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  2. The Aussie were quite direct in their approach!
  3. @Exx I'm not saying that. I would get it checked out by a specialist first. Mine has been looked at and thats the diagnosis. cheers
  4. I don’t know. You could have a look to see if the plugs are listed separately, and if so, check the part numbers from model to model.
  5. no that white one is definitely not, more like an '84. I'm just referring to the red car in the pics..
  6. @Lex Templar Is the white one a dry sump as it looks like it has the later front indicators.
  7. FWIW, I replaced all the '194' size bulbs in our '88s binnacle in the mid 1990s, and they are all still working. Removing the binnacle to service the bulbs and instruments isn't that difficult IMO, the 4 bolts, speedometer cable, and plugs... A few minutes in the 'Lotus Position'. Job Done.
  8. Hi Roo I just found this post from 2017. This is the car I’ve been searching for, the 3/3 FYEO white/brown cars for 1980 and the sister car to mine 0953. 0928 white heat was the first and was destroyed in ‘85. Would you be able to get me in touch? I’d love to see some photos and see what state it‘s in. I can probabably let him know how important the car is! Amazing it’s ended up in USA. cheers Lex
  9. I know a lot of owners who are enjoying the high-torque calibration
  10. Dave the top one must be 10952 with the red louvres and now LHD.. good going back through old posts where we now have some more info.
  11. About 130db I reckon with my new exhaust 91db with my track exhaust and add ons when it was tested at Snetterton.
  12. Today
  13. Most likely London as I don't believe there are any "English" living there any more so the language issue would not be a barrier! Of course, only joking! The real question you asked Buddsy that no one prefers to answer is "Why did she risk her life to cross the channel" when she had the right to stay and be looked after in whatever country she was in in Europe? Could it be that those countries are no not run by lefty do gooder snowflakes who are quite happy to give everything away because they "have a good story"? What about the people in this country already (born here or not) who hav
  14. @mike_sekinger @Barrykearley Anyone know of any Esprit V8 owners with long term experience of Lotus RED mapping with stock gearbox ?
  15. Folks, very new to Europa, in Montreal Canada, parts very hard to find in Canada, I have 2 bodies, but both missing the small window on door pass side, can anyone help? also where is the best place to buy parts for my seized renault engine? also parts like window seals, brake parts, suspension bushings ect. prefer Canada supplier, but I do not think they exist, so whoever you may suggest would be good, seer # is 652236 bought by previous owner in Europe and imported here by them after a long tour, does this mean the engine may be different if it was a Europe model??
  16. A dealership with "Integrity" in the name is probably anything but! 'The lady doth protest too loudly' and all that.
  17. I can't say mate. its not a question I asked her.
  18. As part of the tidy up of my S2 whilst the body is off I have replaced the tank breather tube running it where as it was previously. So looking from the back of the car the tube runs up from the right hand filler neck, around the edge of the tailgate lip over to the left hand side filler neck where there is a tee, one end goes into the left hand tank filler neck where should it go then - my car has no evaporation tank so keen to know where was the vapour from the 2 joined tanks is supposed to go from the tee? out under the left hand tank? I suppose even if there was an evaporation tank that sh
  19. Thinking about this some more last night. Changing these lines to AN woudl allow you to easily add an in line high quality FPR and a fuel pressure gauge. Nice parts to have if upgrading/modernizing the turbo.
  20. My Mondial T engine has been fully serviced and is now back in the car. They even remove the cam covers, fit new gaskets and repaint them with the correct red crackle paint.
  21. ** COMING SOON ** 2021 will see our second visit to Chenevières. There are two possible layouts – 2.5 km and 3.5 km we’ll be using the full 3.5km version. Designed for driving schools, the 3.5KM track includes left and right hairpins, fast corners, various sequences and a 700 m straight line that allows you to pass the 200 km / hour milestone. This layout is mainly used for experienced drivers and clubs that organise track days. General circuit information: HERE Noise limit: 100db static Noise Limits Static test
  22. When the CWP looses some teeth - it makes a fantastic clunking thudding sound - almost makes the esprit sound like a Chinook.
  23. ** COMING SOON ** The post Snetterton | Sunday 7 March 2021 appeared first on Lotus on Track. View full event details here
  24. Thanks. So means I will have to modify the dash a little for it to work. Hopefully it can be done so replacing bulbs will be much easier in future. Any idea if the pins in the connectors are similar for both type of binnacle? The connectors look similar and I am assuming they are.
  25. Sport 350, 10K miles, everything OEM : just below 5K with valve closed 93dB .. just above with valve open 98dB
  26. So you mean that my clutch need to be changed ? My car is under warranty i would need to send it back to Komotec then, but it s far away from home
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