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  2. Welcome to the forums Simon Be sure to start a build thread on this when you get the car and other bits you need,
  3. Hi and welcome Simon. Lots of people have managed this so it is possible. I'm not sure of the details of how to do it but James at @SWLC may be able to help and supply you with parts for the conversion too.
  4. Hey everyone! I just got a great deal on an s2 Elise that has some front and rear damage...overall the car is in great condition and the dealer is offering it to me for 6,000€ and I can probably get it for I was looking for front and rear Clamshells and that got me it possible to install the new exige front and rear clams on the Elise? It's basically the same platform and the only other part that i need to have the complete exige look is the side skirts..I mean the doors look like they are the same in both cars...I know that they cost quite a lot but for the price I'm g
  5. Hi @Lotus Historic Register Ge Is it possible to have access to the program and timing of the races (does not seem to be available on the website)? Thanks in advance
  6. Liebe Lotus- Freunde, als liebgewonnene Eröffnungsveranstaltung der Oldtimer- Motorsport- Saison 2016 findet vom 15.- 17. April wieder auf dem Hockenheimring dieBOSCH HOCKENHEIM HISTORIC „DAS JIM CLARK REVIVAL“ statt. Wie jedes Jahr pilgern die Motorsport-Fans- und somit viele Lotus-Enthusiasten aus ganz Europ zu diesem Event. BOSCH HOCKENHEIM HISTORIC „DAS JIM CLARK REVIVAL ist eine Veranstaltung für den Besucher mit den Besuchern: viele interessante Rennserien treffen sich auf dem Hockenheimring und man kann die Renn-Atmosphäre live bei den Rennen und besser no
  7. TDB, Esprit V8, boston_be, Exploded, Gunter, Sven76, Snoopy1969, JoeV8, Dragon, Pau lito, Shorty, NW76
  8. TDB, Esprit V8, boston_be, Exploded, Gunter, Sven76, Snoopy1969, JoeV8, Dragon, Pau lito, Shorty
  9. TDB, Esprit V8, boston_be, Exploded, Gunter, Sven76, Snoopy1969, JoeV8, Dragon, Pau lito,
  10. TDB, Esprit V8, boston_be, Exploded, Gunter, Sven76, Snoopy1969, JoeV8, Dragon
  11. Ps and we promise lotus does not use "defeat technology" pps unless pipped against a porker on the ring and the sheer automotive genius will be used in the defeating!!
  12. Wow has to be good news and open a whole new market with bordering countries.
  13. Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - 15:00For first time ever, retail finance will be offered by Lotus to customers in GermanyDealers will benefit from wholesale finance provided by akf bankLotus car sales in Germany have increased by 130% (last financial year)Lotus Cars is pleased to announce a new collaborative partnership with akf bank. Under the name "Lotus Financial Services" Lotus Cars and akf bank will offer financial services to Lotus dealers and retail finance products within the German market. The agreement takes effect from the 15th of October 2015 and marks the first time that Lotus has offe
  14. Hi, Thanks for the welcoming message. There is actually a whole report and video on my very car from an Italian blog... See the link below: I just found the article and video when I was buying the car from Lotus through a UK dealer (one day before paying ofr it actually...). I had only seen some pictures of the car and recognised the licence plate immediately. It was MY car and I had obviously been told that it was a "management car"... At first I was furious and then I realised it just a
  15. Welcome to TLF Jorge. I am sure someone will come along that may know the answers to your. questions. You may also find some info in the Events section (not sure though). You should also duck over to the Introductions section and say hi in there. And post up some pics of your car in there as well. We're suckers for pictures.
  16. Hi, I plan taking part in this event. Is there a way to register to this event through you or everything needs to be done through Hockenheimring? Also, as I own an Evora 2+2 I plan to go with my wiife and kids. Does any one know if the access to the circuit with our cars will be allowed with kids inside? Thanks in advance, Jorge
  17. Some time ago, I think in the beginning of 2013, they stopped making it. There was a thread about this topic in the german forum "" which was deleted (for whatever reason)
  18. Anyone know what happened? It looked to be doing great, now the domain is dead and they've not updated their facebook in months...
  19. OK, everyone. If you ever needed a reason to visit Hockenheim here it is! On occasion of the Jim Clark Revival Lotus will attempt to break the world record by bringing more than 437 Lotus together on a single race track at one time. Put April 11, 2014 in you calendar and be there! Ziss is not a kwestshun! Ziss is a Kommando!
  20. Thanks for sharing - the brick stone houses give you a clear hint that it is northern Germany :-)
  21. Not as exciting as the Alps, but here it is.
  22. So, yesterday we had another gathering in Hamburg. 14 Lotus, including 2 Evoras. Again, the dominating colors are light to dark grey, but then that is just our Northern German understatement. Highlight was a joint 175 km drive through the countryside. Certainly left an impression on the people we passed (both visual and aural).

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