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  1. What's new in this club
  2. The footage from the car show has been aired tonight on Discovery+, Richard Hammonds Workshop. Nice to see Callum's Esprit S2 on screen, hopefully next year have a few more
  3. What, about 350 cars? A very eclectic mix and some Hammond thrown in to boot
  4. Thanks Robin, I'm glad you boys enjoyed yourselves.
  5. What a fun day today. Well done @PAUL GURNEY for the organisation!
  6. Anyone fancy being on the TV? This posted to the Newent Car and Classic FB group :
  7. Think you had most people at 'filming TV program' @PAUL GURNEY
  8. Hi Chaps Love to see you and your cars. We have loads of room at the new venue, good selection of cars, classics, modern, kit cars, motorcycles, tractors and stationary engines. There will be a film crew there on the day filming a TV programme, so you might get your cars on the telly. No charge for showing or entering, just a small donation (£2 ish ) to pay for medical cover. If you know of any one else who would interested spread the word. Cheers Paul Thanks Mark & Robin for your support. 👍
  9. I'm certainly up for this if others are. I saw it on FB, moved from 10 to 25 Sep. Could be a bit of fun to round off the season.
  10. @PAUL GURNEY, is this still on? Think I'll toddle down with the Esprit. @Barrykearley, @Suddabym, @dr_jayhart et al, fancy it?
  11. So I went to Hethel the other weekend (the one with the nice weather) and who should spot my Esprit at Classic Team Lotus as he drove home? Scott Walker; who, it turns out is a top bloke and invited me into the factory, photographed the car, and - and - showed me round the experience centre. He was so generous with his time and so genuinely enthused by the car and Esprits and Lotus more generally that it absolutely made my day / week / year. Awesome guy. And that was three days before the Eletra launch. On a Saturday. You wouldn't get that at Porsche! No siree. Some of the photos (I have many). What a top day, top bloke, top brand. Oh, and 450 miles there and back and the Esprit was perfect. I even did 170 miles in one stint, like Le Mans 2.5 Heures.
  12. There's a list if you wish to send a group PM or tag the members?
  13. Must be enough members around these parts to get a meet organised as the weather gets better ??
  14. Anyone fancy meeting up for a chat before Xmas? Maybe at Fromes Hill again? I've done a paltry 1020 miles this year, most of those driving to the garage to buy petrol to replenish that used to drive to the garage How about the 12th (Sun), 18th (Sat) or 19th (Sun) of December? Or does someone want to recommend another venue? Maybe we could grab a bite to eat in a pub? Any or either way, if at least one person would attend, then so would I. In fact I'd be happy to attend by myself !!
  15. I do indeed, did, etc. It was a good morning. Really enjoyed it. Holden's was open, burger wagon etc, and a good collection of cars. I would recommend it.
  16. Yup - get on it @RobinB5 you know it makes sense.
  17. Do you mean this Mark: ?
  18. So, Barry has pointed out that Holden's in Bromyard are doing a thing on 24 October, which I think I'll pop along to. As we've been unable to tie down a date for a meet over the late summer period, suggest that those that want to, come along to this. Just a thought. Barry and I will be there, so that's a start. And there's bound to be a burger wagon. Right? Awesome
  19. Brilliant. Thanks, Barry. I think i'll come to that. Cheers.
  20. Nice S4 on show😀 Cheers Robin and the the offer of the lift is always there Paul
  21. It was heading towards Ross! Lovely old Elan drove past me on the A49 as well
  22. A friend of mine called Jeremy, yes he comes from Ross, car is a N400 ?. He was a Lotus man having and crashing he tells me an original drop head Elan back in the day

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