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  2. Hello from Texas!

    I know I said hi in another topic, but I have to comment here. That looks lovely. Hope the belt issue gets sorted out pretty quick if that is what it is.
  3. Hello from Switzerland

    Welcome to the forum. Car does look great. Personally id want the Lotus back on the back. buddsy
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  5. Hello from Texas!

    Hi all just wanted to introduce myself new to the site. I just purchased my second 2000 Esprit V8. Just driving it a couple of months made me realize why I came back to this model. There is nothing quite like it. A true exotic!
  6. Possible timing belt break?

    Not quite sure of the arrangements on the V8 but maybe one of the other belts has snapped. Alternator or air con etc. but if one of those goes it is possible for it to get caught around the cam belt. I would be very cautious about starting the car without finding exactly what the issue actually is. buddsy
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  8. Possible timing belt break?

    Thanks for the reply! I was kind of thinking the same thing, that it wouldn’t turn over if it was the timing belt or much less run smooth and have steady idle. I did look at the top of the serpitne belt and one side does look a bit freyed. Maybe a siezed pulley or something? Definatley will have it towed.
  9. Another college shooting in the USA

    Only people power can change the rules in the US. Although I do believe if this happened there would be many more deaths just as a result of the conflicts at marches. NRA V the general public. They wouldn’t be just mass shootings, they would be massacres.
  10. Possible timing belt break?

    Welcome to TLF Mike. If your timing belt has broken, the engine won't start at all. If you are getting some sort of smoke and rubber smell from the engine, don't run it. If you are taking it in on Monday, I would even look at getting it trailered there unless it is just around the corner. You do not want anything to break. Just ask @Barrykearley. There are several belts at the front of the engine. I presume you don't have the facilities yourself to get under the car to have a look? Anyway, hope it all turns out ok. You should duck over to the Introductions section and say hi in there as well.
  11. Thank you for the tip, I’ll try that. I agree that GT3 lip looks great, maybe I’ll try and find one!
  12. I got mine from here:
  13. Time to start explaining

    And the undertray. I bought 3 of those for our workshop and one mysteriously ended up in my garage.
  14. Another college shooting in the USA

    I agree with Bibs post that this president can't hold a candle to the previous one, but I met several Americans, from Texas, on a cruise in Alaska with my wife who said that if Obama brought in stricter gun controls, there would be a civil war i the country. They hated him with a vengeance. We quickly changed the topic and didn't go back to it.
  15. Esprit S2 PROJECT ON EBAY.

    Hello @Customseve As @silverfrost says it's a good idea to take the body off and sort out the chassis etc. Not sure of the feasibility of that, given the current ceiling price of S2s, but it certainly isn't difficult, and the method of restoration can be adapted per budget. I've just completely stripped and rebuilt an S1 in similar condition over the past 18 months, and the results are looking like a new car. Though the chassis was better and it had the 907 engine and gearbox etc. Good luck.
  16. Reims and Grenoble Hotels by request they will do an evening meal as well as breakfast .
  17. Another college shooting in the USA

    While the numbers of the cruel reality keep popping up, and those are the amounts of ordinary good people killed, the most shocking thing of it all is, that noone seems to be willing to change it. Another question one must ask oneself is, why? Is the income for nra and those who suck Money out of the consequences of the Laws really enough to sustain thousands of people getting killed every year, and likewise thousands of people getting long years in a prison, when they could have educated themselves instead of taking other peoples lives? Does it matter if a strange behaving president is acting strange (smiling when people are dieing for example), when thousands of people are dieing every year because of a system of government he supports? When the Whole political system supports bribing through ngo's or gro's? A question the Americans must ask themselves is, if those elected to represent them, really do so? Maybe it's about time that the American people stand together and protest in the tens of millions in the streets, the web, the tv, the papers, the radio and end this perverse system of cruelty? I think you owe it to yourselves and your country. Make America great again, this time just with a positive sign. To me it doesn't matter if it's one or the other political party who have the leadership, if they cannot lead. To lead is not to be egoistic, but to make the Whole nation and it's people be happy and to be able to sustain life in a positive way, and extend that in peacefull cooperation with other countries. That remains to be seen, as it didn't happen under Obama, and surely not under Trump either. Come on Americans, get over the rough start of the usa with the cruel extermination of the native indians and the slavery, and lay Down your arms. It's a modern society, for Gods sake. Haven't you learned anything since 1800? Is it really worth having Laws that permits the spreading of death amongst ordinary American Citizens? George Armstrong Custer lost. Get over it, move on and be humane. A frightening example of money being more important than peoples lives. When is enough enough? I have seen small protests here and there on tv, but nothing, and I mean nothing, that resembles the anti-vietnam war protests in numbers. This is not about left wing or right wing. It's about the lives of you sons and daughters for crying out loud. When is enough enough? When will you, you and you act? I really hope I did not offend anyone and if I did, please accept my appologies therefor. Kind regards, jacques
  18. Its all up . It is at 1.8 m , so high enough. But as I say , this strut is for the glassback of a S1 and S2, so your 88 Stevens esprit turbo will possibly be different? I think they are mounted different too? Dont you have the specs or mark and productnumber of your current gasstruts? You can start a search from there. Mine were 300Nm, but I searched for slightly stronger and slightly longer 350Nm versions. Geert
  19. Hello from Switzerland

    Welcome to TLF Mohamed. You'll have bags of fun. I remember how much fun Bibs was still having in his when he met me in London. Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
  20. Has anyone got experience of staying in hotels near Reims and Grenoble? Will be stop over locations so wanting to keep it reasonably priced eg£100 per night, but want somewhere where we won’t be constantly wondering if the cars are ok, so city centre and underground car parks are a deffo no no.
  21. Hi all. Well I’m finally back in a 2000 Esprit V8. This is the second one I’ve owned. The car has right at 20,000 miles. So the issue is today I’m driving along about a mile from my brothers house and I hear a noise from the engine. Not quite a clacking but more like a loud clicking. The temp is fine no other lights except an engine light that has been coming on and off since I got the car. I get to his house and there is burning rubber smell and light smoke coming from the front of the engine. I turn off the engine and the smoke dissipates. I wait about 15 minutes and see if the car will start (it did not shut off on me when I was driving). It’s starts right up and running smooth no tick or clacking or rough idle or anything maybe just a slight squeal. Could this be maybe a serpentine belt or something worse. Would it start up smooth if it was timing belt? Won’t be able to taking it in till Monday. Mike
  22. Hi Neil, I didn’t have to change the control module on my install (it only took me all day!) but the cabling from the camera went around the rhs of the boot and I’m pretty sure into the cabin via the conduit down the side of the engine bay. The composite video cable only appears on the far side of the control box so it wouldn’t have to go through the engine bay if the box is mounted in the cabin. I’ll see if I can see exactly where it goes tomorrow evening when I get back to the car.
  23. Then, use dental floss or fishing line to 'saw' it off. Then you can repair or replace I like the extended GT3 transom. Buy one of those, and remove any wing that is fitted!
  24. WE NEED TO KNOW: Once you release the hatch, can you push it higher, or is it at full 'up'? For 25 years I dealt with a hatch that wouldn't stay all the way up. For most of that time I used a prop-rod that you can't buy anymore. I still have it. It was a spring loaded plastic rod. Easily released with one hand. I replaced my supports in 2013. They are now starting to get 'tired' in cool weather.
  25. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    I hardly see this car doing that time without modifications: slick tyres, more engine power, better gearbox ratio (6th gear useless right now): then we can get there. I reach around 250 at end of the straight, a GT3 gets to 270 or more.. in Monza top speed can make a huge difference. I believe the aerodynamic of this car is not ideal for Monza (too much downforce & drag). Of course I am not a pro and I can improve a lot. But again a GT3 is easier to drive for a Sunday track day driver.. I googled for Exige time at Monza but there are not many videos. I found videos of Elise Cup races: they do 2:05-2:06, but they brake 50 m later than me and those car are even lighter and with slick tyres. Anyway I am happy to get suggestions to improve: there is margin for sure.
  26. It’s cracked on both sides and needs to be repainted as it’s faded bad (red paint)
  27. Confirmed: Yes, it is glued on. Do you REALLY need to remove it? (Damaged or something?)
  28. Picture of the Month

    Feb's up. For the full article, click here.
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