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  2. Welcome to the forums Simon Be sure to start a build thread on this when you get the car and other bits you need,
  3. Hi and welcome Simon. Lots of people have managed this so it is possible. I'm not sure of the details of how to do it but James at @SWLC may be able to help and supply you with parts for the conversion too.
  4. Hey everyone! I just got a great deal on an s2 Elise that has some front and rear damage...overall the car is in great condition and the dealer is offering it to me for 6,000€ and I can probably get it for I was looking for front and rear Clamshells and that got me it possible to install the new exige front and rear clams on the Elise? It's basically the same platform and the only other part that i need to have the complete exige look is the side skirts..I mean the doors look like they are the same in both cars...I know that they cost quite a lot but for the price I'm going to pay for the car, it's not actually that bad. I wanted to spend around 20.000€ to get an Elise and now I can have the beautiful Exige stilling and then I have like 10,000€ more to spend on all kinds of stuff...I want to go turbo with a larini exhaust and then do some suspension and brake upgrades and maybe even a bit of work in the interior...but the question remains...can I put the exige clamshells on the Elise?
  5. Hi @Lotus Historic Register Ge Is it possible to have access to the program and timing of the races (does not seem to be available on the website)? Thanks in advance
  6. Liebe Lotus- Freunde, als liebgewonnene Eröffnungsveranstaltung der Oldtimer- Motorsport- Saison 2016 findet vom 15.- 17. April wieder auf dem Hockenheimring dieBOSCH HOCKENHEIM HISTORIC „DAS JIM CLARK REVIVAL“ statt. Wie jedes Jahr pilgern die Motorsport-Fans- und somit viele Lotus-Enthusiasten aus ganz Europ zu diesem Event. BOSCH HOCKENHEIM HISTORIC „DAS JIM CLARK REVIVAL ist eine Veranstaltung für den Besucher mit den Besuchern: viele interessante Rennserien treffen sich auf dem Hockenheimring und man kann die Renn-Atmosphäre live bei den Rennen und besser noch bei einem Besuch in der Boxengasse und bei den einzelnen Fahrern hautnah erleben. Ganz besonders freue ich mich, dass auch in diesem Jahr wieder unsere beliebte Lotus Cup Rennserie unter der Leitung von Paul Golding dabei sein Neben der Vielzahl der spannenden Rennserien findet an der Mercedes Tribüne ein großes Lotus-Treffen statt: hier treffen sich die Lotus Fans zur Ausstellung ihrer schönen Autos und zu einem netten Gespräch. Es besteht während der Veranstaltung auch die Möglichkeit, mit dem eigenen Auto einige geführte Runden auf der Grand Prix Strecke des Hockenheimrings zu fahren. Anmeldungen sind unter www.hockenheim-historic.demöglich. Ich freue mich sehr, Euch alle im April auf dem Hockenheimring begrüßen zu können und verbleibe, mit motorsportlichen Grüßen Siegfried Herrmann Dear Lotus Friends, the opener of the 2016 Oldtimer-Motorsport Season is the BOSCH HOCKENHEIM HISTORIC „DAS JIM CLARK REVIVAL“, which takes place April, 15th to 17th. As every year Motorsport Fans -and of course Lotus Enthusiasts- from all over Europe will join the event. BOSCH HOCKENHEIM HISTORIC „DAS JIM CLARK REVIVAL“ is considered as an event especially for the visitor and together with the visitor: many very interesting race series will be meeting at the Hockenheimring and one is able to directly smelling the race atmosphere during the races, by pit walking and visiting the drivers. I’m certainly very pleased to welcome the very liked Lotus Cup Race Series under the special direction of Mr. Paul Golding ( Besides the many racing series there is a Lotus Club Meeting at the Mercedes Grandstand: here Lotus fans have the opportunity to show their wonderful cars and have some nice conversations. Furthermore it is possible to have a guided ride with the own car on the Grand Prix Racing Course. Please register at I hope to seeing you all in April at the Hockenheimring! Best motorsport wishes Siegfried Herrmann Lotus Coordinator Hockenheimring April 15th to 17th the Bosch Hockenheim Historic- The Jim Clark Revival takes place again. As every year Motorsport and Lotus fans and friends from all over Europe will gather around this event at the Hockenheimring- an emerging positive appeal to all of us, and I am very glad about this development. There will be many very interesting racing series fighting and we will have three days outstanding motorsport fun! Especially for Lotus fans I would like to recommend the Lotus Cup Europe under the direction of Paul Golding. Please have a look at For tickets and drive through permits you have applied for at you will find me dispatching them at the Conti roundabout. 2018, April 7th will be Jim Clark’s 50th day of death and many enthusiasts will commemorate this special day. The opening of the Jim Clark Museum in Duns Scotland is planned to be at that date. Many celebrities of motorsports and Lotus will be attending. For that reason I established a Jim Clark Foundation Germany to collect donates for the museum. All donations will be collected on the Jim Clark Foundation account until 2018, to present the amount of money in my role as Lotus Ambassador Europe to the opening of the museum as Lotus. As a start I created together with our photographer Mrs. Elfi Jung a Lotus Foto Calendar exclusively for Lotus and the Jim Clark Revival for 2016, and we already sold them! So I would like to thank you very much all for your support up to now. Elfi and I will continue to create the Lotus Foto Calendar for 2017. Besides Lotus racing machines this time we will widen up our photo project concerning Street Lotus Sports Cars- so look out for us whirling around during Jim Clark Revival. Many thanks again for your ongoing and continuing support – for any questions and remarks (f.e. participation at the museum’s opening in 2018), please do not hesitate to contact me. [email protected] Yours sincerely, Siegfried Herrmann Lotus Coordinator
  7. TDB, Esprit V8, boston_be, Exploded, Gunter, Sven76, Snoopy1969, JoeV8, Dragon, Pau lito, Shorty, NW76
  8. TDB, Esprit V8, boston_be, Exploded, Gunter, Sven76, Snoopy1969, JoeV8, Dragon, Pau lito, Shorty
  9. TDB, Esprit V8, boston_be, Exploded, Gunter, Sven76, Snoopy1969, JoeV8, Dragon, Pau lito,
  10. TDB, Esprit V8, boston_be, Exploded, Gunter, Sven76, Snoopy1969, JoeV8, Dragon
  11. Ps and we promise lotus does not use "defeat technology" pps unless pipped against a porker on the ring and the sheer automotive genius will be used in the defeating!!
  12. Wow has to be good news and open a whole new market with bordering countries.
  13. Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - 15:00For first time ever, retail finance will be offered by Lotus to customers in GermanyDealers will benefit from wholesale finance provided by akf bankLotus car sales in Germany have increased by 130% (last financial year)Lotus Cars is pleased to announce a new collaborative partnership with akf bank. Under the name "Lotus Financial Services" Lotus Cars and akf bank will offer financial services to Lotus dealers and retail finance products within the German market. The agreement takes effect from the 15th of October 2015 and marks the first time that Lotus has offered financing and leasing products to customers in Germany. The German market is of utmost importance to Lotus and there is strong demand for new models such as the new Evora 400 – which has been recently launched to critical acclaim – and the latest versions of the Elise and Exige. Following recent expansion, there are currently 11 dealers within Germany, with this figure expected to increase further by the end of 2015. Jean-Marc Gales, Chief Executive Officer for Group Lotus plc, commented, “Germany is a hugely important market for us and we have seen sales rise in this market by 130% for the last financial year. It is also of great importance to us that our German dealer network can offer a full range of financial products to prospective customers and our partnership with akf bank allows us to do just that, efficiently financing the sale and transfer of Lotus cars within this key market.” Martina Krauss, Head of Business Development Dealer Finance, akf bank, commented, "We have comprehensive experience in the field of providing financial services for the premium automotive market in Germany. Working in partnership with Lotus Cars is another achievement for akf in this field and in the coming years we plan to undertake a lot of further activity in collaboration with Lotus as we further develop our financial products for the future Lotus customer.” Since 1948, Lotus has been producing iconic, hand built, pure sports cars with benchmark handling. Over the last two years, global sales figures (FY 2014/15 compared to FY2013/14) have risen by 55% and the number of dealers worldwide has increased from 138 in May 2014 to 193. Those interested in more information regarding the finance offers available on Lotus cars in Germany should contact their nearest dealer. To find your nearest dealer, visit
  14. Hi, Thanks for the welcoming message. There is actually a whole report and video on my very car from an Italian blog... See the link below: I just found the article and video when I was buying the car from Lotus through a UK dealer (one day before paying ofr it actually...). I had only seen some pictures of the car and recognised the licence plate immediately. It was MY car and I had obviously been told that it was a "management car"... At first I was furious and then I realised it just adds to the charm of the car. And wired the money. Never looked back. :-)) Some of the pictures are really nice and are now the starting screen in the nav system. I do not manage to get any info on the Hockenheim event, though. I even sent an e-mail to the person appearing in Hockenheim's website but have not heard back from them... Do you know any member planning to attend from whom I could get info? Thanks in advance. Jorge
  15. Welcome to TLF Jorge. I am sure someone will come along that may know the answers to your. questions. You may also find some info in the Events section (not sure though). You should also duck over to the Introductions section and say hi in there. And post up some pics of your car in there as well. We're suckers for pictures.
  16. Hi, I plan taking part in this event. Is there a way to register to this event through you or everything needs to be done through Hockenheimring? Also, as I own an Evora 2+2 I plan to go with my wiife and kids. Does any one know if the access to the circuit with our cars will be allowed with kids inside? Thanks in advance, Jorge
  17. Some time ago, I think in the beginning of 2013, they stopped making it. There was a thread about this topic in the german forum "" which was deleted (for whatever reason)
  18. Anyone know what happened? It looked to be doing great, now the domain is dead and they've not updated their facebook in months...
  19. OK, everyone. If you ever needed a reason to visit Hockenheim here it is! On occasion of the Jim Clark Revival Lotus will attempt to break the world record by bringing more than 437 Lotus together on a single race track at one time. Put April 11, 2014 in you calendar and be there! Ziss is not a kwestshun! Ziss is a Kommando!
  20. Thanks for sharing - the brick stone houses give you a clear hint that it is northern Germany :-)
  21. Not as exciting as the Alps, but here it is.
  22. So, yesterday we had another gathering in Hamburg. 14 Lotus, including 2 Evoras. Again, the dominating colors are light to dark grey, but then that is just our Northern German understatement. Highlight was a joint 175 km drive through the countryside. Certainly left an impression on the people we passed (both visual and aural).

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