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  2. Stuart Monument

    Classic Team Lotus Tour Tuesday 20th November

    Anymore for this gents ?
  3. Stuart Monument

    Work shysters

    Sorry to hear this. You can’t keep a good man down, hope you get the right outcome from it all.
  4. Chillidoggy

    is vegan now a race or gender

    My cousin’s a vegan and he’s a monumental bell-end.
  5. Today
  6. I have a feeling that the red S1 is not entirely mechanically standard.
  7. Hi everyone, Does anyone out there know where I might find a BIN file from a 1989 NonSE Delco Injected ECM/ECU? Also trying to track down an xdf file for it as well... Just to clarify, this isn't the four connector SE ecu, but the 3 connector unit with two black connectors and a single yellow one. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Pete
  8. tmusc

    Engine Stalling At Closed Loop

    Check to see if your map sensor is plugged in.
  9. Loquacious Lew

    Three years in a 400 and still loving it!

    I've had mine for 15 months. I believe there's nothing like it at anywhere near the prices they are currently trading at. I have no plans to sell my car. It's met my expectations and still thrills.
  10. I went to a specialist and he undid al the nuts and bolts. And he also undertook the examination of the Wheels too. As I usually do the split Wheels I've had during many years myself, I need these tools (again) for OZ wheels and in a good quality too. I've done many set's of BBS RM and BBS RS001 in 15" and 16" and various Widths. Great Wheels but does not really suit the later Esprit. Kind regards, jacques
  11. pete757

    Evora 4xx 'heel and toe'

    Just watched some of Dr P's vids, again!, and H&T looks like no problem in both the 410 and 430. So question answered... ECU behaves! 👍
  12. pete757

    Production of Evora 400 ceased?

    I also believe you can spec in the glass tailgate if you wish...
  13. Yesterday
  14. pete757

    Big Wing V6 - Register

    Given Silverstone has a number of long straights, I would wager that your lap time there will be slower with all the added drag from your big wing... 😉
  15. No problem, actually I think you are totally right to keep them, that is what I would do too! As for the sockets, how did you undo the bolts in the first place without the tools? Or maybe you had another set?
  16. Steve V8

    is vegan now a race or gender

    Has anyone noticed that most Vegans seem to be women? And sorry but it has to be said..most vegan women seem to be lesbians, and most vegan lesbians seem to be stressed and unable to get a grip on why others don't want to be stressed vegan lesbians. I believe happiness could prevail...stop munching on the garden and enjoy a portion of meat. And when can I start eating seagulls???
  17. Strange. I see them no problem. That must be something for meister Bibs? No, sorry. I keep everything original, as I can bring them back to 100% original. I've had them xrayed and carefully checked for running true and ovality, and they are dead straight with no fragile spots. I polished them by hand to mirror shine earlier in this thread. I am reusing all of the original carbon rings, stickers, bolts, nuts etc. They have all been surface treated to as new. The new outer lips are now Radinox as I will try them out and see how they fare compared to aluminium. The paint on the centers and barrels are also the original paint, as I want to stick to that. No stripping paint and repainting with some modern waterbased supersensitive paint. Better clean up the original as I've done, and stick to that. At least that's what I prefer. HIf it would have been badly mistreated or scratched, I would have to have them repainted. But after a good 6 times scrubbing with Wheel cleaner and then 3 times with toilet cleaner, they cleaned up really well. Waiting for Tool sockets to reassemble. Kind regards, jacques
  18. Bibs

    380 Sport, bought

  19. The 2.0 S4s was for Italy and the GT3 was using up the spare engines.
  20. He is referring to the pictures you mention in I can't see them either (access denied) Are those made in radinox or aluminium? (BTW, if you sell your original outer lips I could be interested depending on price/condition/etc of course)
  21. The top wire is the earth, it just screws into the hole on a ring terminal. I also had problems with the connection on one of mine. I made a workaround by putting a new large ring terminal on the earth wire and securing it between the temp sender body and the ally pipe. You'll need to find a suitable size ring terminal to go over the end of the bit of the temp sender that sits inside the ally pipe.This worked fine for me and will cost you pennies. You may need to catch a small amount of coolant when you remove the sender though. To try, just temporarily clamp the earth wire to the hexagonal part of the body of the sender and see if the gauge works.
  22. I am not sure what you mean. I did not upload pics of the Wheels, as I just received the new outer lips. But here's a Loose testfit to give an idea before reassembly, as I am waiting for the KS Tools sockets (10 star). Kind regards, jacques
  23. Vulcan Grey

    Engine Stalling At Closed Loop

    Which O2 sensor did you have?
  24. Thanks again guys Checked it out and of course there’s a bodged fitting of the wire to the top fitting of the two showing in the picture - not sure what it is as the sender seems to be the lower wire. SJ sell a new pipe for £100 plus plus but it doesn’t come with anything in those holes and so the parts that fit into the holes will hopefully be cheap. Senders are normally only a few quid but I can’t see how the top thing unscrews. Money little thing after another ...... That was supposed to say one little thing after another ......... !
  25. eeyoreish

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Posted by its new owner on Facebook today. Cool if mostly impractical. I'd love one!
  26. Bibs

    Work shysters

    Are you perm? How long have you been there for if so?
  27. assuming it’s the same as the S1 badge it is just stuck on. No mechanical fixings just the locating spur. One of the bumper/clam mounting bolts is accessed through the hole under the badge so don’t use anything permanent to fix new badge.
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