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  2. @EldonZ yes, need to remove headlight, front splitter, side skirts, door seal, door cards, scoops, roof. I had the car inner fully wrapped as well Cost might be similar to paint but I didn't ask.
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  4. Hi, i was doing the 2 string bend on Samba pa ti and i hear that the sound was utterly shit... I looked arround the guit. and noticed that my neck was slightly bended or twiseted QQ. Is there a fix for this? I dont know from what fret it starts exatcly to bend but all i know that from the 12 fret up to 3-4 fret its kinda weird looking...
  5. Snap. Excuse the wheel blocking the view. if you are doing this you have to go with the convenience of electric. This works with the HomeLink system fitted to the roof lining in the Evora - massively practical.
  6. Was never a 2019 car. Was originally going to leak some details in the summer of '20, and be first shown at the Paris Auto show in October 2020 with starting in '21. Now as of last September, was told production starts late '21 and purchase in early '22 so in total the Type 131 has slide a year.
  7. Extra fiver discount on the trailer for the nice comment.
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  9. Evora S models seem to be particularly thin on the ground, especially in manual form. Not saying they’re the same, but 911 values tend to bottom out at about 10 years old and then start creeping up again. Might we start seeing the same thing on the rare S1 Evoras?
  10. Paul This is going to be a fantastic journey saving possibly one of the biggest S1 projects I’ve seen other than a fire car. It makes mine look pretty simple but with everyone’s help should be a stunner like your white car. My vote is red everyday but I have a thing for red S1’s as you know. The body is certainly more hacked than I thought and we have been talking offline so that’s going to present a few challenges along the way but all fixable. The chassis looks excellent so that’s a massive bonus and being a matching number car definitely makes the project worth that extra
  11. Welcome to the forum. Don't worry too much about spec, though, sports pack is a must for many. As you say buy on condition. Miles not a problem either, you should be able to get a decent S1 NA for budget and it's all the car you'll need, don't lose faith if you need to be a little patient. There aren't many of them about. Good luck with the search!
  12. Hello all, I am new to this forum. I have been very much into my hot Renault/Alpines and currently own a Clio v6 ph2 but with the arrival of our new baby girl I am in need of a vehicle with rear seats. So the Clio has to go sadly! So I am doing my research into the lotus evora and I think it’s the one for me. My budget is modest £25k so will be a NA car. Would love a dark green one but with my budget I will not be fussy and will look for the most loved car I can find.
  13. Yes, but isn't the problem here the "noise" - the buttons and valves WILL BE type approved if using originals? The issue as I understand it (I'm a novice, no expert) is not type approval of the parts, but the "noise" regulations in the EU. Anyway, to keep on topic, my 410 has the button and I am so bloody glad it does. The Evora market seems quite constrained right now for S1 cars. In fact I think more GT410's on the used market (nearly new / ex demo) than any other type of Evora (S1, 400, 410 Sport)
  14. I have to say that orange is my favourite colour for the S1 and when I was looking for a car 15 years ago it was orange that was at the top of my wish list but I ended up finding a white/tartan car which was my second choice and at £2,000 I couldn't turn it down. I do have a problem with the idea of changing the colour of a car, I would find it very difficult to do.
  15. Over the last couple of months Ive been jazzing up my garage. I was so sick working on the Esprit under a dim single bulb I started by painting the ceiling and fitting a couple of LED tube lights. Over the lockdown I managed to squeeze in time to make a new smaller work bench. Ive fitted a sink and air line for my compressor. I bought a couple of new tools boxes for all my tools. Today I hung the couple of prints classic team gave me plus one from Mr Mountain! I have been working on my brakes and its been so much nicer working out there. video-1611426396.
  16. Looks great - is the red sill flash paint or vinyl?
  17. You are spot on, it was meant for @LotusLeftLotusRight I'd meant it in reply to this one. Now, if you had not known them to be visitors of the tenants, then you might reasonably have suspected the unfamiliar people to be there illegally (other than COVID rules, say trespass, squatting, breaking & entering etc) and you could have done the neighbourly thing and called the police in an effort to protect the possessions of the tenants. If you'd thought the people you'd seen acting suspiciously were not the known tenants, you could have reported these "strangers" to the poli
  18. Looks like water damage, I'd recommend reading this. It'll give you a better idea of the problem
  19. I had a builder convert a 2 door into one using a roller door & it was nothing but trouble
  20. I considered them but I was told they wear fast and they weren't needed.
  21. Well done Peter, looks superb!!
  22. Steve found the spares. New bearings are on the way. All is well in the world. During this process, I removed the brake drums to find that one side of the diff is leaking so bad that it’s made that brake useless. It might be a little hard to see in the pic, but those shoes are soaked in oil. I think I’ll pull the diff and have it rebuilt - or at least re-sealed - while I’m back here (rebuilding the diff on my own is above my pay grade)
  23. You can see my build thread there. Im close to having all the necessary parts. All the unobtainium made parts are in my hands. I just need to fab the exhaust, access panel, and axle carrier. I hope there would be an ac bracket prototype by then. Frankenstienmotorworks makes most of the swap parts.
  24. Okay, as promised here is the spreadsheet which will be used to detail all the costings... Hope my wife doesn't find this post We should have a poll as to what colour I do it... 1. Leave it red with a brown marcasite interior as it left the factory 2.White & tartan 3. Orange & tartan 4. something else - you suggest
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