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  2. Hi guys. I have an apology to make. I have booked a week in The Canaries and it falls across 21st. Didnt even cross my mind. Flights all booked so too late. I hope my absence will not put you off going on 21st. I will be there in March. Really sorry. Phil
  3. Might pop in depends on a few things tomorrow. Cheers Stu
  4. Sorry guys. Im away with work. Leaving tonight. Will be there thurs 21st Feb
  5. As i have said i am unable to make any of the evenings remaining in January. I will be attending the BIH on 21st February all being well
  6. Are we doing this on 21st Jan or starting jointly on 21st Feb ???????? .... Should we try doing it at a Brewery 😂😂😂 I,m happy either way.............
  7. Hi all As per the discussion re changing the meeting to a Thursday: I have contacted the Club Lotus group that meet at BIH and the general consensus is that it would be good if we amalgamate into 1 group. It seems that this group is not just CL members and in fact there are probably more non CL members than members. They would normally meet on 2nd Thursday so for January it is gone. February falls on 14th. As it is valentines day for one month only they have changed it to 21st. I am tied up with work for any remaining evenings in January so I will be joining this group on 21st Feb. From the previous comments I truely hope you all follow me. I understand they organise occasional runs so should be nice evenings with a good crowd all with similar interests. see you there
  8. Is there going to be a meet on the 21st. I will be there just in case some new members turn up. Cabin fever as well.
  9. It's on the calendar, hopefully we will make it this year.
  10. on the calendar Gary
  11. a car show in aid of great Ormond street hospital where all proccedes will go all cars welcome especialy lotus this is the 5 th year we have organised this show it is growing all the time at corton playing fields Lowestoft starts at 10 till 4
  12. First Thursday is no good for me. Any other Thursday is fine.As Phil says i will not do politics either . I will park were i choose.
  13. Excellent Stuart. Anyone know which Thursday they meet? I have a feeling its the 2nd Thursday which would make it 10/01/19. Unfortunately I would not be there for that one as I will be away. If politics start coming into play. Ill be gone!! Its meant to be fun. I had that at the EALC. Needless to say i left immediately. Lets see if there are any more comments in the coming days.
  14. I agree with you Phil. If there is politics that come into play then there normt true enthusiasts
  15. Thursdays would make no difference to me. I fail to see why we cant amalgamate our meeting with the Club Lotus meeting which is held on a Thursday. Not sure which one. Just because they are in Club Lotus and we are affiliated to The Lotus Forums I cant see the issue. We are meeting in a public place. My suggestion would be make it the same night and there will be a natural integration of people who all have a similar interest. I'm sure some are Club Lotus members anyway. I suggest just do it. thoughts?
  16. Sorry I didn’t make it. Glad you had a good time. I’m happy to change to a Thursday. @PaulCP wishing you a speedy recovery. Have a good Christmas all
  17. Could we change the night as it's not going to effect to many folks as not to many come on a regular basis.
  18. Yes..... Element of quality not quantity IMHO🤣🤣
  19. Sorry I was unable to make it. When you were talking about a Thursday night earlier in the thread I thought Id be able to get along but am still tied up Mondays & Fridays. Happy Xmas though and hopefully a good new to all. buddsy
  20. Three of us made it. Nice relaxed evening.
  21. I’ll try and catch up with you all in the Spring. A medical issue has resulted in the DVLA revoking my driving licence for what is likely to be over 12 months so I will have to rely on Sue chauffeuring me around. Since she can’t drive the Evora (seat won’t go far enough forward for her short legs) I decided, due to the uncertainty, to put it up for sale SOR at L Silverstone. It sold 11 days after they collected it! Have a good meet and a great Xmas everyone

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