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  3. Coaching and Ice track driving in France with
  4. This is a video from 2016 when I decided to go to the Lotus Driving Academy in France. I start to drive on track from this was the beginning of the story. A lap in the CUP R with Stephane - coach and in charge of the LDA - as driver :
  5. Same thing : 9,10,11 November. Hope to see more members of the TLF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁
  6. Again, again, again... Sambuc private trackday with coaching : 16th October. This time... I take the Exige V6 CUP R 😍🥰🤩 If you are interested PM.
  7. 650 euros per day or 1200 both days let me know if you are interested.
  8. afer a small trip from aix en provbence to le luc en provence, will be here for a dinner
  9. Hi Nick, unfortunately I’ll probably be in America in November, but if my plans change I’ll let you know. Be good to get on track before the winter.
  10. we have maybe an opportunity to do the Ledenon with the CLF the 4th November. could be interesting to do the sambuc the 3th November. interested ? @Swiss380Cup @NickEng @TBD @xyfighter ?
  11. Thank you Nicolas for such a great day. A real shame that your car was out of business after all the effort you put in to organize everything. Very nice to meet so many new people inclusing your parents.
  12. so the week end didn't go as expected for me. but thanks to @TBD for the laps in the 460 and thanks to @NickEng to join us.
  13. return of the f1 circus in france after 10 years................ welcome to the castelet track
  14. this is you last chance for 2018, there is one maybe two places to take...
  15. There is an opportunity for a Night Session at Magny Cours (5PM to 11PM) , open track day limited to 45 cars. early evening example : Date : 2 june or 14 june Cost : around 600 euros Let me know (PM) if you are interested. NB : if the date is the 2 June, I can sponsor you for a trackday also at Magny Cours the 1th June, so two days on the same track...
  16. We have the date for the private track day 2018 with the LDA coachs : Sunday 20th May 2018. If you are interested : PM.
  17. Again, in 2018, we will book a "private" session to the "grand sambuc" next year with the lotus academy (dedicated coaching on your car, or license plan). if you don't know this "little track", please watch the video below : if you are interested, let me know.
  18. 1 june 2017 is the date. PM if you are interested.
  19. I plan to do an individual coaching session this year (for the moment my preference is week 21 or week 22) at the french lotus academy (near aix en provence, sambuc). I am looking for others guys who could be interested by the same thing. It could be fun to participate together and maybe take the opportunity to visit some roads in the south of france. Let me know if you are interested.
  20. Think last time I saw your car was at MBW when he poured down all day! I doubt my Dry Sump will see any action this year but never say never! ?
  21. Yes, literally any excuse! I hope to get it to a few events this year but that was the plan for 2016 and I missed all of them!
  22. Any excuse to show off that dream machine Jonny!! ??
  23. A very happy new year to all on TLF and their families. ?

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