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  2. scotty435

    Vehicle: Lotus Evora

    Like a previous comment also saw this car at JCT and have to say it is the best looking 400 I have seen. Stunning colour.
  3. KAS-118

    Vehicle: Lotus Evora

    Lovely car - congratulations 👍
  4. silverfrost

    Suspension refresh

    Try lotusbits for the Avos and he supplies springs also. Saying that, four weeks will give you plenty of time to strip, blast paint or galvanise the all your front suspension ready for your new springs/shocks
  5. elanplustwo

    Vehicle: Lotus Evora

    Congratulations. Saw the car for sale Loved the colour! 👍
  6. silverfrost

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Can people keep them as pets ? I remember the one from Wind in the willows been quitestablished stern !
  7. Not sure what car you are on about, But tightening the front bearing way to tight on when fitting them can reduce the life massively. Normally fit everything tighten the main hub nut up tight then slacken off slightly. Should give you the correct tightness. Also it could be the fact that you had a duff bearing as this sometimes happens, some things just happen to wear before their time. ? Also did the bearing slide onot the stub axle with ease, was the stub marked/worn as this can also prematurely wear the bearing.? Also was the bearing cap in good order when you replaced it, sometimes folks smack them of to hard and smack them back on to hard also which wrecks the roundness of the cap or leaves a flat edge where a flat blade screwdriver has been used to pry it off in the beginning! This upon with added heat from driving the car warms up the grease and it slowly lost normally without the owners knowledge as it normally does not leave a sign/trace like black cv grease would on something like a split cv boot.! Pull the cap and check it.
  8. I seriously dislike that phrase. It has no meaning in real life with regards to a Lotus Esprit, but on the contrary is highly relevant for a few other brands of sportscars. Kind regards, Jacques
  9. @CHANGES this is not only phenomenal work but a great thread to read. God knows how much it costs but whatever it is it is worth it. Right lottery 😂
  10. Tailgate area in paint....looking superb!
  11. Use as many pics as you like Dave 😀
  12. JCERB

    V6 Airbox restrictor?

    Good old tin snips! I see so quite restrictive, potentially. Maybe when it comes out I may go for the komo-tec filter. Is the installation fairly straight forward? Can the ECU reflash be sent? It would be nice to put it back to standard easily too.
  13. Today
  14. who here knows what thread this is for the oil cooler lines? 5/8 bsp I read somewhere??? I want to convert to AN with all new lines.
  15. ME19 5LP is my postcode mate, it's a tiny village so you won't miss where we are! See you at the weekend and thank you :)
  16. Trevsked

    Fun replicas

    I went to have a look at the Hoffman Caterham today and their 250 Cup GP edition. The Caterham had the wrong seats for me but Elise was nice. Contacted a fella about a Westfield X1 but he’s not around at the weekend so maybe in the week. Trevor.
  17. $54,800.00 End Date: Saturday Jul-21-2018 15:22:56 PDT Add to watch list Click to view item
  18. v8GTmac1

    V8 Engine Backfire / Popping

    turned out to be true in my case. 2 missing nuts, 1 sheered off stud.
  19. au-yt

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Matt Farah EVORA 400 4 Track Video
  20. I had some made for another car, not exige, by BC forged. Very pleased. Sorry I cant help with the exige fit...
  21. williamtherebel

    esprit s2 for sale

    The S1 has finally arrived. Ive started a new thread if your interested. Its called My Esprit S1 Import finally arrives!
  22. pete

    Fun replicas
  23. williamtherebel

    My Esprit S1 import finally arrives!

    After another check over I also need to do the following:- Find the middle piece for the original steering wheel! (any idea's?) Replace the non Lotus indicator and light stalk and the windscreen stalk (I think I have a spare set from my Eclat). Replace the non Lotus switches on the dash. Inside the engine bay, get all the wooden frames and carpet (they are nearly all missing)and get a Lotus expansion tank so I can do away with the odd silver one held on with angle iron and jubilee clips! Im sure there will be more!
  24. Dan E

    Wife’s twigged.

    It will be something to do with powder coating I promise you.
  25. @BibsI am still coming ( I definitely didn’t turn down an all expenses paid trip to Lingfield Races either so that’s good at least the wife will have fun) got to work in London in the morning but should be there on time ish. I will have no time to wash it though sorry Dan
  26. williamtherebel

    My Esprit S1 import finally arrives!

    Had a look at the damage. The worst is underneath where the nice shipping people has 'fixed' the damage with cable ties and gaffer tape!!
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