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  2. Hi Nick - was that the one for sale at Williams? If so I test drove it a few weeks ago. It’s a cracking car!
  3. Why do you now have a death wish? Covid finally getting to you? Anyway cannot do that as the site would be lost without you . Ok wimp .... starting to store 2000 tons of Ammonium Nitrate i readiness
  4. Keep all the original pieces, keeps the value if you ever sell and the new owner wants to return to original. Fit the SJ rear bumper and extended valance but keep the original exhaust. Remove air pumps and piping, easy to fit bungs to the head to block the holes. My car has had this done and runs fine. Do not swap the head with anyone, it's only original once.
  5. Refreshing my 89 - pulling the engine so might as well swap the gas tanks while I'm in there with an open engine bay. Does anyone have a line to a source? Tried searching....
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  7. The energy and devotion to the car and esp his enthusiam remind me in a way of Roger Becker explaining the idea / concept behind the Evora (total different cars but you get what I mean ...)
  8. Hi everyone I'm Nick, 28, from the south west and in the last week I made one hell of an upgrade from my (admittedly superb, for 4 years) Audi TT Mk2 2.0 S-Line to this absolute monster - my 2016 Exige Sport 350 in Solar Yellow The Lotus is an enormous step up and what made me fall in love with it rather than going with something more "mainstream" like a 718 Cayman or an F-Type was how true it is to Lotus' mantra. It knows exactly what it's meant to be and delivers in every single way, the handling is exceptional and I absolutely love the rawness - don't think I could ever go back to a car with power steering! (will probably regret saying that in a year's time but at least my arms will be massive) Looking forward to meeting some of you guys in the future I'm sure, and I've lurked these forums for a while and noticed the excellent advice and tips given by many of you so thought I'd sign up and get involved. I'm planning a couple of simple "mods" to start with - the roof bar holes & grommets for the Elise soft top are already installed so I plan to purchase the soft top if I can bloody find one. Also have a Pioneer SPH-10BT and a pair of Focal 100AC front speakers ready to go in, after which I'll potentially add in the Aim MX2E digital dash. This beauty is going to be my daily driver for the foreseeable, I've already had some funny looks hauling it around the ASDA car park! Here she is, going topless for the first time (with me at least) : And with the roof back on:
  9. Oh great! I have sent him a private message but I haven't got a reply yet.
  10. Bottas has signed a new deal with Mercedes for 2021. Does that pretty much guarantee Hamilton’s record 8th World Championship?
  11. Thanks Pete - will work out which side I have space for the fold, and will probably bolt it to the chassis rather than weld and have to grind away the galvanising. Have some brake lines to avoid as well so may need an extra hole or two for those to pass through. Neil.
  12. £20,000.00 (0 Bids) End Date: Thursday Aug-13-2020 14:05:35 BST Bid now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  13. £55,450.00 End Date: Sunday Sep-6-2020 14:03:52 BST Add to watch list Click to view item
  14. Thousands of England's virus deaths 'to be wiped off records due to counting mishap buddsy
  15. I guess that your wife will be very happy haha. Speaking seriously it is a great idea and I have to think about it. You know I have a big problem with the humidity and my car is suffering because of that. I have changed the color of my car and because of the humidity on it appears different scratches. I'm thinking about to buy a dehumidifier, I even found on the internet a Dehumidifier Critic. It is a guide on how to use and to take care of the dehumidifier, also, how to choose one. But this idea is a very cool one I have to think about it. Maybe it will help me more.
  16. Never been a massive fan of the GRP lights on the earlier rears with 4 lights, but with just 2 that looks spot on I dropped you a PM Steve too, when you've got a mo. Cheers!
  17. And look, probably 30 years+ over their life expectancy they are still standing, whereas the shite that gets built these days struggles to stay in one piece for the NHBC 10 year warranty period (which is usually pretty worthless too!). So, form or function? Quality or design. Up to you to choose what you think is best for you. Me, If I had the cash I'd buy the Murray car over anything else for the money. Get it in Fire Red with gold accents to set off the headlight cooling fins and be a pretty hamper camper. Anyone with the skills (I don't) please feel free to photo shop it into Fire Red for me. TIA. Also @bravo73 I can find the Gordon Murray Design website, listings referring to him as a British car designer, but nothing re Gordon Murray Engineering website. So, either way, design is a significant strength of his.
  18. He is! - I have just fitted the set Steve produced for my S3 NA - they look excellent. I will take pictures shortly...
  19. I would certainly argue it's no Monet but beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Regardless, your point is sound that all the elements are there for an engineering reason and I wouldn't argue against that. It just isn't the most beautiful car in the world and I think it's valid to point out why we think that is.
  20. Your design is better than the factory one. The factory one has no strengthening fold along the top like yours does - it's just flat - but it is welded to the same area of the chassis. Pete
  21. Well done, I seriously considered this car myself. It looks okay and yes they appear to be comps. Are they the 14” or 15” variants? Keep us posted with pictures and progress. My first S1 was a turbo lookalike Dave
  22. As long as she charges enough...
  23. Nice find, I will have a think about what I want to do with the kit as did plan to keep it with the car TBH. I do understand the need and how challenging it is finding these used parts especially when required for the California smog test. Dave
  24. Got a pic of K50 BAT when he still owned it , just parked up in a field at Goodwood with loads of normal stuff. It was good to see it was used as a car rather than a garage queen.
  25. Sounds like you want to live in an Airey house, designed post WWII by engineer Sir Edwin Airey.
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