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  2. Richard does come on here once in a while! @Instinct_NZ
  3. Ok that's life. Tbh the extinguisher adds no value on the road and is quite a nuisance for passengers, it takes up a significant amount leg room so it's quite impractical. For me it really is only the "cool points" of having the kill switches Lol. Because I'm immature!!! ..and I do miss a stereo! The one you get might be cheap but who cares it works. Sometimes when you're just cruising it is nice to play the "outrun" soundtrack or something hahahahah! Sound deadening I really wouldn't bother with, because my car doesn't have it (apparently, but who knows? I wonder how you tell? maybe my car does actually have it?!) because it is already better for NVH than my old Elise that does have deadening.... But again it makes the car more liveable and it's hardcore credentials are still intact. It's probably a minor thing either way I imagine. You still have the coolest colour combo of the three of us (sorry Frank!) so it's gonna be fantastic no matter what. I'm loving my car, just waiting on insurance to sort the windscreen now. Shouldn't be far away. I've been meaning to get in touch with you two, (so here is a tag @phrankeee too) because the club are in the final stages of organising the Forgotten Highway Run over the dates 18/02/22 to 21/02/22. It's a real shame you're car hasn't arrived in time Jason, but not sure if you have something else you could bring if you were keen? Frank: Your car will be serviced and ready to go...Would be great to see you there but no pressure and we're all busy and this one is a bit of a time commitment too. But if either of you are keen go to and there is a membership page. $55 p.a. but well worth it for the community and runs you get to go on which really add to the enjoyment of running these cars. Then probably contact Rich Miles who is organising the run, by the looks of it via facebook, but if you're not a facebooker (like me) DM or txt me and I can put you in touch with him just to confirm and lock your places in. I'm thinking of driving my car back up to the Republic of AKL to get the windscreen done (and a oil change for fun) the day or two before the run and then come down with the rest of the guys. It will be epic!
  4. Other than the knocking how are you enjoying it?
  5. Congrats Jason, March is not that far away, just a little bit longer. I am still have issue with my extinguisher canister making knocking noise, Lotus has agreed to replace it under warranty but then this week said they don't have stock in the UK and need Lotus NZ to source locally. I am going for the run in service next week and will just ask them to remove the canister for me while I wait for a new one.
  6. So apparently my car will leave UK 31 Jan so looking like mid-March. Seems the spec has changed too, no fire extinguisher, but added stereo and full sound deadening. Had kinda got used to the idea of the fire extinguisher. Will be interesting to see what actually arrives!
  7. @Sam Downey I pestered Chris last weekend but he has not had an update on delivery and was following up. I assume it’ll be at least three weeks from when it leaves UK so I am in for a bit of a wait I’m afraid. How’s your machine going?
  8. @Exigo When does that Essex Blue 420 Arrive?! Must be soon?
  9. The rev limiter will cut in lower if the engine isn't up to temp yet if that helps at all?
  10. Nice Frank! Such a stealthy but sexy looking car. It feels quicker than a 997 turbo? crikey, i wouldn't have expected that. But that's great! I think being so low gives an accentuated sense of speed also, which is great too because you can have fun without going really nuts. Check your manual, but i think the service is due between 1,000 and 1,500km. I also had a nice drive yesterday and toying with the idea of going for an early morning run tomorrow or the next day. The only problem is getting up early! But I was able to relax with the car more, not trying to over drive it so much, and just had like, a bit of load through it all the time (where I wasn't held up being other vehicles) on a favourite run. So not pushing hard or anything, but just enough to feel weight transfer and some load through the steering and use the brakes properly and it was really nice. That was my best drive so far in fact, because it showed the car does feel good when in it's element, and I hadn't quite got there up until now, whereas the Elise has given me countless drives like that. One thing I'm unsure of is that the manual says the engine cut out is at 6,800rpm, yet the redline is at 7,000. Because a couple of times it felt like it kicked in early (Lol) so umm...further investigation is needed (for science). A favourite local sunken manhole cover confirmed it really does ride better than my Elise (and i still haven't touched the dampers) even though it's meant to be running 1000lb rear springs or something crazy. Imo that is exceptional. The ride is firm, but it's so controlled and the best way i can describe it is that even though the springs might be hard and also firmly damped, what travel there you do get is so smooth. Also it was really warm and I enjoyed cruising around with the windows down but the ability to put the air con on, keep the revs low and then enjoy a quiet (three is tyre noise but no squeaks and rattles) and quality ride make it so much nicer to just cruise home in after a fun drive. The Elise is fabulous, and I'm going to back to back them soon, but it is more wearing i think. Fun times!
  11. Hi guys! I just went for a spirited run, now that I can finally exploit some full throttle actions really makes the car feels much more alive and exciting! The acceleration is pretty nuts, feels quicker than the 997 Turbo I used to own, probably because it's so light and small, that accentuates the sense of speed. Jason, the suspension dials for compression are pretty easy to access, they are just on top of the suspension and easy to get to. But the rebound dial is below the suspension so it's harder to get to, but because I have small hands so I actually managed to reach them without having to lift the car. I also found from a Lotus PDF online that there are 16 clicks for the high speed compression, and 24 clicks for the low speed and rebound. This is not stated in the manual, so it's good to know, cuz at the beginning I was quite clueless because I don't know how many clicks there are, and the dials don't show any readings at all. I will post some pics below so you can have a look. I believe the run in service is at around 1500km? I will try to ask them to change the oil and filter for me then. Ya, hopefully the freight doesn't take too long for my new canister to get here, the noise is really super annoying, I think I will be so happy when it's fixed. The leg room is ok for the passenger because the passenger seat is bolted to the furthest position, but it does take out about 20cm though. Personally I wouldn't have spec'ed this in the first place, but I guess neither of us had any choice. San, thank you for the run in tips, hence my spirited run today, haha. Here are some pics from today:
  12. That all sounds pretty good Frank and hopefully they sort the extinguisher soon. I had been toying with taking it out being mindful that it restricts passenger leg room but not sure. Is it a pain for passengers? Is it fairly easy to change the suspension settings or a bit of a PITA? Pleased you've got it riding how you like it. When is the run-service completed? Certainly puzzling that there seems to be different views on what is required, but if in doubt, oil and filter is pretty cheap piece of mind. Then again we may be over-thinking this! Has anyone had their hard top off yet? No further word on my delivery, guessing Feb, so any pictures you guys can post will keep me focused! Hope you're both getting time off to put some kms on your new machines and look forward to a drive together sometime soon! Drive safe!
  13. Congrats Frank! Sounds like you're enjoying the car more. I hope they get that replacement extinguisher quickly for you but with the time of year etc, let's just cross our fingers for you! I fully trust Daire but considering everyone else is getting oil changes it certainly wouldn't hurt and will give piece of mind. If it's true that they don't in fact have any kind of run in oil, and the Toyota units will be bench run in anyway then it does seem logical that there is no oil change needed. But i'll do it when the car goes back. Do you mean >1000kms but not yet had the run in service? I just go by the owners manual which says something like you can go full throttle and higher revs but don't use "full vehicle performance" Lol. I think that means you can open it out (in fact it will be good for it at that point) but just don't do it constantly or go tracking it or anything. Heat is probably the thing, the odd put your foot down moment = good, driving it like you stole it = bad. Much thanks Frank! Sam to you and yours! Have a great Holiday and hope we all get to meet up soon!
  14. Hi Jason and Sam, happy to report that I have just hit 1000km tonight, so I will probably be able to do the post break-in service after the holiday. One thing that's a bit disapointing is that my extinguisher canister has something loose inside that's making some quite loud noises, Lotus is replacing it under warranty, so hopefully the new canister will arrive after the break so I can get it replaced together with the service. BTW Sam, are you planning to get your oil and filter changed when you come up to replace your windscreen? I might ask them to change mine during the service, just for a peace of mind. The car has been amazing to drive otherwise. I have also been playing with my nitrons, and currently I have set both the front and rear high speed compression 2 clicks softer, and the front rebound 1 click softer from factory settings, the car rides quite nicely now and I am happy with my settings for the time being. BTW do you guys have any recommendations on engine run-in post 1000km? Wish you guys happy holidays, and hopefully we will be able to meet up to drive our 420s together next year 😊
  15. Interesting. It looks like it would help. I already scraped it again on the way home into Ken's drive at KW Historics! It seems fine most of the time and areas and speed bumps that I'm familiar with, but it's always the places you're not used to that put it at risk. Thankfully it is all invisible under there anyway.
  16. Sam and Frank. I've ordered the sliplo product for the spoiler lip. Not sure how you guys are getting on with scrapes but thought I'd get ahead of the game and get it fitted when I have PPF applied. Frank, how are you getting on with the car?
  17. Good point. I think there is a risk in pushing cars on a track, but it is a safer environment than the road obviously. Perhaps that is a wise thing to do. I think the headlights are fine/great. The high beam lights up the road to the horizon it feels like, and the dipped are fine for what the y show. My issue was the glare from oncoming drivers, the conditions, and my knowledge that the road surface was not to be trusted. If any of those elements were not present it would have been more manageable. I guess it just irks because there should be no excuse for SH1 to be in such a dangerous state of disrepair. Not the cars fault. Yes, as fantastic as the car is, there are differences between it and the Elise and maybe I'm biased, but my Elise in particular, which is perhaps a little more wild and Exige like that most. We will see how things go, but currently I'm thinking I need to keep both!😅which feels crazy...but a wonderful situation to be in! I can't wait to see your car in the flesh (aluminium and composite) as I'm jealous of the blue and black combo! It's going to be stunning I'm sure.
  18. Wow. Great write-up Sam. Sounds a bit scary but exciting that it sounds like something to unwrap slowly as your confidence builds. This is partly why I want to put the car on the track so I can learn about it in a safe(ish) environment and get to grips with it. Were the headlights pretty crap? I’ve seen some after market ones in the forums which might make a difference at night. It’s an interesting observation that you can wring the neck of the Elise on the road and have a lot of fun, but the Exige, although faster, quickly gets out of the realm of sensible on the open road. Anyway, glad you made it back without too many dramas and I remain green with envy as I wait for mine to come of the production line.
  19. Yes likewise Frank, great to catch up and hopefully we can again sometime soon. The drive back was just as stressful! The last couple of hours were in the dark and with maybe over an hour of really bad rain. Something I haven't ever noticed in the Elise (but probably only because I've never been in that situation) is that sat so low, oncoming headlights lights really blind me, add bad rain (as in, rain with the wiper on the max setting) and due to the presence of other traffic, not being able to use main beam, and I just couldn't see the road. I could just about see where it went, but I couldn't see the road surface. So I realised that this is a problem. The guys in SUVs and UTEs don't care and just blast on, but I really think hitting one of those deep nasty potholes would do damage. In some of them the car would ground out I'm sure. In the day, constantly scanning the road was exhausting. Look too long in your mirrors and you'll get a nasty surprise when your vision turns back to the road surface. At night and in those conditions it was scary and felt dangerous. I pulled off the road 3 times, and speed ranged from 50kph to 85kph depending on visibility (i was the slowest car on the road!) I'm not really keen to make the return trip tbh!, The sun was shining and I went on my first "drive" drive, i.e. my normal weekend morning drive just for fun on familiar roads while driving the car normally post run in. So this was really the first time I've used the car as I will do from now on. On one of my favourite local windy roads, the traffic was mostly kind (as in clear) so I could push as hard as I wanted. It's all up hill second and third gear stuff and I never once managed to put my foot flat... Some thoughts: The car is very, very fast. Faster than the spec numbers would suggest imo. Faster than me. It will take some getting used to and lots of respect. It's so capable. Always feels like it's cornering flat, the ride is so controlled, the brakes are the best I've ever felt, everything is drum tight. The steering is great, not deserving of the description of being "heavy". It just feels meaty at all times. The exhaust opening at 4,500rpm or whatever it is, is too late. On that sort of road I was in the mid range and therefore exhaust closed more often than not. When the exhaust does open, it's either very loud, or shockingly loud! If you have the window down and a median barrier or bank or rock face for example. The car is savage, mental. When conditions allow and you can open it up it really is an extreme ride. It's limits are so high for me, that I cannot push up to them, no where near currently. That same road in the Elise has given me some of my best ever drives, because sometimes you can get it moving around or really feel it working. The Exige is much too fast to do the same at this stage. I cruised home at a sedate pace feeling like I needed to come down and relax! So maybe the Elise is sometimes more fun, but this thing is an intense hit. You'd think it's the same sort of thing but a different performance level, but the Exige is so much more intense. It's a much bigger hit of adrenalin. Oh, and the fuel gauge seems terribly pessimistic. Drove about 50km with the fuel light on and still had 11 litres in the tank when I filled up? Weird. Anyway, I got 26.7mpg or 10.6L/100km out of that tank. Which was mixed driving, some on the run home, and some "spirited" which I think is pretty much bang on what they say it's meant to be. So that's nice. So today was a good day!
  20. Great to meet you this week Sam and sorry you weren’t able to join us Frank. Sam, how did the drive back go?
  21. wow, that's nice, you can finally explore some full out experience. I couldn't resist and did a couple of pulls over 45k rpm last night, and the sound when valves open up is pretty amazing!
  22. I'm booked in for this time next week! The car has literally sat for the last 4-5 weeks so I'm keen to be able to start enjoying it properly.
  23. Hi, sam, thank you for the threads, I have dialed the compression to full soft and it has already made a lot of difference. Next, I will probably dial down the rebound a couple clicks to see the difference. BTW, when are you planning to do your post break-in service?
  24. Hi Frank, yes I have. I think it's a case of reading plenty and then working from there to find what suits you. Hopefully these links all work. Based on this search (try different keywords also) adjustment&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=344 This thread look useful: but this post (that is linked from there) in particular: I would still definitely ask the Lotus mechanics at Gilptrap though as they probably have plenty of experience with similar things in other high performance cars.
  25. Hi, Sam, thanks, have you come across any threads about the Nitron 3-way adjustments? I don't seem to be able to find many threads in the forum regarding this?
  26. Hi Frank, glad you have fiddled and found some improvement. Check online here, but yeah, best would be to get some advice on how to set slow speed compression and rebound based on having high speed compression set as soft as possible. You might want to look into the ARBs also, as i don't know their factory default setting, or exactly how to change them, but having them on the softest setting should also help with the ride comfort.

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