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  2. Inlet ports are larger. Water stub at front is smaller (but can be swapped). Ideally you should replace the inlet manifold etc, but I got good results from simply opening up an LC manifold to blend with the larger ports. I'm running larger main jets in DHLA40s LC carbs, which actually have a larger venturi that correct HC DHLA45s. Although lacking the 'power' jets fitted to the DHLA45s
  3. Yeah, I feel the pain more as years advance. Helps to take the deck off.
  4. Oh and add 4 new round tooth pulleys New round tooth cambelt A fixed belt tensioner.
  5. IIRC mainly changes to coolant flow to deal with a hot spot in the water jacket.
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  7. Which dealer was that and to confirm in each mode are you saying if you open and close the valve as idle you can notice a marked change in exhaust noise level?
  8. Well interesting stuff as I have been told (unconfirmed) where another Essex is currently and a ltd edition number was mentioned. Cheers Mike
  9. Whats the difference on an HC head? Im pretty sure the two Professional Mahle piston builds are using the standard LC head.
  10. Mike Essex RHD numbered cars ran up to 25, number 24 was renumbered 100 so there was no 27.
  11. Lets see if this works this time.Lotus V8 Cooling Diagram and Part Numbers.pdf It looks like it is an attachment that you download and then it will open.
  12. Solution copied from elsewhere.... the sub £5 switchable exhaust manual solution! Aquarium valve 4/6 mm and if you don’t want to cut the OEM hose, short length of 4mm I.d / 8mm o.d silicon hose. Aquarium valve is inline between the vacuum reservoir and the exhaust valve red connection hose Aquarium valve shut equals exhaust open all the time, aquarium valve open gives “normal” open and shut exhaust behaviour. Any modification is obviously done at your own risk.
  13. ill be in the blue one...................................................maybe!!!!
  14. $42,997.00 End Date: Saturday Feb-22-2020 5:55:04 PST Buy It Now for only: $42,997.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  15. I have read your posts and felt for you Fabian. Your thirst for knowledge and your willingness to share everything you learn is a quality that many people do not have from my experience in my working life. I absolutely take my hat off to you for your persistence in problem solving and your desire for perfection. Well done and I look forward to seeing the car at some point. In fact I will be very near you late March. Ill give you a ring and see if you are about.
  16. Something else really needs to be clarified. There are book tolerances for parts. Measuring is tricky and there are serval errors that can affect readings. I have found even though a part may be in spec its performance may not be perfect. This is really where you gain by knowing this engine. The specialists can examine parts and instantly know when its toast or reusable. Thats why a specialist checked over all of my parts on the previous build before I assembled the engine and why I have done exactly the same this time. Unfortunately last time they were ok and this time they were not.
  17. My engine is with a specialist. Most of this work they farm out, as it requires heavy engineering equipment. The only in house part of the work they do is the liner install and ring gapping.I dont have the experience, equipment or time to ensure the linners are perfect. If I get the company to complete the build it wont be ready till July, no good for my summer driving. I plan to run this in and rack up the miles. Then off to Italy. I will report on here all the miles covered and any failures if there are any. I've said it before but I think it needs another mention, Im not an amature at this!!! If forty years of messing around with engines and rebuilding them is amature well maybe thats the case. I recently rebuilt the front suspension on an Landrover discovery,recalibrated the air suspension and the steering sensors. I then repaired my mates LR3 in about 10 mins that had been to the main dealer for two weeks and left with the same fault. The problem was they hadnt calibrated the steering angle sensor. Since I realigned it the car is perfect. So much for LR waranties and specialists! I have rebuilt several motorcycles and cars and have been working on Esprits for 6.5 years. First th e S1 now this. Two professionals before me made the mistake I did with this type of engine. I have the invoices to prove they messed up twice in 1988. Its a well know company thats still in business and selling high end sports cars. I wont post them for obvious reasons! They charged the previous owner for a brand new short engine and rebuild. 11 months later they took the engine out again and replaced the pistons and liners, which were new 11 months before! Im guessing the third time it failed the owner had run out of money and confidence. You dont always get what you pay for! The big difference with me is unlike the previous guys, I dug much deeper and examined the oil pump in depth to fully understand it. Then with some professional advice discovered the PRV was designed to be removed. Eureka, I then found the fault. There are at least five specialists I know of that would have solved this problem before the engine was run. Out of all the other garages and engine builders out there how many would have done exactly what I did and have a failure on their hands? I think probably the majority because none of them would have removed the PRV. How many people on here knew you could remove it until I passed on the information? It simply about knowing this engine. The oil pump set up is the big difference. The rest of it is pretty standard construction. Theres no reson why the average builder cant successfully rebuild this engine. But I do hate engine shimming! Now Sparky, fancy some engine shimming?
  18. Thanks for sharing updates NearLearn
  19. Let me try to upload the parts diagram again. I will be picking up my new Radiator this week also. Usually we grill hamburgers on Friday night with a few adult beverages and maybe a cigar, so I probably wont get to work on it, but you never know. Mark Seifert
  20. If you're farming it out to that extent, you might as well get a professional to do the final assembly etc. so all you have to do is drop it in.
  21. they seem to be gradually reducing in availability on the used market
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