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  2. jonwat


    I'd lean towards the Accuspark as it sounds like an ignition problem to me as it's only happening when under load, unless, of course, it's the carb float levels. If they're too low that could be giving you too weak a mixture which can cause misfiring under load.
  3. EXCEL V8

    Elite S2 Exhaust

    Steve - if john doesn't want your over-axle pipes I'd be interested! Pete
  4. Ha! They most certainly are! But having had an S4, S1, V8GT, GT3 and then a V8SE, I am 4-1 S v G cars and it’s time to redress the balance! Getting hold of the Panther has really revived my adoration of the the wedge and now I can’t get enough - so it’s got to be done. Suffice to say I am surviving on trips in the Elite, hunting the classified ads and hours of YouTube, hence your mesmerising series giving a somewhat indecisive fellow the little nudge he needs to tip back to the Giugiaro way of doing things! Keep up the good work
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  6. Re the memory. There are usually 2 live feeds to the hu. One is permanent the other is only live when the key is in the ignition. One wire is normally red, the other is yellow. Yellow nowdays is normally permanent live, but some manufacturers still use red for permanent live. Easy enough to check which is which if the hu is out.
  7. Hi, recently had some problem with my left(passenger) side headlights. The headlight pod is unable to stay open. I discovered that when the motor is connected to the long rod, I am unable to lift the pods manually by turning the knob. However, if I disconnect the long rod, i can see that the small rod at the motor side is turning. I was also able to push the headlight pod up simply by pushing on the long rod. I have opened and check the motor, all gears are intact and good (just replaced them 3 months back). However, I realised that I could turn the rod at the motor. Has anyone encountered the similar problem with the motor? VID_20191117_182654.mp4
  8. Reinforcement plates should be back in stock in the next month or so Same with street and track splitters (although I do have a track splitter spare at the moment).
  9. Gorgeous Fabian you have done it again! Can’t wait to see it with the skis on next to the S1, will make a smashing photo shoot.
  10. I had the Pioneer sph-da 120 and have just recently upgraded to the 130 for the benefit of dad radio both units fitted easily and both have preformed great.
  11. @Mattmahope the alias23 corporation has stopped the production of the front clam reinforcement plate
  12. I logged in to post this exact question The head unit in mine was actually changed before I got the car but there seems to be an issue with the wiring as it’s not holding the memory properly so the wiring and function of the head unit definitely needs to be checked before reassembling everything Thanks for posting that little video, knowing where the clips are will be a big help when it comes to taking off the trim
  13. ramjet

    Hello All

    Welcome to TLF James. I don't mind the blue in the interior. Mind you, I can only see the seat uprights. Any qusetions or issues using the forums, feel free to ask one us mods. We're here to help.
  14. Nothing comes up!
  15. The only solution I can think of is to make some longer tubes for the nut to tighten against. I'll probably do that next time I take the entire radiator housing assembly out. This was required last time as one of the bolts holding the U bracket is about 10mm away from the fan motor.
  16. ramjet

    New on TLF

    Welcome to TLF Brieuc. Nice photos. Any more? Any qusetions or issues using the forums, feel free to ask one us mods. We're here to help.
  17. It went to a father and son who were going to restore it together in FYEO style, I did the wheel restoration for them and delivered them later. I must get in contact to see how they are getting on. Been looking about for a while now but nothing has really grabbed me, I’m in no rush though but think it will be a S1/2 as like the simplicity. Dave
  18. @Barrykearley Think that should read "YOU HAVE TO OWN AN EVORA FOR LESS TIME TO APPRECIATE IT"
  19. Thanks for your help.
  20. £47,000.00 End Date: Tuesday Dec-17-2019 7:30:34 GMT Add to watch list Click to view item
  21. I’m still interested too but i still don’t think there is any pricing. If it’s a few thousand I could go for it but any more and the pots empty
  22. Hi Andy, unfortunately I haven’t had chance to look at it yet due to stripping the suspension off the car. I got replacement support brackets from SJ to fit in but I’m not sure if I’m just going to buy a new tray assembly. I’m terrible at fibreglassing and by the time I’ve bought a kit and sanding bits and the time it would take me I might just bite the bullet and get a new one. you have made a fab job of your repair
  23. $30,900.00 End Date: Saturday Nov-23-2019 19:10:45 PST Buy It Now for only: $30,900.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
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