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  2. Lotus79B sent a message about VPW and this is what my father replied. I thought it may interest folk here.
  3. I have seen lots of blown clutches during my race/rally years some like this one .. but these are high performance cars being driven hard and the clutch taking the brunt of it all .. They also have very heavy clamp loads which is why the clutch explodes rather than the friction plate slip .. The springs are supposed to make the clutch more compliant and prevent shock load reaching the sandwich plate which has failed.. Your springs don't look over used , they generally go loose when over taxed. So this is a mystery .. I would ask a few questions. 1/ What is the clamp load of the cover , 2/ When was it last changed 3/ Is it original equipment or recon unit.. I expect #3 will be the source of the problem .. It may have been a recon unit which has used the original Borg and Beck center with other sub standard parts ... This is quite common practice which will not show issues on less powerful cars , however it may have found its limit on the turbo Esprit.. The only other possibility , but unlikely is a fly wheel dish effect.. this can distort the disc un-naturally during clamping which can over time stress parts.. easy to check fly wheel , if it is bad enough to cause a problem , you will see it by putting straight edge across face .. its not unusual to find 0.010''+ on older flywheels. Otherwise i would just re face or replace fly wheel , along with new OEM quality clutch, check all associated alignments , re fit and have fun.. hope this helps shed a little light on possibilities .
  4. Just been checking the Worldometer CV data and noticed an interesting point. After a slow start, the UK has now logged more tests (277,774) per million population than any other medium/large country. Armed with this data we should be all over the virus with our world beating track and trace system.
  5. I would do a thorough internal clean of the cooling system with something added to the coolant and a good flush. Any improvement might indicate that the radiator isn't as good as it looks. Pete
  6. Well I’m on top of the world today. Daisy my eldest smashed 3 A’s in her results and is off to study medicine at Uni. Over the moon
  7. If you can use mapp gas it gets much hotter. Is it a manual steering rack? If so you can't remove the track rods without drilling out the securing pins first. Pete
  8. Not at all. If you wanted to set up a little e-comm business, I'd be glad to help too
  9. Being a Partner in a our farm we have also received nothing from the government - our market has pretty much dried up as we produce niche high quality beef so at the moment we let our beef go for dog food just so we get something back - which is just criminal but needs must. It's nice to see the likes of McDonalds being helped out so much when we get stuff all. This year is going to cost us thousands (to be fair the weather has not helped). If anyone wants incredibly nice beef we have a small batch that will be ready soon . We do Dexter by the quarter and Dexter cross South Devon by the Eighth (I can get the rough weights and costs if anyone is interested). Dexter gives a stronger flavour (many of our customers will only eat Dexter) and the crosses give a mellower flavour but is real melt in the mouth beef (this has rapidly become my favourite). Hope no-one minds the shameless plug. Please do not confuse this with the rubbish you get from supermarkets.
  10. It has been a sweatbox in my garage and hellish trying to get this done! I have been working almost everyday since this lockdown started. Its hard to believe how many man hours the ski racks have taken. And even though it might look like I am nearly there copying the original design layout has created lots of fitting issues. They are all solvable but it means more work. I could have made a much better set if I had departed from the film prop design! But hey, we are trying to make an exact replica here, so I have made them as close as possible with the only addition of a lock. The tailgate still can hold its self open with three of the racks fitted and the original gas struts, so their weight is not excessive. I have kept the weight of the racks as low as possible. The steel design I have made is effectively a steel band held with 4 X 6 mm bolts. I am confident these racks are as strong or maybe stronger than any racks out there. I will test them at high speed, but am confident there will be no issues. I want to travel at about 60 mph max.
  11. Agreed, it is unfortunate that Sam has reverted to type and churned out more Porsche content. I cannot imagine that Lotus will be overly happy with that.
  12. Hi @Kristof Thys yes that may be the case. I also posted on the FB group for "Lotus Owners and Enthusiasts" and had lots of inputs, much of which suggested the same. i.e. pipes are super cold in use. car sits for 1 hour in seering sun and lots of condensations gathers on pipes etc. on restart system calls for 100% cooling and freezes condensation blocking pipes. Good advice was to: 1. run with AC off for a while to rest the system and thaw the pipes and then try again. if AC blows colder and fans blow harder then system was probably frozen. Fix: move sensor that tells the AC how to perform further away from heat source. 2. If system doesnt improve on a cooler day, then have AC system checked for leaks. Update: i ran the car in the garage for 20 mins late last night. AC did blow colder and fans did blow harder. Big water puddle on floor behind front driver's wheel (RHS UK) after a while running. water was clear and odourless. Manual basically says: "You bought a lightweight car, we fitted a tiny AC system which only really works in luke warm weather. expect nothing more." Conclusion: car worked well on way out as it came out of a cool garage and so the AC had a headstart. On way home AC had no chance.
  13. The nut I've moved a little; it's the track rod end now that's stuck and won't budge. Getting blow torch tonight so will see if I can persuade it gently with some more heat.
  14. I can’t help but think that many people have just exploited the scheme as a 6 month all expenses paid holiday. Take a young couple with no kids sharing a flat for example. They could be trousering £5000 per month of our tax revenue for not working all spring and summer. Bibs’ statistic above doesn’t surprise me. They’ve never had it so good...
  15. Hello Leo, I think the last update was done 3 years ago.
  16. Today
  17. Sorry I forgot to respond! the car is a 2018 model. Does that help ? yes I disconnected one side but tried to follow the twist on the other. Will take off later today and reconnect to allow the cable to untwist ! Thanks!! the sound is amazing. So much better than the standard 350 exhaust. The car feels a little faster also, but that could be my imagination!
  18. Being a ltd co Director I've not seen a penny in assistance but to be fair, I'd not have claimed if I was entitled as I've been very busy while I was locked down - I think I've done another 10 websites although have not had much drone work which has been a shame as I enjoy it! I did see in the news yesterday that on average, people have managed to reduce their debt by £2,000 over the furlough period so I'm glad the tax pounds have been well needed and used.
  19. Ah, learnt something new (re no 3 mm spacer on OEM Sport 380 wheels). It's easy then, get a 3 - 5 mm lug centric spacer as they always fit. OR... you have that dealer order you the hubcentric H&R ones, and let us know if they fit; would be very interested to know that. The issue IMO is not the spigot size, it's the lip on that spacer so machining won't do anything, but again, I'm no specialist. In both cases you need longer bolts. Dave?
  20. @Steve V8 I've heard so many stories about the abuse of the various furlough and support schemes from business owners that that just ain't funny. I hope the people abusing schemes get caught and lose everything they have including their liberty, shirts, family home and assets etc As always, there will be responsible, decent human beings abiding by the law and doing their upmost to support their businesses and staff. Then there will be the much smaller number of selfish, arrogant, entitled, c###s and t###s who will scam everything they can. I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.
  21. You and few thousand others
  22. Same idea. It's up to 80% of the person's salary (employer can make up the rest, and employee can go and ear elsewhere if they wish) up to £2500 per month. Only applies to employed (including employed by own company) not self-employed.
  23. Somehow ironic that after all the time building the car you finally fit the ski racks in the middle of longest heatwave we’ve seen in the UK for years!
  24. Sorry, I was watching the guy's YouTube video whilst reading this and got a bit mixed up about authors/comments
  25. Looking at the state of the nut, I'd go straight for a radial cut through the nut and down into the track rod end also. Will be easy to judge depth so not to go too deep. You'll then have a nice step to hit with a drift to turn the nut away. The combination of heat and shock should show it who's boss. Tony
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