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  2. As a general rule of thumb, What should the value be for a 2010-2012 lotus Elise base model in good condition? Thanks
  3. Hi All Does anyone/Club have any delas with Tyre suppliers in NZ ? Need a set for an Elise 195 50 16 and 225 45 17 or a pair of toyo R888 new /part worn 225 45 17 Regards Mark
  4. Hi all. I've been on the lookout for a late-80's Esprit, preferably turbo but not essential, for about 18 months now, with no luck. I was considering Pureguava's S3 when it got snapped up by some discerning buyer in early 2018. There hasn't seemed to be any NZ Esprits on the market since then. Does anyone have, or know of, an S3 for sale? I'm tempted by an English 1988 turbo but am in the dark over the importation process. Are there any pitfalls with the compliance of imported models? I'm aware that freight/clearance/GST will add about 10k to the price, but will bite the bullet if there were no major modifications required to get the car legal here. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. I'm planning to join in the Raglan Run this Sunday, in my 2012 Elise. My passenger seat is currently empty. Anyone interested, try to persuade me to take you? :-) My expectations of you: dress warmly, as I'll try to keep the roof off, unless it is looking like or actually raining. A cap helps. don't make a mess pay for your own lunch What you can expect from me: it's only a 1600, so I don't drive excessively fast, but I do corner briskly when it is safe I like getting to know people, so I might ask questions - answers are up to you no radio or other music - the exhaust note is sufficient If anyone else has a seat spare, feel free to offer it in this thread. Speak up if you like a ride. We're keen to allow others to enjoy the fun.
  6. Welcome, Bruce! It sounds like you're having fun. We happened upon Twilight Rd during an outing on Sunday. Such roads always bring a grin. You'll receive emails from Club Lotus NZ about upcoming events - we tend to favour those that include twisty roads! David
  7. Fun seeing these posts. I haven't tried a Go-Pro on the car yet but Ridge Rd, Twilight, Woodcocks, Lone Kauri - these many of my favourite roads too. As we're just starting to get to know each other, I'm finding the Elise very capable on these 'B' roads although to be honest, I'm going to have to be careful with speed as its so easy to exceed not the grip but the view of hidden hazards round the bend! If you're looking for a driving buddy next time you're out for a drive I'll bring the SC and join you for a blat. F&C run to Kaiaua on a Sunday usually a good fun, or Coro loop. Look forward to meeting you guys. Bruce
  8. Hi Mark, No, I didn't try them. That looks promising - though I was amazed how quickly the radiator arrived from UK. There was a peace of mind aspect of knowing it would fit exactly, first time. Good suggestion, though. Thanks! UPDATE: I didn't need the stainless mounting bracket. The radiator is higher spec, keeps the engine cooler, and looks great when you peer through the front mesh! I'm pleased with it.

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