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  2. Manually locking with the key simply disconnects the external push-button from the locking/door-release mechanism; the interior door release handle continues to operate when the door is mechanically locked with the key from the outside. Locking the car electronically, dropping the internal buttons, actually dead-locks the door; the interior door release is inhibited. Manual locking provides the means to lock the doors if the battery has failed. If electronically locked - and the battery fails - you can’t open or unlock the car; to unlock, power must be restored via the auxiliary power posts (located beneath the front services panel). Operation of the locks differs somewhat from other cars, but all of this is explained within the user manual.
  3. 1974 Elite Parts for Sale

    Hi Daniel I just did a quick quote and due to the dimensions it would be between $800 - $900 to ship. Cheers, Joe
  4. 1974 Elite Parts for Sale

    Hi Guys sorry for the delay. I'm not seeing the notifications that people have replied. Daniel - I'll only be able to help with the fuel tank - I'll have the check on shipping costs and will let you know David - I messaged you about prices etc. Cheers, Joe
  5. Evora GT430

    The angle the picture has been taken is not the most flattering, you'd have to be on your knees to see that veiw . I bet it actually looks quite good in the flesh from a normal perspective.
  6. New F1 Logos Proposed

    They look like a school kids design project...
  7. Evora GT430

  8. Yesterday
  9. Drink Drive Warning!

  10. Evora GT430

    Ah, gotcha. I’m presuming/hoping that your Elise is red (not grey with an orange stripe...)
  11. Mine was the same - all over the place. Persistent administration of a persuader sorted it out within a few minutes.
  12. Drink Drive Warning!

    Well I lol'd
  13. Lotus start up.

    This is taken from the Lotus Driving Academy website... 'From humble beginnings, when Chapman built his first trials car in a lock-up in 1948'
  14. Evora GT430

    When I was going for a 430 we were getting it to match the Elise. It would have looked like that.
  15. Evora GT430

    Huh? Please tell.
  16. Evora GT430

    Have your ordered an Ardent Red 430 Cup Tom?
  17. Evora GT430

    Was just reading about that blue/grey one....a rather uninspiring colour
  18. Evora GT430

    How I wish the current new batch of Lotus cars were cheaper - I’m not alone or going to win that argument I’m sure. Hats off to the likes of Jonny who are realising the dream!
  19. Evora GT430

    A grey GT430 has made a trip around French dealers this week, and was reunited with a blue GT430 sport in Marcassus facilities yesterday evening :
  20. Evora GT430

    Yup. That was my car. But imagine what a 430 Cup will look like in that livery.
  21. Telemetry - Performance meters - Video Loggers
  22. JPS Elite Project [Double Trouble]

    Not sure ow many core plugs you'll need. The motor looks like the S2.2 Elite/Eclat or early Esprit. Its mounted upside down to how it would be in those cars.
  23. Evora GT430

    Scratch that. The dealer has it listed for sale. 167,000SFr = £128,000. Good luck with that!
  24. Evora GT430

    Agreed - it’s a howler!
  25. Evora GT430

    I really, really hope that that is a customer specced car. If the dealer specced it, I suspect that it might be hanging around their inventory for some time.
  26. Evora GT430

    Got to agree on the orange over grey, wanted to like it, but just could not get my head round it, Ardent looks great but it as to be Fire Red for me all day long.
  27. Evora GT430

    Can’t help feeling that the Sport version of this new 430 is going to look mighty, once we see it in some favourable the above Ardent Red for example Does anyone know when we will see the first ones - are they in production yet? I appreciate they’ve made a Grey one but haven’t personally seen any others yet....?
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