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  2. Good morning Jay, thank you! Yes, you're not far away, I look forward to crossing paths. I think WhatsApp groups are invitation-only, I've not found a way to search for them? I'll keep an eye out for any mention though. I've a fairly high-miler X180 Carb Turbo in the garage that's been with me nearly ten years now. It does have some S4 parts on it but no doubt Ken will spot plenty that aren't! Haven't joined LDC yet but I met Rob (Sport 350, Cardiff maybe?) a few years back at Castle Combe and someone else from the club let me join their stand so I know they're a friendly bunch. I've
  3. Morning JayTwo welcome to the right side of the boarder. Happy to meet up when things relax. I know a few owners around here and there is a good WhatsApp group of lotus types who have run outs. Lotus I think if you look for that you can find them? Have you joined LDC? What you driving? Ken in the WhatsApp group has a red s4 too. Stay safe. Jay
  4. This week I've moved to the Ebbw Vale area, so consider me an addition to this group if you'll tolerate my wrong-side-of-the-border accent! I know there are others in the area, I was admiring a beautiful little white Elan at the Llangynidr show only last summer but didn't find the owner. Hopefully there'll be time left this summer for motoring meets and adventures, looking forward to meeting some new faces and cherished wheels.
  5. Looks like this thread has been quiet for a while. Didn’t know it was here. Based me monmouth 68 +2 elan under restoration. My 2nd car bought 23 years ago. 82 dry sump esprit. 2004 Elise 111r sc. jay
  6. Hello. I just bought an Esprit Turbo HC ( pic on introductions) but can't collect it for a fortnight. I'm located in Cardigan but interested in meeting up when the weather improves. I hear there's a group who meet near Cardiff cheers
  7. Never got around to looking down the index page until today! I'm here in North Wales near to Mold.
  8. id say yes maybe it would draw more attention to the welsh section of the forum to get a better head count of how many of us are here
  9. Should this topic be renamed 'lotus owners in wales' perhaps?
  10. I didn't know there was a welsh section im in Blaengarw at the top of the Garw valley north of Bridgend,
  11. if anymore of us welshies crawl out of the woodwork we'll be getting enough numbers for a clan.
  12. I didn't know there was a Welsh section on here as I normally frequent the other lotus forum!
  13. Even got their own theme tune... Plenty of parking too apparently. Buddsy
  14. Quick nudge that this is tomorrow for those thinking about heading along
  15. I'm in. (flying the welsh flag) Its only up the road from me.
  16. The Directors and staff of Newtown Motors Cwmbran officially invite you to their open day to celebrate being appointed official Lotus Dealers for South Wales!! Join us for a light buffet and a chance to have a look at the new Evora400 as well as the other fantastic cars we currently have in the showroom!! Newtown Motors Cwmbran, 12 Somerset Road, Cwmbran, NP44 1QX Please R.S.V.P [email protected] or01633 485251 and ask for Mandy
  17. Lotus has appointed Newtown Motors of Cwmbran as an official dealer for the whole of South Wales. Newtown Motors, an independent family business, has a long association with motorsport stretching back to the 1969 when the company was appointed as agents for MG. It has since represented niche brands such as Noble and TVR in the principality, and is currently Wales’ only Morgan dealer. Full sales and service facilities for Lotus have now been added at Cwmbran. Lotus was founded in 1952, two years after Newtown Motors founder Glyn Davies opened his first garage at the small village of Garn
  18. wolflyn, JayTwo, Simon350S, Frickin_idiot, punky
  19. I guess it all depends on location of the attendees, Pontypool here.
  20. wolflyn, JayTwo, Simon350S, Frickin_idiot
  21. Anyone want to suggest a venue and a date for a meet up please?
  22. With a haircut like that bibs is have thought a draw tolerance of at least 8 ;-)
  23. I was an honourary Welshman for a while
  24. Ahh Pontypool - brings back memories. When I was at Uni (in Swansea) I had a girlfriend who lived in Pontypool - spent many happy weekend there. Saw the famous Pontypool front row play.

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