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  2. I have a spare lower section from SJ Paul , drop me a PM 👍🏻
  3. Yesterday
  4. Just watched it, brilliant Fabian absolutely brilliant 👍🏻👍🏻
  5. I'd enjoy blatting the proto Vs your 160 @stephenwhyte. Proto had the first 135 engine mod - most achieved more bhp than the minimum and this one is, er, quite loose and yummy. I'll bring the 340R along also - to ensure I take the honours ultimately. 😁 Justin
  6. Oh, I get you now - image, right. So, they’re not great. Mirrors are still better. But it has two uses. Right up close when backing right up to something, and then kinda looking around the corner, say when reversing out of a parking space, or onto a road, where you can see approaching cars and hold off. With the car so low, you’ve little peripheral vision, so it does help there.
  7. So if my maths is roughly right about 104mm? It'll be the closest I get to owning an Evija!
  9. I used the S and J ones. They are already shaped to fit, so would use them.
  10. Will do! Super chips are a pretty reliable company and have dyno'd before and after so should be good for some small gains. interestingly there measured bhp pre map was 280 so already up a little from the 276 lotus quote. Cheers Paul it is a 2009 launch edition and just had a look at it's service record and it was last serviced at a lotus dealer in September 2013 (Murrays) but then it was all been specialist lotus after that so i might be lucky! see how it goes Cheers P
  11. Nice one Justin - a fantastic piece of Elise history right there! Good work!👏🏻👏🏻😎
  12. so my wifes family is like the best thing ive been blessed with and sadly within 12 months four have departed, 46, 50, 54 and 79 (but the 79 was still a shock) today my wife and kids went out with her aunt pat whos lost her husband, daughter in law and youngest son, they all came back for a drink at ours and were happy for the day out they had had, as hard as the loss is seeing smiles kinda makes me happy
  13. So is it about half the size of a 1:21.5? 😜
  14. Yeah, the glass has to come out first if you want to remove the regulator. After that though, it's only 3 bolts.
  15. Commuting this week, adding to the 129,700 miles already clocked by the Elise. Rain will not stop play.
  16. Thanks Jim! Unfortunately I ordered some of the newer Transmax stuff a just short while ago. O well, only a few pounds different.
  17. Thanks, that was my thinking too, it looks quite tricky to remove (currently have the door card off). I’ve successfully adjusted the window to hopefully remove 90% of the rattling (the ‘angle’ adjusters were badly adjusted) and also lined all the contact points on the door card with cloth tape to eliminate the slight creaking when going over bumps (leather edges creaking against the painted door). Not sure I fancy stripping the whole thing down to “waterproof” the regulator, though I do want to change my speakers at some stage so perhaps I’ll tackle it then….
  18. . . . . and how do you find the image matches your needs/expectations? Cheers
  19. I just noticed another difference between the SE4s and the V8 one: the radiator support (?) square section tubes are welded at a 90° angle on the SE4s and a bit more than 90° on the V8 (not sure about the GT3 as there is no detail view on the projection drawing)
  20. It's a 1:43 scale, so about 50% bigger than a Matchbox one (they're 1:64 I believe).
  21. @Bibs do you have any dimensions of that Evija model?
  22. How old is your NA? Lotus started encrypting their ECU code around 2013/4, IIRC. If your car is newer than that (or has been to a Lotus dealer for servicing since then), then your ECU will be encrypted. And Superchips won’t be able to access it.
  23. Do let us know how good a fit the SJ panels are as I need to replace mine.
  24. I'd still be really interested in one of the 70th screens that were attached to the barriers. Are Lotus willing to get rid of them now?
  25. There’s lightening a car and there’s lightening a car…. It keeps throwing up little surprises Paul 😁
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