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  2. George Russell fastest of all in FP1! Bottas only 4th... pressure building already.
  3. So while this post is out there here's an update on my little business I started. It's going so well I will have to do some accounts next year. Because I buy right I can sell right and many of my pieces, vintage Jewellery etc, is very well priced against buying something from a shop or retail! If you don't see it please ask as I do have several thousands of pieces from Silver cutlery to Silver salts, dishes etc. Then lots of mainly silver, jewellery. Please feel free to let me know if you fancy anything as a stocking filler or a gift. I am happy to withdraw from sale as long as it hasn't
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  5. I would be wary of buying kits/silicone hoses from unknown eBay vendors...I know of two owners who suffered issues where these hoses allowed coolant to permeate through them! Good quality hose has an inner liner. Here is an explanation from another forum: In the USA, JAE Parts sells good quality stuff. I didn't see any listings for silicone hoses at SJ. But even should buy different clamps (jubilee clips): Our JAE hoses have held up well for ten years. BUT, I didn't know about the hose clamps, and I DO have to re-tighten our hoses
  6. Kimbers


    Gold people! Gold!! I bought some sovereigns 5 years ago. They were around £200 each. I looked today and cheapest I can buy new ones for is £320! Though I did just put some bids in for some in auction at well below that price.
  7. First year's production was announced as sold out, not all of them.
  8. So only if they are cheap by the sounds @jerzybondov - you really do drive a hard bargain @C8RKH
  9. I think it is only the later Stephens cars which have the tubes. It is seen as a worthwhile upgrade from what the G cars came with originally. It is on my (long) list...
  10. @march you'd have gotten @Barrykearley more excited if you'd said they were covered in feathers and liked a good cluck!
  11. I'd rather stick red hot needles in my eyes and slam the bathroom door on my testicles than join the back seat MetroSexuals... My Evora is perfect as she is
  12. Thank you, I didn't know that. There's only minimal movement, so maybe I am good there. Which is good on the one hand but bad which means if there is a wheel bearing droning somewhere it may be a rear one!
  13. I have discovered my '84 Turbo does not have any tubes as described in documents available on other sites, although that is based on a V8. Cant even find the bolts in the parts manual. Did these 84 cars have tubes or not? Just wondering if someones fiddled with this before. Thanks
  14. When cold you should be able to feel small play - not much. I think procedure is to tighten till wheel tight, back off until just turning with minimal drag, then a bit more if needed to get the cotter in. (after repacking with grease of course). If you can't rock the wheel slightly top to bottom when cold, you'll kill the bearing in no time. Tony
  15. Sounds brilliant and will be well worth all the effort. Good move ref the sunroof as those aftermarket ones are horrible. What’s the mileage of the car now? Would be great to see some more photos of it.....exterior & interior
  16. I am in the middle of a suspension refresh on my 2010 35k miles Evora NA. The car was serviced in July and they noted that the lower ball joint on NSF had some play in it which was again picked up on the MOT as an advisory last month. You cant replace just the ball joint so you have to source the full wishbone which comes compete with the bushes and ball joint. I sourced mine from ES Motorsport, brand new for £200 and not the £550 + vat that Lotus want! I had previously bought very cheaply 4 x new shocks and springs from Lotus Motorsport when they were selling off surplus stock so I am r
  17. @mike_sekinger exactly !! I will find out more info..
  18. It is indeed the Essex police. Am praying for a speed awareness course but I may well get a summons instead.
  19. The powerflex bushes do last longer, not heard of and uprated droplinks though, not that ive looked tbh. Im on 20k miles, my second drop links and third arb bushes (but now powerflex) Gav
  20. @jerzybondov there a chap up in Scotland who would probably be desperate for a set of back seats. @C8RKH get in quick I’ve finally found you a set.
  21. Thanks! His name is Peter Saunders.. was there for a while.
  22. Hi Mark, could be wrong but I'm pretty sure those add-on cans are intended for use with the non-valved system. Little chance of passing any noise test with the valved 2bular but the standard V6S exhaust is fine. If you decide you don't want the 2bular I'd be happy to buy it off you
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