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Lotus Elite ppg acrylic urethane cardinal red Ford truck color

Elite 4.9

All the paint was stripped down to the gel coat, All stress cracks, damaged areas, and areas that need more support like around the door handles and other areas that didn't have nearly enough resin were reinforced with  more fiberglass. Then the entire body was completely glazed over and hand blocked down for an ultra flat, smooth finish. Over 400 hours were spent before even the first coat of primer was sprayed on. K-200 ppg primer was sanded down ending up with 600 grit to a very smooth surface. A final guide coat was then applied and final sanding ensured of no flaw finish.

Then the car was sprayed with DP-50 red, epoxy primer/sealer before a two top color coats and finely a few clear/color coats (50% each ). This is a trick learned from a pro to put enough paint on so after one color sands it flat to still have plenty of paint on the car.

All of the aluminum window trim was also painted body color as was the bumpers and front air damn. This was later copped by the Lotus factory as shown on the last version of the car, the Excel. 

Funny thing was, my brother bought a new red Elise in 2005 and it had the exact same shade of red. Other mods I made were also copied by the factory years later like electric headlight pods and Carpathian burrelled Elm dash and interior capings. They also went to larger wheels like I did and finely at least the Esprit got the much needed V8 like I put in my Elite. Too bad the car didn't last long enough for that last update as it is a much better car and so much more fun to drive with adequate power.

The finishing touch was a few coats of "Dri-Wash-n Guard" which is a high tech polymer with something like 40 + ingredients to make it the shiniest paint and a product that has won numerous "best of paint" at the most prestigious concours de elegance car shows throughout the world. It is so easy to apply and is easily IMHO, the best protection one can buy for their hot rod. Also very slippery and not compatable with water so any dirt can be hosed off rather easily and bird droppings also wash off very easily. Even looks shinny when dirty !

From the album:

Custom cardinal red, clear coat, ppg acrylic urethane paint

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