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  2. Definitely not to be missed. Great for partners and children too because of all the other attractions besides cars. Just stay away from the art sales. The cheapest item I saw last year was a couple of thousand dollars.
  3. Club Lotus Australia has display at the 15th of September 2019 at the picturesque The Kings School, Pennant Hills Road North Parramatta.
  4. No, I'm building a wardrobe at my daughter's place. How did you go with the museum auction and and the auto brunch at St Ives?
  5. @DanR and others, anyone going to cars and coffee Sydney in Luddenhal?
  6. @DanR might know of something?
  7. Steve Taylor at Lotus Marques. If he can't do a VASS certificate, I suspect he would be able to point you in the right direction.
  8. Hi Guys, i am down under for a couple weeks and wondered if there was any car meet nearby I could join. Thanks
  9. @Fammodid you end up bringing the car over? I would be quite interested to know how it went. I am planning to retire in Australia and expect to bring a bunch of cars by then including 3-4 lotus so I wonder how difficult they have been. Thanks
  10. My Lotus Exige S is up for sale....carsales ad can be found here: LINK Details: 2014 Lotus Exige S 16,000km Race Pack Premium Pack Leather pack Convenience Pack FSH - Services by Tutti Motori under my ownership SSC Air Filter SSC Harness Bar & 4 point harness SSC Fire Extinguisher Titanium Exhaust Front Canards HID kit Rear Tow Strap Full Paint Protection Film Brand new AD08R's DBA 4000 rotors front & Pagid Pads (std rear) Custom plates included [XIG 350] Regularly detailed by Alchemy - including stage 1 polish and paint protection Car presents in flawless condition. $99,000 ono
  11. Hi If your still contemplating the idea, here are the key things to consider, The second is and the biggest at the moment, and will be for some time is asbestos
  12. It's now residing at a local exotic car dealership, on a three month holiday getting pampered. All shiney :-) ready for a new owner.
  13. Happy days. Last technical issue resolved to day with the replacement of the ABS accumulator. All ready for the market. :-)
  14. Thanx...will do. Do they hold their value? Do you see many driving around these days? Any RGB's in the U.K.?
  15. Give @Simply Sports Cars a call, they'll be able to keep an eye out for you I'm sure
  16. Can anyone recommend the best place to find and buy the old style series 2 lotus Exige s 260's in Australia? I know they are rare, hence I don't want to miss out on an opportunity...thanx
  17. Stoopid computers.... just need to replace the abs switch and then on the market. Scary times. Not sure what life will be like 'After Lotus'.
  18. Very nice Simon! I thought you lot were upside down though, not sideways
  19. Seats back from the upholsterers. Much improved. :-)
  20. Thanks Rohan. Working on the car now to get it sorted for roadworthy. Notice you're in Melbourne too. Are you in the club? I ended up with a Pearl White Esprit Turbo 1989. Wasn't aware on the stamp duty perk. Does this mean I'll be able to get it paid if I've already paid for it during the import?
  21. Well, the time has come after 15 years of ownership. Seats stripped out, sent for reupholstering. Full clean over the coming months ready for a Spring sale.
  22. scratch that, got the VIN decoding wrong..... its a K series after all which is what i first expected to be.

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