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  2. Did he not want to throw rocks at it
  3. Well done! So far we are plus one but minus two! See you tomorrow, Richard
  4. Your old one (mine) is back to a standard S1 wheel now, I guess Simon swapped them in his ownership?
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  7. £24,995.00 End Date: Monday Jun-3-2019 21:20:47 BST Buy It Now for only: £24,995.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  8. Top of the engine bay. Crankcase breather? The foam on mine isn't looking very healthy, but I'm unable to locate a part number of DeRoure. I assume the foam is purely for protection?
  9. I can't seem to find any pictures of this kit installed on any cars. Wondering if its worth it for a street/less than a handful of HPDEs a year. car is around 500HP. The gears, diff and clutch are going to be swapped out when this one fails, just trying to have my ducks in a line.
  10. MAG

    Newb dilemma

    It's Nautilus blue.... Thanks for all the help guys!
  11. Nice drive out tonight - met a guy from Argentina visiting Scotland.........boy did he love the Esprit - was drooling over it! Always nice to see other people reactions to a Lotus
  12. Nice night in South Queensferry
  13. I diet of ale and pies and you can add your own padding in a matter of weeks so not sure what the issue is really.
  14. Thank God I am in no hurry so hoping a new group buy could done with Alunox could be started.
  15. £15,900.00 End Date: Friday Jun-21-2019 20:19:20 BST Add to watch list Click to view item
  16. Yep HB mate. Assume you are 9 pints in?
  17. My car is ready to go. A quick polish later on tonight after the kids are in bed. Will be leaving at 0500 so should be there around 0800.
  18. Precisely why I'm working on new mounts. I'm hoping to do a small run of them as others have expressed interest.
  19. I have a pair of magical racing mirrors, but was not prepared to use the shitty mounts they came with.
  20. WRONG! Fuses are rated for the wiring, not for the load that it is supporting. If the wiring is only rated for 10 amps, putting a 15 amp fuse in just means that the wiring will melt before the fuse blows. My S2 had three fans running on 12 ga wire. I don't know how much current the original fans draw, but the Spal fans that I put in drew 25 amps total. I put in a 10 ga wire for the fans, and another for the headlights, adding relays for the headlights. You can get Spal fans that blow or suck. Since you are buying new, high quality fans, order the ones that you need. Sucking is more desirable, but if modifications require that you blow air, then buy a fan that is designed to blow. If you are putting in cheap Chinese fans, then yes, you can reverse the wires and have it blow instead of suck. A better idea would be to reverse the fan blades.
  21. 16 cars heading for Gotland Ring on Thursday. Less than a week and the forecast looks ok for Friday afternoon and Saturday!
  22. Nice to be back in the UK and take the Exige out for a drive today. The mirror was flapping around and wasn't at all tight. I twisted it around which would normally tighten the nut on the bolt, but it just cracked and unfortunately sheered all the way through seconds after on its own due to the weight of the mirror. So that's the end of that mirror stalk, which means I'm now very motivated to make progress with the new ones in Aluminium. I'm keeping the design very simple. The base of the mount which attaches to the door has to have a decent thickness to it to provide stability, but the stalk will then taper into a thinner stalk than the TF stalk is as this means that it can go direct into the ball joint with no gaps. To save on costs, the stalk will be symmetrical so works on both sides of the cars. I'm not sure if the ball joint will be a separate part or whether it can all be done as one part, ideally, it would be one part. The threads will be tapped directly into the base of the mount so the same bolts as the OEM mirrors can be used. Here is a crude drawing of the side view of the mirror. New 3D drawings are being worked on at the moment.
  23. I get all my hardware from Namrick. They do a good range and deliver fast!
  24. BatMobile

    Newb dilemma

    Keep the forged, buy some nice bc forged wheels and sell the original ones to cover the cost! Pm me if you want the contact for the guy I used who was A LOT cheaper than anywhere else!
  25. I'd take it over an all black interior any day. The 2 tone interiors look good and lift the interior. That said the red leather (which is what mine is) is a touch brighter red than the alcantara. No issues with my Sparco bolsters at 20K, they are wearing better than the Recaros did.
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