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  2. He referred to it as a 'tank' first so I thought he didn't know there were 2 initially! He also doesn't know what an S4 looks like!
  3. Not particularly, as I assume it was full dealers only - we certainly weren't present! But Lotus are working on improving some of the issues that have been raised in recent times, i.e. reducing back orders, etc.
  4. $35,900.00 End Date: Tuesday Feb-4-2020 11:55:35 PST Buy It Now for only: $35,900.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  5. So for me professor of mechanics NOT how easy is it to replace these is there others items needed or get broken in process ? Is there a step guide for idiots like me ?
  6. Did I just misunderstand him or does Harry thinks the two tanks are not connected? (at 7:32 he just filled it up on the right side with 64 litres and unless I misunderstand him he mentions he will need to fill up the other tank later? And while I was unsure about the tanks connection on the G cars, the fact he managed to fill 64L tells me the two tanks are indeed connected exactly as on the later cars!) PS: in case some of you don't know, Metz is pronounced "mess", the T is silent (but no worries, most French people will make the mistake too!)
  7. Geely has a very vested interest into making sure that they don't loose part of their workforce to that thing... Wuhan is where they are building their Luxury Lotus factory... I don't mean to take anything away from this initiative it is great to see companies step in this way.
  8. timely comment... soon after dealer conference
  9. You said it's a new belt? How so, your car isn't that old? Is it definitely belt slip, rather than a pulley? I fully understand, but if everyone goes elsewhere, there won't be any official outlets! Watch this space, however, as this situation with pricing should be improving soon. Dave
  10. Hi Dave even when garaged and covered it does it; noise lessens after prob 15 mins
  11. Today
  12. Being a tightarse I was hoping to find the belt OEM packaged rather than Lotus packaged - 50 quid versus £120. I might give up in the end though
  13. Auto tensioner on the V6 engines. The newer cars with more open rear hatches can be more prone to water ingress. How long does it do it for? Dave
  14. Great video from Harry as always. Well worth watching, no matter if you are interested in Lotus, cars in general or not at all. Thanks goes to Harry. I hope he's up to making many more. Kind regards, Jacques
  15. No luck - but ended up selling the car and disclosed to new buyer the issue.
  16. I suspect your local frieindly service centre could advise. IMO a squeally belt may be due to incorrect belt tension.
  17. Work comes to a halt. Even the mobile workstation desktop has joined in with the Alpine theme!
  18. Well who thinks this one will ever get back on the road.
  19. It’s made in Hong Kong I believe but they can easily be shipped anywhere apparently! I wasn’t sure initially but it’s growing on me. I intended to garage the car and use at weekends only, but I like it so much and looks so sexy, I keep it outside and drive it regularly - May need to up my insurance mileage!!
  20. Which tax rules are they out of interest ?
  21. I think I may have discovered another reason for poorish running of my 1976 Spec 5 Elite 504. I've been meaning to replace ignition leads and plugs for a while as I suspected these may be problematic by now. Spec 5 for "NGK leads" (red ones with NGK caps are fitted) suggests BPR6ES (which is what is fitted). I decided to measure the leads, and they measure 10Kohms. This struck me as strange. It seems like someone decided to use suppressed leads with resistor plugs. In order to get this corrected, does anyone know what the correct resistance spec is for Lucas and NGK leads as mentioned in the service manual? Please can someone help me solve this riddle!
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