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  2. Jack Stone

    Blue V8 leaving Heathrow

    Guilty... On way home from my Heathrow office
  3. NR2k

    Dear Bibs

    Sometimes i really wonder about the posters on this forum. Plus if you keep mentioning chickens Barry will chip in too and then there really will be trouble!
  4. rocket63

    Dear Bibs

    Cock flavour eh Right up your street so to speak Sparky 😂😂😂😂
  5. NR2k

    Interior parts / are you breaking?

    Talking of hens with teeth, and thread crashing slightly.... sorry. I am after a pair of these speaker grills for an 84 turbo.
  6. Hussain Alzubaidi

    Converting whp to Bhp

    Well noted 👍
  7. pete

    Top Gear - New Series

    Won't happen until 2019
  8. Mark Blanchard

    Top Gear - New Series

    Are Flintoff and Paddy into cars? Or have they been recruited for their dubious personalities.
  9. Jack

    Converting whp to Bhp

    Having the carbon intake will not lower IATs (intake air temperature) in a meaningful way. Putting a smaller pulley on will only increase your IATs. The alleged benefit of the larger TVS1900 unit is that to produce the same boost as stock, the TVS 1900 will be spinning slower thereby producing less heat, so IATs will be lower. If you spin the TVS1900 faster, it will add more heat to intake chargeproduce more heat. The Lotus ECU adjusts timing (retards it) as IATs go up, in an effort to reduce the chance of detonation and harm to the engine. Given you high ambient temps, you really need to consider a water-air intercooler, aka charge cooling. What I was saying about the "carbon-fibre" intake tube is .... the rough interior will prevent the car's MAF from getting a laminar air flow. This will then possibly mess up your A/F ratios in a negative way.
  10. Today
  11. Jacques

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    you may want to take a look at this interview, which happened before the original film was released. Kind regards, Jacques
  12. alias23

    Ali radiator for 380:Sport

    I’d be getting the clutch upgraded at the same time...
  13. ramjet

    New Member

    Welcome to TLF Rob. Happy huniting for one. You'll find one that fits the bill. Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
  14. V8-ESPRITS3

    Breaking Lotus Eclat 1975

    Was also watching your youtube videos last night George excellent work! Did you buy my gear knob a while ago?
  15. eeyoreish

    Long Shot

    I'm a Northener so I'm usually quite careful what I spend my money on. Thanks for the tip though...🤔
  16. march

    The birth of LotusRescue

    Well I really like it - but then again I'm not really known for my taste in things.
  17. Sparky

    Dear Bibs

    Yeah, you tell him. And you should taste my flapjacks.
  18. Dan E

    Dear Bibs

    @Chillidoggy are you telling me you went to a shop that had “cock noodle soup” and you didn’t get a pack, I am just not buying it.
  19. Hussain Alzubaidi

    Converting whp to Bhp

    Thanks for the information I don't mind the fuel provided it gives me cooler air intake What do you think will it reduce the air temperature?
  20. andydclements

    Extra link on rear axle?

    The rear suspension on the early Esprit is not very different to that of its predecessor the Europa. Spyder do a conversion to put dual link suspension on the Europa, but any such change needs to be designed to replicate the motion of the original else it will alter the handling, and the Spyder idea moves from universal joints to CV joints to allow for the variation in driveshaft length through travel.
  21. Stewie177

    Geo settings

    Excellent response, very interesting and the first time I have really understood what each element of the geo achieves. Thanks
  22. This has an extra link on the rear axle. Will this work well? The first Esprits have the drive shafts that as suspension rods work. But in this case they modified it. See below. Here the link of the car:
  23. Chillidoggy

    Dear Bibs

    It’s no good you bringing a knife to a gunfight Kimbers, those girly roasties won’t stand a chance against the competition. Anyway, it’s clear that you have no idea that since retiring, Sparky has become a dab hand in the kitchen. He’s progressed from only being able to open a crisp packet onto making soup without the aid of a tin-opener.
  24. Jack

    Converting whp to Bhp

    Be wary of the carbon fibre intake can make A/F readings wacky sometimes and even too lean. While a carbon intake tube looks sexy, the outside is very smooth but the inside is quite rough creating a turbulent vs laminar air flow, which can affect the MAF sensor readings sent to the ECU. In turn, those readings will affect short and long-term fuel trims.
  25. Based on an import duty calculator site I found, if I set a relatively low value for the items, the duty comes out to 3.06 GBP for the whole shipment. I have no problem covering that cost for whoever would be receiving the shipment. So if everyone is in agreement with @Foxy distributing the kits locally, I would just invoice individually, with the shipping divided evenly amongst the group.
  26. $55,000.00 End Date: Monday Oct-29-2018 10:30:41 PDT Buy It Now for only: $55,000.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  27. Can't wait Christmas event of the year See you all there. Martyn
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