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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Happy days. Last technical issue resolved to day with the replacement of the ABS accumulator. All ready for the market. :-)
  3. Still looking super shiny after all these years.
  4. Lotus Exige s260

    Thanx...will do. Do they hold their value? Do you see many driving around these days? Any RGB's in the U.K.?
  5. Lotus Exige s260

    Give @Simply Sports Cars a call, they'll be able to keep an eye out for you I'm sure
  6. Lotus Exige s260

    Can anyone recommend the best place to find and buy the old style series 2 lotus Exige s 260's in Australia? I know they are rare, hence I don't want to miss out on an opportunity...thanx
  7. Stoopid computers.... just need to replace the abs switch and then on the market. Scary times. Not sure what life will be like 'After Lotus'.
  8. Very nice Simon! I thought you lot were upside down though, not sideways
  9. Seats back from the upholsterers. Much improved. :-)
  10. Lotus Club Registration

    Thanks Rohan. Working on the car now to get it sorted for roadworthy. Notice you're in Melbourne too. Are you in the club? I ended up with a Pearl White Esprit Turbo 1989. Wasn't aware on the stamp duty perk. Does this mean I'll be able to get it paid if I've already paid for it during the import?
  11. Well, the time has come after 15 years of ownership. Seats stripped out, sent for reupholstering. Full clean over the coming months ready for a Spring sale.
  12. scratch that, got the VIN decoding wrong..... its a K series after all which is what i first expected to be.
  13. very interestingly i have just done a check of the compliance plate and searched the VIN and appears the car is actually an R model with the VVT-i engine!
  14. Have fun collecting the car. I remember well picking mine up some 15 years ago. Great day.
  15. Thanks Simon, wasnt sure which forum to start with, and this one featured high on google so hence my post. Not picking the car up until Saturday but will post some pics after then. cheers.
  16. Have you tried the Aussie Elise's forum Mark, reckon you'll find your answer there. :-)
  17. Hi all, Im a new Elise owner here in Melbourne having just purchased a 2004 111 and im looking for someone who may have some knowledge on the particular car I have purchased. From what I have been able to understand the 111 I have purchased was brought into Australia for a race series that apparently did not eventuate, the cars were in a form of race spec and were either sold or placed into storage, with the the unit I have purchased and few others placed into storage. After a while they were brought out and made road legal and sold off. Would anyone here abouts be able to help me understand this story a little better? Im also hoping to understand what the actual specifications of this car would be? Im assuming it's a K series, but thats where my knowledge stops! Thanks all
  18. Hi and importing to Australia

    Just a question on VASS certificates. I've used a guy that specialised in VWs previously, but is there an engineer in Vic that knows Lotus's?
  19. Drive, Sprint & Race Groups held at Wakefield Park on 14th August & 28th October.
  20. Hi and importing to Australia

    The Esprit already has side intrusion bars. They are hinged at one end and carry the locking mechanism at the other. The door skins and window are hung off it.
  21. Hi and importing to Australia

    Thanks Michael! I hope I get a good one too. There's one I'm looking at and have had an inspection done. Came through with a reasonably good bill of health considering it's more than 35 years old!
  22. Hi and importing to Australia

    Welcome to TLF Ben. Hope you get yourself a good car. For some local info as well re the side intrusion bars, you could always try Steve Taylor at Lotus Marques. He's just east of Melbourne. Knows his stuff. Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
  23. Hi all, I'm living in Melbourne and have always been a bit of a car nut. Currently I have a mk1 Golf GTI but I'm looking to add a Lotus Turbo Esprit! I'm looking to import one - biggest concern at the moment is side intrusion beams and potential difficulty and cost to fit. Anyone had any experience with fitting these to a G series? It's likely to be a UK import probably 1981. TIA for any assistance! Ben
  24. Lotus Club Registration

    Yes Simple to do and your 1989 will qualify. Just need a road worthy certificate and car club to inspect your car and complete VIicroads forms. Then attend VicRoads office and pay about $75 and you receive plates. You will receive a log book that must be complaeted before each drive as will have 45 or 90 days ( you can pay more for 90 days) a year to drive the car. All info on Vicroads. Best of all, np stamp duty on purchase, By the way, which Esprit did you buy? Rai