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8 2015 037 Jacobs ultra coil

Elite 4.9

The ignition system was developed by Dr. Christopher Jacobs of Jacobs electronics.


This ignition is based on GM's HEI killer system but taking it a few steps further.The system has a Jacobs computer with his Ultra coil, which varies the intensity of the spark and duration in each cylinder on each and every stroke. This is always changing from the demands of the engine.


The spark plugs act as a resister, determining the load, rpm and conditions for the perfect spark so as not to have too much juice or too little making a mis-fire in the cylinder, wasting the load of fuel and reducing power and mileage.


This was a major upgrade that made a good deal of more power released from this engine.
Optimizing the ignition is an easy way to insure top performance in any engine. And there are many ways to do this.


One I used was with Jacobs copper washers of different thickness to index the open spark plug tips toward the intake valves. Also a good set of top spark plug wires can help eliminate electrical losses especially prone in high energy systems like this.


One thing I learned from Jacobs book on "optimizing your ignition" was that those special, fancy spark plugs (gimmicks mostly) do sometimes work but only improve performance on a weak system so just a good copper spark plug like Autolight or Champion plugs are need and not some fancy expensive ones for a high energy system like this Jacobs one.

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