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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Nice drive up and back (maybe a little damp) and great turnout of cars. Good to catch up over breakfast and listen to Dave (Changes) hold court and impart just a smattering of his huge knowledge. Thanks for posting up and look forward to seeing you all another time. Trevor.
  3. Unfortunately I have to be at my Mum's in Bournemouth this weekend!
  4. Hill Top Sunday... yep Think the Watford exotic GT3 should be warming its tyres in that direction.. I will..
  5. There’s a meet this Sunday at Hilltop for breakfast. Anyone whose interested we’ll be there 09:00. CV33 9EL Trevor.
  6. There’s a meet this Sunday at Hilltop for breakfast. Trevor.
  7. Yes, about time there was another one of these. @CHANGES?
  8. Just found the original post! No Delorean. I would be up for a meet of this type if there is one planned for May
  9. Could be up for this. Nice run up fish hill and decent roads across from Evesham to there
  10. As last months Stow breakfast meet was quite a success, and seems to be a good central location to plan more, Im putting out the date for the next one as April 2nd..another sunday morning...It would have been the weekend before but thats Mothering Sunday so Im sure there will be those who are busy on that day. If this date proves unsuitable it can be amended to suit the majority but personally I wont be able make any other date until some time in May after this one.. The venue will be the same again, breakfast at Speedwell's Cafe, Chruch St (GL54 1BB postcode), which opens at 9am (car par
  11. 1 dodge 1979 2 changes 3 palmergeddon 4 chrisv8 5 Trevsked (probably 99% best do or else)
  12. Should be there, look forward to seeing you all. Been a while since we had a meet and a lovely place for a drive out too. Trevor.
  13. We here in the Midlands group are organizing a little breakfast meet at Stow-on-the-Wold with the last sunday of this month in mind. Its a nice drive out from all directions, parking is a-plenty in the market square (although it can get busy there from about 10am onward if the weather is good) and there is an abundance of good coffee places and breakfast choices. Having visited a few times for breakfast, I would suggest visiting The Coffee House, Church Street which is a couple of minutes walk from parking. Breakfasts are fresh to order and have been consistently excellent each visit.
  14. No !!! Nor a brothel ( for the Swindon guys! ) - it's an historic Worcestershire location. Like stonghenge or Blackpool tower (block)
  15. Breakfast club at shelsley Walsh this Sunday morning
  16. Flat out on another chicken shed....... girls are due 7/11 with system commissioning booked 31/10 so no time to do anything between now and then........ @swindon_alan ive ordered my new tyres though just don't tell the wife
  17. Bumpitty bump bump @Barrykearley organise something, I will come along
  18. I think a lot of Loti will be at the MLOC Lotus in the Peaks event at Chatsworth house tomorrow so may be quieter than usual.
  19. Great Stuff - look forward to seeing you in the morning
  20. I'm heading there tomorrow in the Cup, be good to meet some new faces, area has been quiet for too long

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