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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Seems the event has been cancelled due to low ticket sales - shame that as hearing some Group B cars in anger again would have been awesome. On the plus side I now don't need to go into Bradford.
  3. Anyone want to suggest a venue and a date for a meet up please?
  4. Sweet. And I as just watching this documentary on Group B the other day:
  5. Reading up there's Stratos, 037, S4 Delta, Rs200, 6R4, Quattro, WRX, so will be pretty epic to hear those again
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. Might have to attend that.
  7. Not a Lotus event, and not sure where to post this, but this new event promises some group B rally action, which even makes a trip into Bradford worthwhile. Last few years it's been static, or cit centre loops. I'll be there and thought I'd post it up in case anyone else fancied it.
  8. Usual NYLOC meeting on 24th.
  9. Hi is there a meeting this month off any description ?
  10. Neil, this is the internet mate, you can get advice from all over the planet. Post up your questions in the appropriate area of the forum and you'll get plenty of advice mate.
  11. Just wondering if any one is in the hull area how. Can give me advise on my 501
  12. The time of year is upon us..usually in october we do the fish n chip run to Aberdovey and try and get as many Esprit's in attendance as possible to soak up some great roads, scenery and driving. An early meet at RAF Cosford then on through Welshpool etc..we take a stop for coffee mid morning and aim to be parked up in Aberdovey middle of the day for lunch. Its genuinly a great drive and often some of us bring the other half and its a good social time to mark the end of the were having to do it a little earlier this year in September but can people suggest a sunday when theyre free please. Mid month onwards and note there name down and well set a date for it.
  13. Its the NYLOC show again ! Buckles inn on the A64, York ringroad. All welcome from 6.30ish till you want to leave !! FREE to take part Every car turning up eligable for entry Everyone attending gets to vote for Best Classic Modern Engine bay Interior Car you would most like to take home Shed of the day. Lots of fine Lotus machinery to see and usually other exotic and classics Expect 60+ cars
  14. Want to be kept up to date with events in this region by PM? Add your name to a comma seperated list below.
  15. Nyloc are a great bunch
  16. Was a run out by Nyloc today. Loads of things planned by them this year as its their 15th year.
  17. Just wondering if there are any events happening around the Yorkshire region? Hopefully my car will be back on the road shortly and would be good to get around to places on the weekends.
  18. Hi Mark. I will look out for you, we have several Evora drivers turn up. dont worry about the time you arrive, nothing formal , people come and go all night!
  19. Cool, it's in the diary. Don't usually finish work in Leeds city centre till 7 but will make an effort :-)
  20. The NYLOC meets are excellent I'm told, lovely bunch of Lotus nuts!
  21. Yes, 4th tuesday of the month (no December meet) @ The Buckles on the A64 expect 40ish cars this time of year and 80+ in the summer Tyre kicking from 6.30ish and talky bit (optional) 8ish all welcome, hope to see you Nov. 27th
  22. Does a monthly meet still happen in the Yorkshire region?
  23. NYLOC will be holding a car show at the monthly meeting Tuesday evening 24th July All cars that turn up are eligable and all who turn up can vote ! Class 1. best modern 2. best classic 3. best paint 4. best interior 5. best engine bay 6. car you most want to own 7, novelty class All cars that turn up are entered all people that turn up can vote !! Entry is FREE Venue.....The Buckles Inn A64 York ring road from 6.30ish All welcome

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