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  2. I placed an order last year from him. A great sounding Evora 3rd Cat delete. Can I suggest (if you haven't already) posting on either the club lotus facebook page or the 'nz lotus community' facebook page.
  3. Hi All im placing an order to Jim Valentine at 2bular is there any one else about to place an order and wants to share shipping costs?
  4. Hi All, does any one have a spare harness for an elise ?
  5. Hi, Does anyone know or have a Series 1 Elise for sale in New Zealand. I'm in Christchurch but willing to travel. Body and engine condition isn't too important but must not be a crashed/repaired car and still road legal. Chris 021 366767
  6. I didn't realise that! Maybe we should communicate this in one of the emailings, to get some more activity on here? Perhaps the club emailers could have a register message and link in their signature for club emails or something? Just an idea.
  7. Hi Alex, Congrats on the car! Sounds like a nice one too! The radiator is a 'known issue' and I would say we all end up replacing them at some point. I had mine done representatively when fixing something else that involved removing the front clam. I went with this one from Elise parts check it fits your car first (the site shows model compatibility). But there is a cheaper aluminium one on there which will probably do the job perfectly also. The upgraded one runs my car 1-2 degrees cooler but
  8. Hi All, I did end up finding one! Unfortunately It's got a small minor leak in the radiator so will need to get that sorted.... What did you replace your's with? what was the approx. cost of the entire replacement? Thank-you! Its a 2011 lotus Elise with carbon fiber interior panels and an additional rear wing. Only 5k on the clock!
  9. I concur. Good question, @AlexM. Things to watch for: original tyres will no longer be satisfactory, because of age, not tread wear. original radiator has plastic side tanks that can split at an inopportune moment (ask me how I know). They are a great choice. Did you find one? warmly, David
  10. Hi Mark, Sorry for the delay in responding. Depending on where you are based, you may want to give Hyperdrive a go. I got my R888's for my Elise from them and they did a very good deal at the time, although that was probably over 4 years ago.
  11. Hi Alex, Only just noticed your question, so very sorry for the delay! It's a fairly difficult one to answer without a little more info on the specific model, spec, extras, etc. Personally I would have thought in high $40k's to low $50k's as a best guess. @David in NZ Do you have a better idea on prices?
  12. As a general rule of thumb, What should the value be for a 2010-2012 lotus Elise base model in good condition? Thanks

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