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  2. That ends the similarity.The Gremlin was one of the most truly awful cars known to mankind. Intended as American Motors' answer to import compacts it was essentially a Hornet (the barrel-roll car in The Man with the Golden Gun) with the back sawn off. Hers had a straight 6 engine that produced about 105 brake hamster power while putting, it seemed, 82% of the weight on the front wheels. Combined with a 3 on the floor transmission and four wheel drum brakes it understeered like a pig and stopped in slightly less space than the Queen Mary. The story was that she had just finished nurses training and her father was providing most of the money for a new car. We advocated for the them newly introduced Honda Civic but her dad invoked the golden rule of business (he who has the gold makes the rules) and went with the idea that there would never be parts available for one of those weird import cars. So the car of choice was the Gremlin. We should have viewed this as an omen, but the very first day she had the Gremlin she was driving over to show it to me when a crow flew into the partially open drivers side window, eviscerated itself on the glass and flopped dead onto her lap.
  3. I'd never heard of an AMC Gremlin before. Went and found them on the internet. Looks like a short Elite in a kind of way.
  4. I regularly frequent the hemmings .com site to see if they have any stories of interest, including their intermittent posting of archival photos of various places as kind of a "spot the cars" game. The other day they posted this picture of a parking lot on Richards St., in downtown Vancouver taken in 1974. Cars are a bit difficult to make out, but what will be of general interest is a Lotus Europa just to the right of the lot entrance. Of more direct interest to me is a bronze coloured AMC Gremlin behind the fence on the left side. Back in '74 my girlfriend (as she then was - now my wife) acquired a wonderful Gremlin of precisely that shade and as much of a dog as that car was we never saw another the same colour. I know it's not the Europa we subsequently bought (wrong colour) but there is a fairly good chance that it is the old Gremlin come back to haunt us.
  5. Now that you mention it, I recall that technique but don't dare try it. The cavernous echoing of my head would likely produce a beam that would trigger SETI, and then all hell would break loose.
  6. Something that may work was a thing I saw on Top Gear if I remember correctly. When you press the buttons on the fob, hold it against your head. I know, I know. It sounds stupid, but it seems to amplify the signal. If it doesn't work, I didn't tell you anything.
  7. This happens sometimes due to electromagnetic interference, perhaps from a local power supply or sometimes a government mind control experiment. It's localised, so shouldn't affect the car too often!
  8. I'm curious if anyone else on the West Coast has run into an odd but very local problem. Quite simply, I have found that if I park my Elise on or near Granville Island the key fob won't work to unlock the car or release the immobilizer. It first happened last year - the key fob shorted out and I had to get a tech from Weissach (the local Lotus dealer) to come down and reset the system. I ventured back a few months later and it took a couple of minutes of determined button pushing before the car responded to the fob and unlocked. Today I parked at 1st and Fir and it happened again. I eventually got the car to unlock by intentionally triggering the alarm and hoping it would unlock when cancelled - it worked on about the fourth push of the button. And before anybody asks, it has a fresh battery and since the roof was off I reached into the car with the fob. Once I got back to sunny, albeit smokey, White Rock it worked normally. Has anyone else encountered this? And more to the point, what could be causing It? Is some level of government trying a nefarious experiment of broadcasting thought-control from the underside of the Granville Bridge? Are our friends at Weissach, or more likely one of their nearby competitors, blanketing the area with a Lotus death-ray beam? Whatever it is, my poor Elise is now exiled from Granville Island.
  9. Sorry for the long delay. I am not up to date with what Shift has had recently for sale. Did you go? Did you purchase?
  10. Greetings Ontario Owners! I'm seriously considering the Elise shown below, for sale by Shift in Burlington. I've noticed this car has been listed by them for some time and given the relatively small Elise owner's circle in Ontario, i was wondering if anyone has any insight as to why this car hasn't sold as quickly as Elises tend to. I've been living abroad for the last few years, so next week will be the first time I can see this car person. any insights truly appreciated!
  11. How was your trip to Toronto? Did you get to meet up with anybody from this site?
  12. Epic. And looks like another fantastic day to spend with fellow afficionados of the brand!
  13. Super nice day in Ottawa! Met some nice folks and quite a few Esprit (at least for this side of the pond!)
  14. Same here, If you come down to Montreal, we could meet. Otherwise, enjoy your trip! Luc
  15. Well, welcome to Canada Peter! I'm sorry, but I'm in Western Canada, and that's about 2700 km away! You certainly do have a very interesting car there! I have an Evora, that we're doing using to do our best to convert into a non-factory GTE. Sure hope the weather and the experience is good for you. Congratulations to your son. jj.
  16. Visiting Toronto in July (2016) for my sons wedding. I am from Melbourne Australia. will be there from 14th till 21st july. interested in sharing a coffee with some lotus nuts like myself if anyone is up for it. my drive is a Lotus Eleven. Unfortunately not a genuine car, but a nut and bolt recreation from 1985 by a fabricator with some serious experience, like McLaren sports cars. Just throwin it out there! Peter.
  17. Merci Luc. Bon chance! Too bad there wasn't more Canadian participation here. Keep it up!
  18. Love it! Looks like it was a beautiful day, for that time of year. Nice to see so many people participating! La Belle Province. :-)
  19. Here are some pictures of Hudson's show:
  20. After reading about your mods, I wouldn't call what I did a modification! I think it's the first time I see what's hidden behind the Evora panels...Hooked, I want one! Seriously, the 993 or the Esprit would have to go in order to get one but you have a serious project going on, good luck with everything. I might have to have a look at the Evora forum once in a while... lots of forums to keep up with already!
  21. Thanks for keeping this forum open Luc. I have never been afraid of modifying my cars, although I do believe your best re-sale value will be if the car is kept nearly stock. I like what you've done, and can truly appreciate that. I am now on my third Lotus - started with a 1994 S4, then a 2002 V8 twin turbo, and now I have an Evora S. This is my first new Lotus, and since it is now out of warranty, why not modify it? ;-) For details, go to the Evora model forum, then Evora chat, and see my project under "Aerobat's Evora Project". Not cheap at all, but it will be a very unique car! All the best to you!
  22. Oh, that sounds nice ..... but Ottawa is certainly more than a day trip from Alberta! Hope you have a good time, and I hope other Lotus drivers do show up. Take lots of pictures!
  23. Hi John, I try to keep it original as much as I can. Still sensible upgrades are not out of the question, I changed my brake flex lines for braided ones, I added black shrink on top of them so they look somewhat original. Just ordered the braided line for the clutch, clutch slave, timing belt and K&N filter from JAE. I keep all that interesting work for next winter. I do agree with Bibs that we need to spice up the canadian side of things.
  24. Hi all, I participated in the Hudson (Québec) british car show at the end of May and had a good time. Made some new friends, we were only 4 Lotus owners unfortunately, 2 Esprit, 1 really racy Europe and a late style Elan. I got invited there: Ottawa All British Car Day Saturday, July 16, 2016 Britannia Beach This year they feature the Lotus brand. I will try to attend and thought of passing the news around. See you there hopefully!
  25. Thanks Richard! I certainly have many fond memories of that car - my first Lotus. We did lots of work to that car, and yes - I certainly loved the sound of the car! Yes - there is now an official Lotus dealer in Calgary, and I did use Marcus from PUK for a lot of after-market stuff. Thanks for keeping in touch, and I'm very happy to hear the car is still bringing smiles! Cheers! Have a great driving season. :-)
  26. Hey John, I'm just trying to keep that ole beater of a S4 you sold me on the road! lol. I brought in a few oil seals/gaskets from the USA this winter, never even thought of the Calgary dealer to be honest. Your ex-car is going strong, still loud as all get out, and other than tires, oil and a few little niggly bits (that should be expected in a 20 year old car) has been rock solid. I hope you're enjoying the Evora S!

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