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Lotus Esprit Turbo SE
By Jacques, 09/01/14
  • Color Calypso Red
  • Price 0.00
  • Year 1990
  • Odometer 108000
  • Odometer Unit Kilometers
  • Description January 2014.

    In September 2013, I bought this dream car after many years of just thinking about it. In the end I thought, Okay, I'd better do it while it's possible. Newer cars are not really interesting to me, and old ones are also not of my interest, but an Esprit Turbo SE have the right combination of looks, design, performance, gearbox, injection, driving abilities and sheer speed and rawness. So I bought this one, after looking into the market for about a year.
    This was well taken care of, with many big bills and jobs already done, for example aluminium fuel tanks, new exhaust manifold, renovated top end, sports exhaust and more.
    Although driven regularely, it will still need many small jobs, and so far I have done the following:
    - new fuel breather pipe.
    - new V8 AWI Wheels.
    - mew double aluminium expansion tank.
    - renovated speedometer (needle fell off).
    - renovation of seats.
    - new complete gearshift on translator plus inside car.
    - new radio and speakers.
    - many new Water hoses.
    - new fuel hoses.
    - new braided clutch hose.
    - new spark plugs.
    - new sump plug.
    - mew blow off valve.
    - alarm and central locking repair,
    - new headlights complete.
    - new red carpets (to come).
    - many new bolts, fasteners and brackets.
    - new light stalk.
    - repair exhaust brackets.
    - polished all paint up Again.
    - new Toyo Proxes T1-S (new version).
    - new belts and tensioners.
    - new Gear oil.
    - new fuel filter.
    - new engine oil and filter.
    - new bulbs all over (diodes) to lower consumption.
    - new door lights.
    - new air filter.
    - new electrical chargecooler pump.
    - new chargecooler rubber suspension.
    - degreased and washed gearbox and surroundings.
    - new pins and nylon bushes etc. on gear lever.
    - renewed gear lever leather gaiter.
    - new clamp ring for lower gear lever gaiter.
    - cleaning and oiling of gear selector cables.
    - new hollow carbon inner gear lever, extra stiff to reduce movement.
    - new system to reduce slack and dampen movement and rattleing on gear lever.
    - repair one foglamp.
    - new rear hatch locking pins and fasteners.
    - new rubber buffers all over.
    - new Black foils under read side windows both sides.
    - new front spoiler and clips.
    - repaired sprinkler system.
    - cleaned up light pods.
    - repaired one fuel flap door.
    - bought the manuals, spare lists and extra manual chapters.
    - much more.

    There are also many other jobs to be done like:
    It already have new dampers, springs etc, but I want something harder.
    Likewise it have all new bushes, but I want the complete poly set.

    My car was born Calypso Red with Magnolia all leather including sunroof and roof surroundings, plus red carpets. Exactly what i wanted. It came with the Wind deflector and the roof bag, toolkit, spare wheel, jack etc.
    It have air con, alarm, central locking, fiber sunroof, heated and electrical mirrors, etc.

    Future plans is to make a few alterations to be oem+ and all reversible. That wil include: V8 Wheels (done), adjustable coilovers, Sport 300 buckets seats in Magnolia leather, minor engine tuning, right hand side shift gear box, LSD, AP brakes and more.
    But for now, I concentrate on renewing things, and small repairs, service etc.

    I bought the car perfectly running as the po took good care of it, and even gave me an outdoor cover and a red The Lotus Forums fat very very nice indoor cover. I really enjoyed the 650 kilometers trip home through Sweden, to Denmark. Flew right through inspection ;)
    I can confirm, that even though there are many Porsches on the street, and the Esprit is an old car, it turns many more heads and smiles by far ;) Not needed, but never the less fun.
    Sheer enjoyment.

    February 2014:
    New p-clips and brackets around the engine.
    New BOV sounds not too loud, but very nice. Hopefully a relief to the turbo as well.
    Redid the inspectionplate at rear of luggage room, and new sealing too.
    The Electric chargecoolerpump is nearly finished, with it's new loom, and pretected in cablerelief. Signal to control the relay takes from the battery/generator tell-tale wire. This way I avoid sensors that can go faulty. When ignition is on, I can hear the pump spin.
    New exhaust clamps that is 20mm wide on, to avoid u-shaped Things that deform the tubes.
    Made the exhaust bracket for the Quicksilver exhaust stronger ad it is made very weak, and both weldings broken off. Now rewelded and a relief plate to avoid vibration cracking.
    Speedo repaired and calibrated and reinstalled.
    New brackets for airbox, oil stick, chargecooler, and intake plenum.
    new chargecooler filler plug.
    new cone shaped bolts for rear Electric board cover.
    new K&N filter and new gasket.
    new gearbox frain and filler plug.
    New bolts for luggage floor and some on gearbox and exhaust hanger.

    March 2014:
    Finalised the Electric chargecooler installation. Connected via relay to ebpv solenoid. All wires insulated and protected. Runs nice and Cold. Air ventilated out of system.
    New rubber feet on the rearspoiler.
    New Turbo SE front lip on my 1990 my finalized, with modded original clips and rubber lip.
    New fog lamps bulbs, fasteners and cleaned lamps inside.
    Glued some special velcro inside the channels where tank vent hoses should be, above rear side windows, and then glued some velcro strips around the hoses themselves. Now it hangs fine where it should, and is serviceable.
    New fasteners for compressorhorns.
    Carbon fiber air box.
    Repairs of small paint damages below each exhaust.
    Sport 300 seat project started.

    April 2014:
    New brake fluid. All calipers bled. DOT4.
    Toe in adjusted on front Wheels.

    May 2014:
    All calipers taken apart, cleaned and lubed.
    New Magnolia leather on the Sport300 seats.
    Sport300 seats testfitted.
    New late type anodized gearknob.
    New fuelflap rubbers.
    New rubber support feet in front compartment.
    Brake master etc. cleaned up.
    window mechs cleaned, lunricated and adjusted.
    Door Water barrier cleaned up.
    new street brake pads all over.
    Driving gloves added ;)
    Radio antenna fixed.
    Multiple Electric connectors cleaned.
    New stainless main light backing plates and fixings.
    4 new Cibie headlights.
    4 new Philips extreme main bulbs.
    Titanium bolts, washers and nuts for seats and consoles.
    All screws for main light covers renewed.
    Started a new project on a set of Futura.
    Cleaned up by washing the Futura's 6 times in special Chemical. Now They have to be trued and milled roughly and then taken apart.

    June 2014:
    Finally installed the new braided clutch hose, new dot 4 and bled the clutch. Very smooth now.
    New adjustable fuel pressure regulator.
    New red Lotus logo carmats.
    Sport 300 seat brackets powdercoated.

    July 2014:
    sport 300 seatframes welded with new mounting plates (very solid).
    Plates marked and drilled.
    Futura rims treated with Nitrmors to remove clear coat.
    Polishing the outer lips by hand to mirror finish.
    Polishing nuts and bolts to be clean and nice Again.

    August 2014:
    Polishing exhaust.
    getting new small laptop and Espritmon.
    new rear undertray holding inserts, bolts and washers.
    Lotus Certificate of Provenance.

    Spetember 2014:
    finalised the bracketry for the Sport300 seats. Painted it with rustproof and then Black. Soon to be installed ;)
    Made the Freescan Work on my new dedicated laptop and made a test. It Works and no errorcodes.
    Made out a template for a front compartment carpet a la V8.
    Cut out the carpet and sew on edgeing.
    new rubber feet for the rear spoiler,
    new carbon headlight covers,
    new carbon b-pillar covers,
    new special domed bolts for rear spoiler.
    Acid cleaned and galvanized all nuts for the OZ Futura Wheels.
    sanded Down the exhaust, then polishing it (by hand).
    Sanded drive shafts and repainted.

    January 2015:
    cut new 7/16 thread in a new aluminium clutch slave cylinder. This will make the original fitting fit.
    New engine oil and filter: Castrol Edge FST Ti (titanium added).
    New gearbox oil. Castrol Syntrans Transaxle 75W90.

    February 2015:
    new carbon and aluminium gearstick.
    new lighter shorter gearknob.
    Pressed new red Lotac bushes into new rear lower arms.
    Taking all coolant system apart and refresh.
    Blasted and redone surface on front arb clamps + all stainless bolts and bits.

    April 2015:
    blasted fanbrackets and regalvanized them in yellow as per original.
    Took all coolers off the car and cleaned it all up.
    Rebuilt watercooler for better capacity.

    More to come.


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