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  2. It’s the lotus owners club based in the south east you know the one ? I’m not sure if you’re allowed to mention the name on here!
  3. Cdm2018

    Third Party Warranty

    Cheers Andy very insightful here’s an extract from MotorEasy they say I can use a lotus garage and they will cover labour rate if up to £145 phr “================================ n regards to the main difference between our warranties and others on the market are below: Covered from day 1 for any sudden failure, overheating damage and consequential damage We are the only warranty company that provide a free 20 point health check at the beginning of the policy Wear and Tear cover is included Any faults found at MOT and service we would look to repair under the warranty The claims limit is up to the current value of the vehicle There is no limit to the amount of claims you can make in any one yea ==================================== yes the actual wording of document is still be reviewed but the above extract provides a summary they are asking £582 for the year which I can pay in 4 monthly instalments
  4. Llewelyn82

    S4s tyres?

    T1-R is a good budget tyre... Competent - not ‘amazing’, but great value. And they come in Esprit friendly sizes (ish) I agree about the Pirelli’s being far too expensive, I would have liked them on my carb turbo but can’t justify that amount of cash on tyres! Can they really be 4 times as good as the Toyos? I doubt it...
  5. EO04 ORA – Number plate for sale. Currently on retention and ready to be put onto another car. Ben The post EO04 ORA – Personalised Plate appeared first on Click to view item
  6. Today
  7. When you say the playground,of which I’ve seen a few people mention, which forum is that.
  8. Jacques

    S4s tyres?

    Not sure I understand what you say Ian? Kind regards, jacques
  9. New ductile liners from Westwood liners 😎
  10. Ah I meant new old .... GT4 and GT3 were previous cars. So had made money before delivered rather than having to wait years.
  11. Paul Coleman

    35 Years and counting. Life with an S1

    Well at least it lived to fight another day. Must be a very rare car in Japan these days!
  12. Just reviving this thread with a question. Only my second post so please bear with me if I've not got the etiquette right … The brake servo on my '79 Lotus Elite 504 has gone, so I found a s/h Saab 900 replacement from Two Stroke to Turbo (a very helpful Saab specialist in Hertfordshire). The mounting bolts on both sides fit, so it attaches both to the engine bay and the master cylinder as expected. It also looks exactly the same. However, the link rod that attaches to the pedal is a fixed length, whereas the Lotus original has an adjustable rod. So the Saab one doesn't fit Anyone else had this problem and found a way around it? Or any other thoughts? Many thanks.
  13. $500.00 (0 Bids) End Date: Friday Jan-25-2019 12:07:42 PST Buy It Now for only: $78,995.00 Buy It Now | Bid now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  14. $25,999.00 (0 Bids) End Date: Monday Jan-28-2019 12:00:00 PST Bid now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  15. Unmarked BMW in Harlow last two days
  16. So yesterday they were in Hoddesdon (Spitalbrook) and today in Wadesmill. Looks like they are after us!
  17. C8RKH

    Euro question - 23rd June

    I'd dig a hole at the bottom of the garden and tell everyone she'd gone on holiday. Bet the roses I planted grow well too @Black Forest Power - I agree you need to formally close things down. But just leaving without doing the deal is actually the legal default position in this case. Bit like leaving your job. You give the required notice, wish everyone well then toodle off.
  18. Dan.G

    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

    Calling all fellow car enthusiasts! FOS is confirmed for 5th - 7th of July 2019. I (and the wife unfortunately) have just booked tickets for the full weekend of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, plus accommodation. We will be carrying mostly alcohol and are very much looking forward to a great weekend! We will be travelling from Norfolk early on Friday morning (5th) to our accommodation. accommodation will sell out quickly and/or get more expensive closer to the time, the free shuttle to FOS will be very handy! Please utilise this thread to arrange meet ups & convoys. See you there!
  19. ChrisJ

    Euro question - 23rd June

    From page 20
  20. Steve V8

    Gillette new Advert "Anti Men".

    It's about time some of the politically correct took a good look at themselves... I believe to turn a blind eye to one section of society whilst condemning another for the same behavior is in itself racist. The BBC is guilty of this all the time. I'm currently watching a period drama set in Napoleonic France, no expense has been spared on costume, makeup and sceneries, huge efforts go into covering every aspect to lead you to believe you are transported back in time to that era, then they cast a 'token' coloured guy as chief warden of the Bastille, would there really have been a coloured guy running a French prison back then. Perhaps next time they decide on a period drama about slavery we could have some white skinned slaves being bound flogged and transported, just wouldn't happen Until society is able to say and do without fear of offending, or actually offending black white yellow purple red green or blue people, society will remain racist.
  21. Agree with this 100%.. My 1973 Sprint is in the 350 bracket quoted above.... just takes years to get there. Cheers
  22. Barrykearley

    Euro question - 23rd June

    If mine asked that in the format the eu are then frankly - I’d chuck her out and worry about it later
  23. edwatters

    Swapped my 350 for a 410

    Thanks Byron, might try it tomorrow when it’s lighter!
  24. lotus muncher

    Swapped my 350 for a 410

    The door card is held on with 4 3mm Allen keys and a plastic fastening on the front edge of the door panel. If you undo these you will be able to see if the switch is connected fully. If you need to remove the door panel completely the panel needs pulling towards the rear (it will become clear why afterwards). Let me know if I can help further. Not sure why anyone would say tricky parts.?
  25. Black Forest Power

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Well, it is like getting asked by your wife: Do you want to remain being married with me or do you want to leave? Sure, you can walk just out of the house but there were some treaties signed by both parties before. Usually both, at least one party, and for sure legislation wants to dissolve and terminate the marriage mostly in conjunction with a deal.
  26. Barrykearley

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Now get it painted and a set applied @johnpwalsh
  27. Barrykearley

    Euro question - 23rd June

    But I never knew my house would plummet in value, interest rates rocket, unemployment soar, food shortages, no medicine and small puppies die....... oh hang on 🤔
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