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  2. I should be there. For some reason i have got the 16th on the calendar!! Glad i read your post.
  3. Whos coming guys? I should be there and probably will eat this time.
  4. Due to family issues, I can't make this tomorrow now. The weather's also looking a bit dodgy!
  5. Hi Guys, does anyone have any recommendations for someone in Norfolk who is good with GRP and is familiar with lotus?
  6. We will be meeting between 9am - 10am at Soda Bar and Bistro in Waterbeach (now known as Denny End Deli) location information here: At 10:30 we depart and drive in convoy to Hunstanton (we have an excellent driving route planned). If you would like to join us please sign up here:
  7. Elan at GTS to be sorted. Need to get on with Elite now. I think i'm going to sell it too concentrate on the Elite.
  8. Thanks for flagging this up Phil and getting us motivated to come! Hopefully see you all next month.
  9. Nice evening guys last night. I counted 18 people. Lovely esprit i saw. Maybe mine will be parked there next month!
  10. No not for a couple of years. It failed on emissions. 6%
  11. Hi all. My self and Paul Houlgate have been to the last two meetings with club lotus. We found them very friendly. and are trying to arrange runs out etc. Good mix of cars and partners as well. I will be there in the Elan if it passes it's MOT today if not it will be the Saab but i will be there.
  12. Hi all, anyone committed to going tomorrow evening. Will come along if ther will be anyone else there. BR, Nick
  13. Hi @PhilW Haven't been able to make the last few meets for a variety of reasons but I hope to be along - I assume it is still 7.00pm? Just my 2p worth on the change of evening - of the small regular crowd over the last 18 months or so, I suspect that very few are compromised by any perceived competition from neighbouring groups and it is unfortunate if anyone is. You did consult on this over a period of time prior to the change and the general consensus supported the move if I recall. I agree that a larger pool of regular support, with a little more 'doing stuff' is a better approach - it is a shame that for me personally, a Thursday isn't always going to be convenient but I'll try to continue supporting when I can. Cheers Ant
  14. Best in the business and based in Hethersett too.
  15. Can anyone recommend an interior trimmer in Norfolk who can reupholster a couple of items in Alcantara and possibly some embroidery too? Thanks!
  16. Sorry to hear that Philip. Unfortunately though the Monday evenings were generally supported by a core 3,4 or 5. As Im sure you are well aware there is another Lotus Group which was understood to be Club Lotus on a Thursday. Turned out it wasnt exclusively Club Lotus. Changing the meeting day was discussed when we at BIH around Nov'18. There is also significant discussion on TLF. The Thursday group is well supported, events are organised,I.E. runs out and it seemed ludicrous for a group with the same interest to meet on a Thursday and another (Generally speaking much smaller group) to meet on the Monday of the same week. I can be accused of driving the change I suppose but I have checked and I can not find one piece of input from yourself on this subject. In fact I can only find input from you in June '17 when you attended, When our Netherland friends came in Apr'18 you couldnt make it (Appreciate you were working) which was well supported by the look of the pictures and the "meeting Elisa" subject in which you said you would be there. I don't know if you made it. In my experience you will never ever please everyone but what I do find very disappointing is your comment which I have seen on both here and TLF. If you are not happy or have an opinion it might have been better to comment and give your opinions at the beginning of the year.
  17. 2nd Thursday has always been the usual night for Herts / Essex /Cambs Group, in summer anyway. Herts / Essex / Cambs Meet Seems a bit strange to compete with the neighbours.
  19. Hi guys Whos up for next Thursday 11th. Now it is a Thursday i believe a number said thursdays work for them. Come along and show your support. Now in summer time so bring those cars although probably another month for my car. Hope to see you all there Phil

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