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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Yup - get on it @RobinB5 you know it makes sense.
  3. Do you mean this Mark: ?
  4. So, Barry has pointed out that Holden's in Bromyard are doing a thing on 24 October, which I think I'll pop along to. As we've been unable to tie down a date for a meet over the late summer period, suggest that those that want to, come along to this. Just a thought. Barry and I will be there, so that's a start. And there's bound to be a burger wagon. Right? Awesome
  5. Brilliant. Thanks, Barry. I think i'll come to that. Cheers.
  6. Nice S4 on show😀 Cheers Robin and the the offer of the lift is always there Paul
  7. It was heading towards Ross! Lovely old Elan drove past me on the A49 as well
  8. A friend of mine called Jeremy, yes he comes from Ross, car is a N400 ?. He was a Lotus man having and crashing he tells me an original drop head Elan back in the day
  9. Saw that Aston Martin convertible on my home tonight (A40 by the Farmers Boy, Longhope)
  10. Well that was great fun! @PAUL GURNEY, very well organised! Met some interesting people and discovered that Ross-on-Wye has a motor club with its own club house, might just join
  11. Right, I'll be there in the S4! Part of a 'Love Newent Fayre' that day I believe. If any one toddles down, I'll see you there
  12. Hope the B4221 is open by then Paul!
  13. Hi All I am helping organise a small car show on Saturday 4th September in Newent town centre, this will be part of other events that will be happening on the day in and around the town. The event is open to all and with no specific criteria, so anything and everything is welcome. We have old cars, classic cars, race and rally cars , as well as motorcycles. If any one of you or any one you know would like to come along, its from 10.30 till 3.30 and cars are welcome to stay all day or just pop in for an hour or 2. We have our own designated car park for our exclusive use and we will be marshalling that area during the day. So if you fancy free tea and biscuits and chatting to like minded others while showing what you have drop me a message for more info. Cheers Paul
  14. Well, the car's gonna be at the Supercar Fest and the Salon Prive a week later 🙂 And at some point, I need to get over to Caffeine and Machine - a pilgrimage I have yet to make. Extra love my car. Drove it to Ledders today and it was spectacular (had two keep the frozen stuff on the passenger seat, mind).
  15. Think I'll be going in an Aston but haven't booked yet - would be great to see your car .
  16. I see we are parked next to each other No 75 and 76 respectively
  17. Paul, I am loving the Gulf paint job. Looking forward to seeing that in the flesh. Can't do Bromyard sadly, as have friends coming over. But, am signed up for Supercar Fest at Shelsley Walsh on 29th August, which I am superly looking forward to. Who else is going? BTW, not sure if it's just me but I thought that C4 docu on Lotus was a tiny bit rubbish.
  18. I know its not very Lotus, but its so iconic, oh and so shinny I have an entry to go up the hill, have you Barry?
  19. Yup - I’ll be there 👍 I’m liking the gulf colour scheme 💪
  20. Hi Chaps Sorry i have not been active for a while Any way its Bromyard Festival of Speed this weekend (1st August ) i will be there., any one else coming? I will be in my Westfield which i have just spent the last month rebuilding after my son crashed it( there's another story) Its now changed colour, new body with fresh paintwork picked up this afternoon, Now all i have to do is fit it, fit new brakes, rewire and finish off retriming the cockpit, so no pressure !!
  21. That program was very interesting - reminded me of when the Elise was launched in 1996 . I think they will do well .

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