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  2. Hello. Wanting to update my 88 turbo esprit. Does anyone have or know anyone thinking of selling an SE S4 or V8? Please let me know on 0210519518 Thanks! Al
  3. Things I learned today: Lotus still fit (or did in 2012) a radiator with a plastic end tank to new Elises Plastic end tanks get brittle and break You can't buy a replacement in NZ An all alloy replacement from Elise Parts costs $588 + shipping Question: should I worry about reusing the original fan mounting kit (made of mild steel, and thus prone to rusting in salty air), and pay an extra $40 for 316 marine grade stainless steel brackets, nuts, bolts, etc?
  4. Awesome NZ driving Roads (North Island)

    It looks like I never posted this draft - oh well, just in time for Christmas... here is a preview of my favourite section - a 1.3km stretch of Ridge Road: It is not a fast road. In fact, because it is so narrow, you have to be quite sedate, in case you meet other traffic (this happened in my video). But there are many tight corners to enjoy. And the corresponding Google map:
  5. Queenstown to Glenorchy Road

    Thanks guys! Such a fun car to film... a really nice reminder of just how much enjoyment you can have from an older fully analog car.
  6. Queenstown to Glenorchy Road

    Stunning video and a stunning car. Well done
  7. Queenstown to Glenorchy Road

    Thanks Rich! I really appreciate your support. Thanks for the warm welcome and the forum suggestions. (Yes, it sure does take time to make videos... glad you enjoy the process, and looking forward to seeing your finished result!)
  8. Queenstown to Glenorchy Road

    Amazing Video Ben!!! (And a stunning car too!) That puts the video's from Lotus Cars to shame! They should put you top of their list when they make their next video. I'll share this on a few facebook groups too.. Hope you get the Votes you need to win that amazing kit! I really enjoy making videos for Club Lotus NZ.. currently editing my 'Epic Trackday' footage.. spent about 30 hours on 3 min a footage and still another minute to go.. and I only do it for 'fun' lol. Please jump over here and say 'Hi'.. I'm sure you'll get a warm welcome. I think you should also share your video with the wider 'global' community...maybe here: Cheers Rich
  9. Queenstown to Glenorchy Road

    Wonderful, thank you for sharing
  10. Hi guys, I made this film about my Elan plus 2 on my favourite piece of road. If you like it, please take the time to vote! Thanks,
  11. Awesome NZ driving Roads (North Island)

    And here is another.. just a few KM's away from Ponga Rd listed above so why not extend your fun on the road to include these too! White Rd to Sky High Rd to Monument Rd.. most twisty goodness! And here is the Google Map: Have Fun!
  12. Awesome NZ driving Roads (North Island)

    Here is another great road... I haven't driven on this road for a while.. and it was the start of an impromptu 'Fish n Chip' run ending in Kaiaua.. and that is another great road and a video to follow! Anyway... this one is 'Ponga Rd'. As per the previous video.. and well, most of these NZ roads... please be careful as the roads are narrow in places and the other motorists and road users may not have the agility of a Lotus to corner and stop quickly! Here is the video link: And here is the map. (You can start at either end... both ways are great!).
  13. Awesome NZ driving Roads (North Island)

    In mapping out a route for a car run next weekend, here is a preview of my favourite section - a 1.3km stretch of Ridge Road: It is not a fast road. In fact, because it is so narrow, you have to be quite sedate, in case you meet other traffic (this happened in my video). But there are many tight corners to enjoy. And the corresponding Google map:
  14. Awesome NZ driving Roads (North Island)

    Good idea to record these, Rich. This is one of the roads we traversed after the brunch with the Triumph TR register and Jaguar club on Sunday. It is just south of Warkworth. The video is of a short portion of the route, as it's not as much fun when following normal traffic: And the corresponding Google Map:
  15. Hi All, As you all know, we love to drive our cars along some amazing twisty roads that we're blessed with here in NZ. I'm always coming across new roads and there is one I'll share as soon as I've finished editing the video. So I thought I would start this thread to inform others of your favorite 'Amazing Driving Roads'. Perhaps you can post a video of the drive but better still include a link to a Google Map so we can all find and enjoy the road To get things going, here a great road in West Auckland... You'll find on the way to Piha 'Lone Kauri Road' And here is the Google Map
  16. New coat of paint for my Excel

    That's a great shot! One of the 'complaints' on the new 2017 CLNZ Calendar... is that there isn't any Excels... Easy to fix... send some in. We have also invited the Southern Lotus Register to submit photos too. We will put a call out again next year for the 2018 photos so hoefully we'll see some great shots of Hethel's finest!
  17. New coat of paint for my Excel

    Nice looking machine with original mags.
  18. Anyone near Queenstown?

    I am in the middle of the South Island. About 4 hours frm Queenstown
  19. New coat of paint for my Excel

    Another NZ Excel
  20. Workshop visit, Drive and a Feed... (Event)

    Not a problem Darren, although the Kudos goes to @Esprit918 (Club President David Crandall) for this one. Hopefully we'll have a run up North in the not to distant future. There are photos from todays event over on our Facebook page here: PS. The September run is ending up in Warkworth, it's going to be on the 18th. Hopefully We'll see you there. We are also going to join the TR Register on December 18th for an early morning Christmas breakfast run (Auckland to Warkworth).
  21. Hi Guys Just a quick note to say great to meet up again and thanks for organising a very interesting trip, it is always an inspiration to see around the workshops of true professionals. All the very best Darren
  22. Workshop visit, Drive and a Feed... (Event)

    It will be great to see you again, Darren. And Rich.
  23. Workshop visit, Drive and a Feed... (Event)

    No problem coming in a Mazda Darren, or is that a Mazdarati :-) It will be good to meet you and put face to the name. I know that Ken and Jim will have some interesting stories to share and hopefully some equally interesting cars in the workshops! I've been to this café before and the food is great, so hopefully you'll join us for lunch too.
  24. Hi Richard I have to come down to Auckland tomorrow and hope to catch up with you guys. Unfortunately I have to drop people off so it will be Mazda power, not the Elise . Cheers Darren
  25. We are visiting the workshops of Ken Woodburn at KW Historics & then calling in to see Jim Gamsby at TVR who is a couple of doors down.This will be followed by a drive out to Clevedon to the Corner Kitchen & Bar for lunch for those who feel inclined.Where: KW Historics, 21 Lorien Place, East TamakiWhen: This Saturday (13th August) at 10.30am We look forward to seeing you there.
  26. Hi Gents I have replaced the wheels and tyres on my 2004 K Series S2 (went for the black look) so the originals are now not wanted, the fronts have Bridgestone Potenza's with about 3 mm or so left on them and the rears have Dunlop D2101's with about 5mm left. All the wheel have a bit of kerb damage but you can see generally not that bad. I will also throw in the original wheel bolts with the standard wheel locks and associated key and splined driver. I was thinking $600 for the lot and best for pick ups as courier would be quite expensive, I think about $100 each. Cheers Darren