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  2. And she’s gone. let’s hope tomorrow’s delivery is a goodun
  3. £16,999.00 End Date: Tuesday Nov-12-2019 13:47:52 GMT Add to watch list Click to view item
  4. Yes indeed. It is working and working fine. Mia it as cold as my A3? No. But on the hottest of days I have been very happy with it-recycling the cabin air is the beat way to stay chilled. I’d be interested to compare my version with one using the “broken finger” condenser. The volume of gas to use is the only issue. Mine was done by experts so I trust them to have got it right...
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  6. Stuart, is you a/c still working with your single condenser? Both of mine are shot. I’ve tried getting the standard size replacements from Germany but they are the wrong size. I ordered from 2 different places , when the units turned up the box was labelled as Frigair 848.001 248x 414 but were actually nearer 530x 340 core size ? Weird. From 2 separate suppliers as well . Now after reading this thread I’m thinking of going single!
  7. Would it shock you if you were told that 10% of the world lived in poverty? Or how about that 400,000 children make up percentage some of that percentage? Well it’s true according to (United Nations website). Or that if you make over $34,000 you're among the world's richest 1%. These statistics are just an example of how much poverty is affecting our world or how many of us are really surviving without the supplies we need to live a healthy life . There are millions of people that are living in poverty, the United Nations has made it a priority to take measures to eradicate poverty completely. Poverty is something that affects people in every aspect, especially when it comes to everyday life, opportunities and advancement. The reason I picked this sustainable goal is because I feel their I think we can do as a community to implement and improve conditions. Poverty can come in many different dimensions and can cause populations to have tension and be unstable. One study says that 6 million children die from malnourishment every year. I am extremely shocked that the rest of the world is struggling this much. Another fact that was shocking is that the majority of people live on less than 1.90 a day in some parts of Africa.. I always knew there were parts of the world that needed more attention but the statistics are scary and made me feel guilty for not doing more. The goals set by the UN are realistic if the plans put in place are actually executed. I feel if everyone works together that things can change and people can truly be given an opportunity to improve their life. I feel policymakers play a huge role in this. This country is the land of opportunity and have made big strides to help citizens but unfortunately the system isn’t fair in my eyes and doesn’t work for everyone’s situation. Lastly, about 2 million children die from preventable diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia because families can't afford treatment and don’t have insurance. Check your text here: . And protect it from plagiarism. One way I feel we can help fight poverty is by providing resources for people who are low income but are still working like lower income housing, daycare assistance, food support,and medical insurance. I feel a lot of people in this country need support because their wage is low but they still work so they don’t qualify for assistance programs. Aslo, I feel when parents have to work all the time they tend to neglect their children and that may cause household issues. Another way is by providing grants for educational programs like English-learning programs, free job coaches, job trainings/certifications, job fairs and apprenticeship opportunities. Lastly, I feel we need to stimulate the economy to give lower class family tax breaks and higher wages with benefits so they can support their families without having to work so many hours away from home or possibly further their education. With so many people in this world suffering from poverty, it’s a topic that simply can’t be ignored. Many people choose to turn a blind eye to the conversation of poverty but there are things you can do in your communities to help with the problem. With the amount of millions of children dying let’s do our part to raise awareness and advocate for those whose voices aren’t being heard.
  8. Just got mine- back in Lotus ownership after a number of years out. Now all I need is some weather to get out. Photos a big rubbish I was skirting the rain.
  9. I visited my mechanic to see the progress... Apparently the sleeves were badly corroded... Previous owner put water?? in the engine ? Who knows ?
  10. theres a solar yellow with everything on it with 13k on it at Paul Mattys the only problem is its a 'S'............but its seems to be the fist low mileage bold coloured Evora....... the others seem to be either blacks/greys or high miles.......
  11. OK, so these have been a bit of a nightmare on my 400..... It started when the car was less that a year old. I noticed the usual cracks around the area were the fixing hole is. These were changed under warranty but I waited for the repair and arguably it was too quick and they lifted soon after. To add insult to injury, I noticed a stress crack in the windscreen where the original ones had been prised off. So attempt number 2 also included a replacement screen (under warranty). The car was also left overnight to get a good bond. These lasted a few months but one lifted again on one of the very warm days that we had around July. The car is left in the same place when at work, with the sun shining down on one side of the car all day and the consensus between myself and Ben at Silverstone is that they warp in the hot sun. So attempt number 3 has since taken place and the car hasn't really been used on any really warm days yet. Importantly the Lotus field engineer passed on a small mod that the factory guys do to the trim before they fit on new cars. Apparently this enables the trim to sit flatter and not naturally want to warp or pop up away from the mounting position. I'm sure Ben could advise further on that, but at the moment I'm just keeping my fingers crossed!!
  12. A sincere thanks to those who have pm'd me with details of their cars. I know that the 'low miles, low owners etc' thing might sound like a bit of a tall order, but there are cars around that do meet the criteria. You never know, the right one might be just around the corner............ The search is currently on hold. An update or search resumption will follow in the next week or so.
  13. At Bruntigthorpe today and spotted this parked up under a Nimrod's wing!
  14. I can only speak for how mine works on the 400. Maybe the design was improved slightly from the earlier versions
  15. My Elise has something very similar sounding, my bet is on the fuel pump, the sound started with the ignition switched on and the pump priming and remained audible even with engine running.
  16. They are a press-fit, so if you have a press coming then that's the best bet. Do you really need to remove them though? If it's painting and rust removal on the carrier, then you could just mask off the stub.
  17. Kevin works for Handy Skips - en esteemed ship hire company:

  18. What clinched it for me was the salesman asking me whether I had a burning desire to actually own a car. When I thought about it, the answer was 'not really', as I was looking for a daily driver, and have no interest in cars that aren't, well, 'interesting'.
  19. I've finally find out why the two inlets, one for void advance and the other for turbo
  20. Does anyone know how the front stub axle comes out . Don’t want to go pressing and whacking
  21. £14,990.00 End Date: Friday Nov-15-2019 10:18:24 GMT Add to watch list Click to view item
  22. @Kimbers, for future reference, do you just run your own fleet or do you have leasing company? If so, do you do vans? Cheers Gav
  23. I am looking at doing this too........Volvo V60 T5r......... Im not sure why I keep looking then deciding its a bad idea as its only a rental.......and not 'mine' my brain wont get round the 'mine at the end of the day scenario' Ive always bought if I wanted something.............and I know Im paying the depreciation............oh I dunno
  24. Dont do what I tend to do, and after spending loads of time getting everything perfect, sell the car
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