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  2. blindside


    @MrD Hi Yiannis, It’s great to have another hardcore Renaultsport fan on TLF. Love your R27 Clio & totally agree that there is nothing in the FWD hot hatch world that compares on a “bang for buck“ basis. I’ve been through 4 x RS Megane Mk3’s over the past 7 years; fortunately including 2 x Trophy-R’s. (First in liquid yellow, followed by one in the ‘ring spec’ colour scheme. I’ve looked at & driven all the German stuff & plus the RS Focus and none of them gives the same level of driver feedback & fun. (All way too heavy for a start apart from the Clubsport S)! I’ve very recently moved on to a Mk4 Trophy-R, which is proving to be an absolute animal & adrenaline rush to drive. There is only one colour choice, which is probably a good thing. You now have the perfect blend of proper mid engined and FWD drivers cars. Health to enjoy!
  3. dsvitesse1

    Gearbox parts

    He knows where the parts and others can be purchased. cheers, Harry
  4. Buddsy


    Hi Yiannis Welcome to the forum and glad to see you were able to get a parking space and a car! buddsy
  5. Looks like the Government is going to make further attempts to 'Encourage' us to go the EV Route (or use Public Transport, Cycle or Walk) in November
  6. Haven't tried it on the iPad - but there's a number of options you can select, including 'Sports Packs', Carbon goodies, Exhausts, Batteries, Wheels, Interior Trim, Infotainment, (Air conditioning on the Elise), Hardtop/Soft-top options. It is easy to miss though. You'll see that where its says 'Exterior >' if you click on that other options come up
  7. Thats a worthwhile point @dixie v6 makes and may be an idea for you to test @zaero especially given your setup with the headers.
  8. £17,500.00 End Date: Friday May-1-2020 11:06:02 BST Add to watch list Click to view item
  9. Numbers one & two (won two, one two)
  10. I also have headers and no cats, (same as Kristof) I have no problems with my intake that's almost the same as Imran's intake with the only difference that I added an air straightener before the maf , I did some testing with an air fuel gauge and without the air straightener air fuel ratio was very unstable...
  11. I nearly bought a blue convertible 25 years ago but got spooked by it when it had diff issues so regrettably didn’t buy it bought the maroon one. The day after I bought it the chassis snapped when I hit a pot hole. Only chassis I could get 25 years ago was a spyder so quickly fitted it but it was an awful car and in the end I stuck it in a garage where it’s been for 20 years. Now want to do it up properly as I have a 5 month old done and we’d like to go out as a family when he is older and neither the sc Elise or the dry sump esprit fit 3.
  12. Today
  13. And me. At least they’ve put it under cover now after years of it rotting outside in all weather.
  14. Do we still get the day off on Good Friday and Easter Monday? Looking forward to watching a bit of TV and internet browsing.
  15. I've heard of people using a hair dryer to warm the plastic strip, bend it appropriately, and then hold it in place with masking tape. Leave it over night to cool and set into the right shape, then remove the masking tape and stick it on with glue. I've not done this myself!
  16. Bibs

    Gearbox parts

  17. I went for the official lotus track exhaust, gets you on all tracks and is repackable
  18. giorgio67

    Gearbox parts May I have the 3/4 synchro hub good used but I can't check at the moment, if not Harry Martens would be great to source also used part.
  19. Im sorry to say but its likely due to you having headers and no cats as you may have pushed the standard ECU too far.... that said others have done this and its been fine. However its not something I have tested or marketed as being recommended. The intake is designed as a simple bolt on kit for standard cars (standard being standard engine).
  20. look great PJ. to me the red is now all done, please don't over do it.
  21. I’ve been considering 3 point belts using plates modelled on those fitted to the excel but I’m not sure if the fibreglass is as thick in the eclat. its in my to do list when I take out the tank
  22. Hi all , I recently bought my first Lotus and I must say that I love it! It's an 1.6 Elise (MY 2012). Although I really enjoy the car, there are some things that bother me a bit and I hope you guys can help me figure out what's wrong.. 1) I noticed a rattle coming from the left air intake when the engine is cold. It only occurs when I press the brake pedal and the sound slowly fades away after +/- 30 seconds. When I press the brake again, the ticking is back. Is this something to worry about? I made a video: Video link 2) It seems that there is a hose on the bottom of the the left air intake. Is this normal? Doesn't seem effective positioned this way.. 3) Sometimes I have to press the button on the key to deactivate the immobilizer and sometimes I don't. Seems to happen randomly. I always lock the car after use. Tried to reset by disconnecting the battery and tried both keys. No luck. Any ideas? And last but not least, The TC light comes up once in a while. Already read about a faulty brake light switch so I will first check that, I hope it's that easy. As mentioned before, I love the Lotus, but it will be even better once these things are sorted out! Thanks in advance and stay healthy! Wouter
  23. Blue with silver roof looks pure elegance. Do you know that Paul Matty used to do convertible conversions for them?
  24. Congratulations ... what year is it ? Cheers @MrD: Very nice, nice purchase, have fun ... Cheers Nano CURRENTLY UPDATED: 31 cars No. Year Colour Owner 006 2013 Monaco White Simon Robinson 011 2013 Carbon Grey Jim Chan 013 2013 Pewter Grey Messer 021 2013 Pewter Grey chumaxa / xav 027 2013 Carbon Grey ex Patrick Kestemont 029 2014 Solar Yellow MrD / Yiannis 030 2013 Motorsport Green Maldsley 034 2013 Chrome Orange Nano 040 2013 Burnt Orange Drumzz 051 2014 Pewter Grey Farook 059 20?? Monaco White Van der Koiii Sportscars 060 2014 Solar Yellow Mike and Ike! 061 2014 Chrome Orange Jack 069 2014 Nightfall Blue Waky 078 2014 Toxic Green Tony4147 079 2014 Gulf Blue RobbieB 082 2014 Black Edition Bassman 083 2015 Silver Morgan park Hamburg 090 2014 Burnt Orange Schnitzel 093 2014 Carbon Grey JJD 095 2014 Black Edition Black Knight 096 2014 Isotop Green bruno350s 099 2014 Monaco White 550superfast 112 2015 Black Edition mcx 120 2015 Signature Orange OrangeExige 123 2015 Elise Grey Glynnsport 124 2015 Black Edition nw942 128 2016 Metallic White GRP / Greg 133 2016 Solar Yellow nihonbashi / Vince 138 2015 Canyon Red Arun_D 139 2016 Silver Mark Williams
  25. Ha ha! No worries. The roads I prefer to drive, are usually narrow, hilly and curvy, with lots of horsemaneuver, wet leaves, dust and dirt and It's been dirty from heavy rain a few times, as I couldn't avoid it. Lower the speed and sneak home, and it doesn't skid out. I always check the weather forecast and take a look at the skies, before leaving home for a drive. If the unfortunate should happen, and it gets dirty, I usually just take a little window cleaner and a couple of micofiber cloths and voila, in just a couple of minutes, it's clean again. I don't fancy coming to a dirty car to take a drive, so it's worth doing. A quick waxing is also on the weekly doing. Modern waxes are so much easier and faster to work with, and saves a lot of times, compared to just 20 years ago. Actually, the Esprit is really easy to clean. It usually drives from late April to early October. The rest of the year is usually cold, wet and not so nice, so that is wrenching time. I should add, that ordering some parts for Winter projects in October, usually arrive here in late May. Oh, those English shops... They are very helpfull and also quite creative in making obsolete parts and what not, but they don't know how to make business with regards to customer relations, I must say in all honesty, no offence. I mean, it's not all sportscar drivers, who prefer to having the car stay dismantled on axle stands for years on end, just because a few bits and bobs are needed. My Esprit is made to drive, not be a garage queen. Sure, an Esprit is a pretty car to look at, but it's driving at seeking suitable victims in german chaos cars that's fun and where a 30 year old Esprit can do it's thing. So, for me, the solution is to project any project one more year, after ordering parts , so patience is needed. When I have ordered parts from USA and Australia, it arrives here very quickly. The only Englishman I know who is quick in shipping parts and stuff, is actually Bibs. Maybe he should take over the whole business? Take it with a smile. After all, it's better than having no spares at all. Kind regards, jacques
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