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  1. Guest HI

    In: Lotus Turbo Esprit HC (1987)

    By Guest HI, 16/11/18

    Nice car!

  2. In: Lotus Elise

    By Giniw, 27/07/18

    Do you happen to remember the price range of the silencer? I have found a used Janspeed exhaust for the Esprit and I am wondering whether the seller is a bit optimistic compared to the price of the alternatives (he wants 480€ for it IIRC)

  3. In: Lotus Elise

    By Bibs, 27/07/18

    I had a sports cat too but the combination sounded great, was very happy with it. 

  4. In: Lotus Elise

    By Giniw, 27/07/18

    @Bibs > Was the sound of the Janspeed exhaust good? Was it loud when cruising on the highway or just when revving?

  5. In: Lotus Evora 400

    By au-yt, 08/04/18

    I  adore that colour

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