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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Maybe but couldnt be there until at least 8PM. I will confirm.
  3. Hi John I will be at the BIH on Thursday.
  4. 2nd Thursday coming up this week on the 12th September. anyone going to be at the Bird in Hand
  5. we are invited to dispay our cars at our cheque presentation at oulton broad powerboat racing on sunday 8 sept arrive at about 10/15 entrance is on saltwater way off bridge road opposite jeckells the sail makers etc all cars welcome any more info contact me on 07719154575 thanks garry
  6. Yes had a good evening out meeting some 'new' cars and their owners and swapping Lotus tales. Had a quick chat with Mr MJK who twice reminded me to replace the headlight vacuum with electric motors(its on the list of jobs to be done ) LOL.
  7. He did indeed pop in. And we had a new visitor Angus from Norwich with his 501 Elite. Nice evening as usual.
  8. Sounds like you chaps may have a special guest this evening, @Mike Kimberley is popping along to say hi
  9. Sorry - Thursday is out for me unfortunately. Family matters to attend to. Hopefully see you n September
  10. Thanks for letting me know. I shall be there unless the car doesnt start.
  11. Second Thursday in the month. So that should be the 8th August! 7:00 - 7:30 August may be a little quiet if people are away but I hope to be along. Be great to have another Elite owner !
  12. Not been before. When is the next one?
  13. Not sure i can make it now. First one i will have missed for ages.
  14. I’ll pop in albeit with a slightly sparse interior! What time do you get there?
  15. I should be there as things stand at the moment.
  16. Ok. Running and booked in with Gerald last week of July. Been away in Scotland since 27th and not home until Wednesday evening so work on hold. Not far to go though.
  17. How’s the car coming along Phil?
  18. Unfortunately things have changed and highly unlikely i will now make it. Will if i can
  19. Hi all, we have our Torque & Talk BBQ taking place on the 13th July from 12pm to 2pm at the Cambridge Innovation Park, Denny End Deli car park. There will be a DJ and a Racing simulator with fastest lap time board to win a bottle of Champagne, all proceeds to this will be going to the SpecialEffect charity. We will also have a show and shine competition where the winner will receive a free iValet wash. Full details here on Facebook: Full details here on our website: We have a number of Lotus cars already signed up, would be great to have some more!! Sign up form is here:
  20. I’m at a track evening that night but will pop in for a beer on the way back from Snetterton if your all still there
  21. Anyone going? Should be about so intend to be there
  22. Sorry you are to you are not old enough.

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