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  2. No problem. Had a good time, about 10 of us turned up. Chris at Hofmann’s was great, organised a fun afternoon & was very welcoming. @Hofmanns
  3. Sorry, totally missed this and I was busy in the end. Did you go?
  4. Hi @Stef quite possible I won’t make it tmrw. May daughter had surgery a few days ago and is still very much in need of some TLC and so not keen to leave her at home tmrw morning. I’m away this week but back for next weekend so perhaps we could meet then weather permitting?
  5. Anyone in? Was thinking of plotting a route to a cafe somewhere in and around Berkshire for breakfast. Have a friend of mine joining (ex Elise owner now in a Porsche). Possibly meet up 7am at Bagshot sainsburys?

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