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  2. This is the best bit, putting it back together, still waiting for a few parts...and still finding more nuts and bolts to order, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. Sparky

    '85 TE checkover

    The tops of the deck hinges are higher than the glass on this one.
  4. Can't you buy some binoculars and look at the chillers from the floor?
  5. eeyoreish

    1984 Turbo Esprit Restoration

    The stripdown continues and now I have this. Looks a bit scary but I've been here before with the Stevens and everything is labelled up. No multiplugs this time though... One thing has me stumped so far. How the heck do I release the choke cable from the lever?? Even if I pull the cable right through from the engine bay it'll still be attached to the lever. The only way I can see is to cut the end off the cable but that's a bit 'permanent' 😳
  6. gvy

    What Plastic?

    Hi Steve, The big plastic panel behind the seats covering the bulkhead and going around the windowarea was pretty cracked in my esprit. Now it is from the factory covered with glued on leather ( or leatherette), but if the plastic is cracked in some places it looses its strenght and is difficult to mount in a decent way. So when restoring my interior I used a soldering iron to fix all cracks in the plastic. ( also small cracks ) It is not a pretty fix , but it does the job regarding strenght, and since this is the back of the panel, you dont see the fix at all. I even got to the point that on some place around the vents, there was a small piece missing. I cut the missing part out of a plastic box laying around and soldered it in. Another thing is that you can reenforce plastic parts bij melting in small metal wires or even some small piece of metal grit in the plastic. Now I just looked for a video that explains what I did and this one does : look from minute 7. Geert
  7. andydclements

    '85 TE checkover

    Mine is approx 6mm down below the top edge of the faux-chrome plastic trim, so less if measured relative to the line of the panels.
  8. steve930

    [Ebay-bot]lotus esprit v8 se

    My theory was... If it managed to achieve 100,000 + plus miles, then it must be a good un'.!
  9. cbclotus

    V8 esprit

    Well Guys just a quick hello , not really driven my car much .Waiting on getting more air through rad shroud. Also waiting for another mate to wire in control box to cut fans in and out at a set temperature , will also show current engine temperature.Put these decals on ...I like um .....Going to sell the Marcos ....Dog nearly had a heart attract last night ....she does not like fire work noise .Pigging car started to back fire through exhaust and spit back through carb .FFS.......Mike
  10. Today
  11. 910Esprit

    Useless "Ducktail spoiler" on Guigiaro cars

    I was in a garage once and the MOT tested dropped the bonnet from a height expecting to latch it. I can still hear my Nooooooo...... Luckily no harm done
  12. 910Esprit


    Inevitable purchase.... 5.9% perfectly acceptable
  13. CarBuff

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Hey guys, I wonder if anyone knows the details of the rear deck with the 'handhold'? The picture is of an S3 but I have seen other pictures without that recess. Was it just an aberration (like the 2-slot bonnet) or was it on a specific trim? I've never seen one of those in the USA.
  14. Kevin Wheeler

    '85 TE checkover

    My 84 TE is about 2 mm down all the way round. Never noticed before!
  15. andydclements

    '85 TE checkover

    I'll go and check mine, but I don't think it's that bad.
  16. Malcolm Feth

    Second hand value

    I don't buy an Elise to have aircon. It may be convenient but the fun starts when the roof is off, not on Roofs are for weak people. A little bit of sweat or rain do no harm
  17. C8RKH

    Evora GT430

    Yes, my Evora CUP car comment was a bit tongue firmly in cheek, however, I do think it would be one hell of a car if Lotus did ever do something like! I do think the GT430 is a "pinnacle" car and probably takes the Evora platform almost, to its, final destination. I do think one last hurrah will come with power around the 450/460bhp mark but as has been said above I am not sure what else could be done re the body work, lightness, etc. I don't think there is much room for anything after that, unless Geely could put a little "electrical assistance" on the engine to give around 525bhp peak power! Now that would be a hell of a car and with the performance, AND most importantly, the handling, would probably eat the GT3RS even.... But I'm dreaming again about how Trevor should spend his hard earned cash..... lol..... Maybe I'll buy the GT430 off him to make the swap easier for him lol...... I do still go and look at the burnt orange GT430 in Leven and think hmmmmmmmm. However, my bonus this year will be shite so that is not going to happen....
  18. Sparky

    '85 TE checkover

    Blimey! If that's the case I'm unimpressed.
  19. Don.Hasi

    Car Cover for V8

    @nello : like Bibs says, buy a proper outdoor one from specialised vir the forum and your car will be fine. The fabric is brilliant to let the car breathe and keep it dry in the same time. Been there twice.
  20. JCERB

    Exige V6 screenwash pump?

    Cheers guys. I just wondered how difficult it was to change? I have 2 weeks left of warranty! But I'd rather do it in my garage if it's simple?
  21. Just wondering how would you get IPS gear in Neutral if you have something like flat battery or gear malfunction and need to release the shift? Thank you
  22. Julius Jodelė

    TRD modification ideas

    The Lexus equivalent to Toyota's TRD is F-Sport. So it can't be from a Lexus and be called a TRD.
  23. Mightymetro

    [Ebay-bot]lotus esprit v8 se

    100,000 miles more than mine.......and probably more reliable. Knowing what I know now, I would have gone for it and stretched my budget..........which has been massive;y stretched 😂
  24. Bravo73

    I picked a TVS1900

    Have a look through Deroure. All of the ‘exploded’ parts diagrams are there. Essentially, the charge cooler sits on top of the engine, next to the supercharger (both under the black cover). The radiator for the charge cooler is behind the front bumper (on the right, I think).
  25. blindside

    Evora GT430

    Would guess that any new engines from here on are likely to come from within the Geely conglomerate. Would not rule out a 4 pot, or a clever hybrid drawing on Polestar’s success and learning to date (albeit all in touring cars).
  26. W31SSN

    I picked a TVS1900

    Does anyone have any info on the Lotus 410/430 chargecooled engine? Would be good to see a diagram of where all the bits are situated. Is there any update on the Simply Sports Cars charge cooled kit?
  27. @dapinky. I’m going across on the Dublin - Holyhead ferry and then driving to the event. Will probably be taking roughly the same route as you, so perhaps we could meet somewhere along the way? I can PM you with mobile number/contact details closer to the event.
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