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  2. Do we need to let anyone know if we are planning to attend this for numbers, or can we just turn up? Hoping to be able to make this if I can get the little ones to bed early.
  3. Thanks to swift intervention of Bibbs looks like venue is on for 20th. See you there for 7pm (weather permitting) I’ll be the one eating fish and chips 😋 I’m looking for freedom!
  4. I am going to have to confirm closer to the date since it is the first week that overnight stays are allowed & we’ve not seen the wife’s parents, who are both 90, for 18 months. But if I/we do come will you all promise not to laugh too loud when we turn up in the wife’s MX5, since I am still lotusless😟
  5. Ill be there work permitting. Ill aim for 7PM
  6. "hopefully" ill have ma car back by then !!! 🙄
  7. Alex popped me a text, all good for the BiH
  8. Resurrect the 3rd Thursday evening? May 20th? Subject to Alex / BiH approval Is normal life returning? BR, Nick
  9. nick Tell us time date and venue and ill be there work permitting.
  10. Alan Im only down the road. Ill come over assuming dry weather
  11. Great to hear from you guys and that there Interest in emerging from our lockdown bunkers! Post May 17th I suppose for meet, current proposal for easing of restrictions is 30 people outdoors (hope it blinking warms up a bit!) or 6 indoors, two tables if needed (or is not in spirit of restrictions 🤔) Assume Bird in Hand is still the place to meet? And we can always take a snoop down the road at Lotustropolis? Probably need numbers and pre-booking Resurrect thursday evenings?
  12. Everyone is welcomed. Many people come along without a Lotus. I did before I bought mine. As long as youre interested in Lotus thats all that really counts :-) buddsy
  13. ill have a little chat with rest of family and get back to you, im thinking as were already going to be doing stuff on the 11th it would make sense on that day but just avoid the other groups time slot which i can find out, sadly we wont be able to have the mill open (just in case that would dissapoint) we have a number of health and safety issues to rectify before visitors can once again look round
  14. Do you want a group from the Herts/Essex/Cambs group as we'd love a run out for a breakfast meet - or would it be better to do this as a separate event from a classic car run - i.e. the following week?
  15. Cheers buddsy, yeh I’d be up for coming along for a meet. Hopefully I’ll have a lotus by then! Might not be the same if I turn up in the silver Citroen dispatch 😭
  16. @LV Hi Lewis just tagged you into this as there might be someone local with an Exige to chat with. buddsy
  17. so we have a classic car run that has asked for us to provide tea coffee / wee stops on the route, which we are glad to do, but so bearing in mind we have got teas coffees n cake on the go on the 11th of july does any individual or group (suffolk norfolk essex) fancy a run through ?? id be made up to see some lotus owners there !!! let me know if you fancy it ??
  18. yes again we'd more than likely be up for that !!
  19. could well be up for that chap weather permitting as you say !!
  20. Anyone fancy a runout on Sunday 23rd May weather permitting? Get those COVID cobwebs blown away! Get those cars running again. Meet at McDonalds at the top of A11. Bit of a tour (Route to be decided but thought over to Swaffham, upto Fakenham, Holt, Cromer and down again) but open to suggestions. Find somewhere for a late breakfast or early lunch By then somewhere with indoor seating should be possible. I thought meet 8:30 for set off at 9am. Any takers?
  21. Yes from me Nick for sure. Came on here to post a proposed drive on 23rd May. Will post separately so dont hijack your post. When are you thinking?
  22. Any interest in reconvening pub meet after 17th May pending confirmation of relaxation of regulations?
  23. Low turn out last guy at BIH but still a nice evening and a good catch up. I must admit I hadn't been for 3 months I thing due to work and other commitments. Anyway clocks go forward this month so lets get a good line up there next month. I fully intend to bring my last!!!

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