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  3. Has Hamilton got a contract for next year?
  4. This looks just the job to get kids out of bed, off their sofa, and back into building some cool stuff! Almost wish I was 8 again...
  5. Cheers NG5...I'm so glad as its the one I've ordered!
  6. @C8RKHI would agree that we are spoiled and blessed with a massive chunk of this planet to call home. Just remember, if it wasn't for your "Crown", this chunk of land might still be part of your land! I like owning land, currently about 3.5 acres. It helps to keep the neighbors at bay and a place to build a large shop to house and work on the toys.
  7. @EldonZ you can poke my bear anytime you want bud! Listen, in the UK, a lot of people think a 2 mile drive to their nearest retail park is a family "day out" in the car. You see them at the weekend. Family day out. Getting out of their German cars in the car park. Wife dressed to impress with enough makeup to repair any cracks in a very large wall. Husband, under the thumb, in his sports jacket, polo shirt, jeans/chino's and tan (orange) brogues with the "commando soles" (in the summer they get to ditch the jacket and can turn their Polo shirt collar up for the Rugger/Tennis club look -
  8. Hi @benja-p There is new one on eBay from Bell & Covill, but out of a V8
  9. @C8RKHI do know how small the UK is, I have driven there, because I'm always impressed when you guys talk about traveling a couple of hours is a drive. I use to drive 6 hours to just go play with my race cars. Also, I was just "Poking the Bear" a little, too!
  10. Perhaps a noob question but I just got new H7 led 30w/5000LM each bulp. Would this be recommended and a straight forward one on one replacement? Any ideas?
  11. Mine is 8m high - plenty tall enough for four post lifts. It's 12m long and 6m wide. Fit's my two small plastic cars lovely. @EldonZ - you need to remember that the UK is only half the size of one US state, land mass wise. You have 50 of them and only 5 times the population. So land is a bit tight here.
  12. Isn't the mount (6) going inside the subframe plate (3) normally (see pic below) or am I misunderstanding? Putting it on the outside of the reinforcing plate would give me more toe out. Take the back end apart before and nothing seemed untoward.
  13. Has Bottas got a contract for next year yet? If so, is there a "cancellation" clause?
  14. Yea but Bottas had all of his soft tire runs deleted for exceeding track limits. I believe Bottas was a couple of tenths faster.
  15. Birtyboy


  16. The only ones that fold forwards are +2 owners when they're about to get mou....
  17. Are the lower rear links the same length? Do they look like they may have been damaged/repaired? If one was shorter than the other it would cause problems. Pete
  18. He’ll need a proper set of front seats too. Ones the fold forwards and have padding.
  19. The rear ones are easy enough to change - it's your wallet that suffers most! Pete
  20. Russell fastest again in FP2. Bottas 11th...
  21. Hi Jon, just catching up on your project and saw the post about this switch panel. It's a mid to late '80's Range Rover panel of switches likely bought by your PO for spares. hth Good luck with the build George
  22. The mount can be placed on the other side of the subframe plate. That get you some movement, spacers would give more.
  23. How thoroughly predictable! The passenger side doesn't have any spacers between the radius arm and snubber washer on the mount. So unless I'm mistaking, there's no more toe in I can get unless other radius arm mountings have a thinner rubber/poly mount. If that's the case, it's going to have to be something I live with for a while. Whilst the mountings are probably due for a refresh as most of the older rubber bushings are, I'm not even sure they would be any thinner and fix my problem.
  24. almost right, its the guy who started Vansten engineering (his name was Maarten) he died on young age by cancer... he started up the company with 2 other guys, and one of them had a Essex Esprit (i know him very well) but he dont know the number anymore, when the company was given or sold (i dont know) to one of his people who work for maarten at the time, that guy sold all the parts that they had in stock (old parts) and also the essex from my friend in parts because the parts from the car where also on the upper floor so they sold it all to Lotus bits, its a real shame!
  25. The William Walker has contacted me to let me know that we cannot dine there on the date agreed (which we knew!) but they did offer that we could go to the Bishop on the Bridge and use their outside dining space. Even though they assured me that it was heated, I thought that was a bit optimistic for mid-December, so I have told them to hold onto the booking until we can arrange a date when we can all sit inside again. You never know, we might be able to have more than 6 at the dinner!
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