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  2. Fantastic news. Spoke to them today and there's huge enthusiasm for Lotus, and with CH behind it we hope this means they will look after us Lotus owners in the province for a long time to come.
  3. Hi Bibs. Great news for all of us on this side of the Irish Sea and many thanks for posting the link. I hope that means we will seem a lot more Lotus here!
  4. Thanks for sharing Bibs. Delighted to hear this news. It will make long term ownership in N. Ireland, (& S. Ireland as well), a viable proposition. Especially for newcomers to the Marque.
  5. Boucher Road in Belfast.
  6. Hi Andy Thanks very much for joining the group! I'm afraid @KeithK and I met for a great afternoon at Bishopscourt on Tuesday afternoon this week. We definitely hope to do it again but likely next year before we organise it again. I had never been to Bishopscourt before Supercar Sunday but must say I really like the track. From my own point of view, I have been lucky to take my car on track 3 times in the last month and want to give the tyres and brakes a rest after that 😬! I do hope to organise another run out for the group sometime in the early autumn. @Cooper on here also has an Emira on order and is also looking forward to getting it in the autumn. Hope you can join us at the autumn run out. Ryan
  7. Definitely up for a trackday at bishopscout, looks like a pretty good circuit but can’t see any car Trackdays there
  8. Up for some track time, keep me informed.
  9. @RP420Regarding a track day - just the two of us interested this year. Contacted Roy at Bishopscourt in the hope we could join in with others, he couldn't give me dates as he's busy setting up for tomorrow's event. I'll phone him next week again and be in touch.
  10. I'd be interested in a track day. However not this year. I need toe links and a baffled sump first and among a load of other stuff, that's a winter project. When tax and insurance runs out I'll sorn it for a while. Like Ryan, I have never even seen the top / back of the track before. I thought it was really strange they let us out without as much as a sighting lap. A couple of low crests too that are high enough in a lotus! Or is that just my excuse for coming off the turn onto the back straight... backwards. Thanks for organising Ryan. Sunburnt.
  11. Yep, great day, thanks Ryan for putting it out there. Anyone else interested in Bishopscourt? Once I know numbers I'll make enquiries. Thanks again.
  12. Epic! Sounds like you had a great day too, great work pulling it together Ryan πŸ‘πŸ‘
  13. Great day out at the NI Supercar Sunday event at Bishopscourt today - 4 confirmed TLF members @RP420, @KeithK, @AR13 MEO and @Cooper and we all got a few laps in, as well as fielding a lot of interest in Lotus and getting a chance to see some awesome machinery both in the paddock and in action. There were also another couple of Lotus in attendance and hopefully they, and a few other very interested enquiries, will join this group. Many thanks to @Bibs for funding the purchase of the TLF and Lotus banners that we displayed - the banners. got home safely so will live on to advertise our NI group on future days! @KeithK is keen to have another session at Bishopscourt and I'm certainly up for that, now that I know which way the track goes! The first lap was fairly nerve-wracking as I had no idea where the track went, having never driven it before! If we could organise a track session there sometime, please drop a note on this thread if you would be interested in attending. Some Lotus photos from the paddock:
  14. Sorry guys, not a chance I'll make the Temple for 8.15. I'll struggle to get a teenager out of bed and leave Ballymena for that time. Hope the roads are clear on Sunday morning.
  15. Great news Keith - thanks for letting me know. @1973 JPS Richard - apologies - just realised I didn't respond to you previously. Thanks for the update and hope you might be able to make it. Bibs has very kindly paid for a couple of logo banners (TLF logo and Lotus logo) which we can use to mark out our Lotus section in the display area. Gareth and I are meeting/departing from The Temple garage at 8.15 on Sunday morning to head down. Keith - you are welcome to join us there too if that suits, or alternatively we can meet you at Bishopscourt. Same of course applies to Michael, Richard and Andy if any of you are able to make it along. Fingers crossed for decent weather - current forecast is at least dry! Looking forward to a good day. Ryan
  16. slow reply, sorry Ryan. Yes I plan on being there
  17. Hi Michael Thanks for your note. Enjoy the jetski! (and still hoping we might see you on Sunday πŸ™‚) Cheers Ryan
  18. Hi Ryan, Don't worry about me, I might get a run over but I've just bought a new jet ski today and I'm currently on the ferry with it on the trailer so I'm really keen to use it as much as time and work will allow before I'm away on holiday next weekend. Thanks Michael
  19. Still unsure of arrangements....but I'll let you posted
  20. Gareth - Sounds like a good plan - how about meeting at The Temple garage at 8.15 and heading down from there? Displaying cars are to arrive between 8.30 and 10.00, so if we meet at 8.15 we should be in Bishopscourt for about 9am. Andy - congratulations on the new arrival! Hope all going well? Hope we do see you, but totally understand if not. R
  21. With a 7 week old nothing is certain so if you see me, you see me - don't keep me a space. And if I don't make it look have a great day regardless, its some event.
  22. Yes. Just checked weather. Not diabolical. So booked ticket for myself and kid. Do you want to meet and go down the road together, Ryan?
  23. @Mike150 @AR13 MEO @Cooper @KeithK @1973 JPS Hi All Hope you are all still able to make it to Bishopscourt on Sunday?! I have to let Aaron Cunningham, the organiser, know numbers. Could I please ask you all to drop a note on this thread confirming if you are still planning to attend? Many thanks in advance. Ryan
  24. Hi Richard Hope you had a great holiday and thanks for your note. Thanks too for the pointer to the Vintage Vehicle group - request to join submitted! Hope you can make it to Supercar Sunday! Cheers Ryan
  25. Hi Ryan sorry for the late response but just back from holiday.....I might be able to make the Sunday event but will know more closer to the date. On the topic of what events are on....there is a group on Facebook called The Vintage vehicle group and they list all of the car meets and gatherings on a fortnightly basis...hope this helps

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