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  2. This is on a 2017 Evora 400, 15k miles. Hearing a loud clicking from inside the left front wheel well only at slow speeds, such as turning into a parking space/garage. But I don't hear this sound going over speedbumps. Clicking continues as the car moves until I straighten out. Noted some rust after a rain but on the noncontact surface of the Rear rotors. Dealer balance the tires about a month ago. Took it to a local tire/suspension shop, who did absolutely nothing and couldn't figure out the problem. I've read some of the posted topics, and think it could be anything
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  4. I was lucky in that the plate came on another Excel I bought blind years ago. I just transferred it to the wifes Excel. It's now going to be transferred to my Esprit.
  5. They say Rome wasn't built in a day... it seems getting my Lotus Eclat back on the road is going to take almost as long. I have been distracted by other matters over the past year but have replaced the ignition and steering lock with a second hand unit from Lotus Bits and that seems to have largely resolved the issue I had with a parasitic leak draining the battery. I have had my first experience of a "flaming Lotus" when I tried to fire her up yesterday to take her out of the garage to show a skilled restoration and mechanical specialist. Sadly I flooded her while kicking her over and th
  6. The head looks fine. Nothing to indicate contact.
  7. The quality of the CoverCraft one really is top notch. I know it's expensive but it's a one off expense and it'll still be worth £80 second hand if you ever sell...........
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  9. It does look like something got caught between the piston and head at some point, but given the minor damage personally I would run the piston if all else was well. Any marks on the head to indicate if it happened with the head on or off?
  10. Whilst decarbonizing this piston I discovered two nicks in the valve recess. Does this render the piston unserviceable?. The piston is from a replacement engine that I have not seen or heard run. I checked the valves in the head that came with the engine and there is no evidence of piston valve contact. The scuff marks and scratches are also a mystery. I used a blue shop towel and carb cleaner to remove the carbon, so there not from me. Thanks.
  11. A completely normal day in the English countryside, with absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happening - peacefullness and calmness as always, with two typical English blokes having made a bet over a pint at the local pub, on who is going to reach work from home first, each using his preferred means of silent, quiet and meaningfull eco-friendly transportation to complete the task at hand, as it would happen on any given day... Proof given that not even a local cow bother turning it's head or even lift an eye, and local fishermen doing their daily job without any disturbance. Carry on.
  12. I didn't think to get the phone out until some had left but these were the guys with staying power .. 🤣
  13. Thanks. Us germans can’t get any creative with personalized plates. Only fixed city code 2 alphabetic characters and 3 to 4 digit number. H for historic in this case. That’s it. This fixed systematic, lack of creativity and most importantly lack of any humor coupled with a shitty font which does not lent to any alpha numeric associative intermingling makes it quite hard. on the plus side we do not have any expensive plates.
  14. So, because it took so long time and the weather was really nice yesterday, so I had to leave it and drive out in the sunset; I then did the left side gearbox mount yesterday and the right hand side this evening. All good now. I've summarized the steps I did over on my own build thread "Little Red Riding Hood". Nope, all new bushings, bolts, shims, full geo, the lot. Just need two pin up girls to sit in the car, while I tighten the bushing-bolts. so, next up is changing engine mounts. Do people use the standard items, or is there something to be gained here? And to those who run
  15. Litter mates 😍 Oh and the right hand one passed it's MOT today 😁
  16. Thanks. And it is in non-restored original condition. Really exceptionally nice example original paint 50.000 mls from new everything 100%stock. It will need some work coming winter as the suspension parts are a little rusty. Otherwise clean with nice patina. Only had it for a month. The more i use it the better it far. Everything is working. Previous owner only drove like 150mls in the past 7 years.
  17. Easy, £1400 although not sure that they are a lot better.
  18. Yokohama Advan A052 - These are the fastest tyre I've had on the Exige on track!
  19. The original V6S splitter is actually quite flexible but it can crack easily if hit at the wrong angle. The Sliplo solution @Jcx referances which I've packaged is not going to stop a direct crack but help to try and prevent the 'scratching' and scraping especially for those splitters which arent flexible such as the carbon fibre ones on the 410/430 setups. More info can be found here: with recent installs on @Bispal and @RRSSS 430Cups.
  20. Immeasurably cheaper than buying any of the alternative cars currently on the market. An absolute no brainer.
  21. The sticker job (depending on how it looks in the flesh) and the the LOTUS lettering doesn’t bother me *that* much. However the seats would bother me a lot in that state. Does anyone know how easy it would be to fix the seats? I’ve been looking for a 400 for a while now and they are the worst I have seen.
  22. Pete and Chris many thanks for your help. I was unable to further investigate as a friend convinced me to use the long awaited early rays of almost summer sun of this afternoon to hit the golf links. Mine is a 83 model around the edges I only found the 2 bottom screws. ( no screw horizontally) But I guess the answer lies in the door handle itself. Had not looked at the handle.... I am kind of baffled how to reach any of the screws as it is fully covered nicely in vinyl leather from all sides. Will check tomorrow. But from manual (see pic) i suspect this to be the culprit.
  23. Thanks for organising ... great turnout and perfect weather, hopefully the same next time!
  24. Could not live with those LOTUS letters on the dash, they just look so tacky and have no idea what Lotus were thinking when they used them. Also, yet again, some of those SPARCO seats just really do not age well at all. Finally the Tron sticker job - seriously, wtf was the person who did that thinking?
  25. Only 4 photos, none of the rear or off side, and a seriously brief description. Very odd.
  26. Event and delivery date depending I’m interested Rob 12. Robrob
  27. I suspect we'll be biased on this thread but I feel the same way.. With Gig Esprits it's the first and last that seem to me most sought after, I reckon it'll be the same with Evora S1s.
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