out of the woodwork - no doubt helped by the sun. Very good bacon bap and latte. Expecting their first Emira's at the end of May having suffered another will probably be there for the next one. Nice to see the Astons/Porkers and other stuff as well as the usual suspects. Great drive in the M100 - and back home before 12. What's not to like...
  20. Has been rescheduled for Sunday 10th April
  21. Hendy Lotus Exeter have created an event for Sunday 27th March, they have also now got a new showroom design . Join us at our inaugural coffee run at Hendy Performance Exeter. 27th March is British Day! From Ariel to Zenos and everything in-between. From 9.00am - 12.00pm
  22. SATURDAY, 25 SEPTEMBER 2021 FROM 10:00 UTC+01-16:00 UTC+01 South west Lotus Centre Open Day and BBQ Old Tinhay, Lifton, PL16 0, United Kingdom
  23. espritmania, MPx, Rick Edwards, mayesprit, SWLC, elite503chris, rafphillips, splodge s4, malcolmS, JayTwo, Simon350S, Alex Carter, paul1972, blueg33, swindon_alan, Tris..., alias23, esprit17, Phlissy

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