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Lotus Esprit S4
By CarlC, 22/08/05
  • Color Medina Green
  • Price 0.00
  • Year 1994
  • Odometer 68000
  • Odometer Unit Miles
  • Description August 2015 - Update 3
    Remote door lock/unlock fitted. Just got the Fuel gauge anti slosh to finish installing in the morning

    August 2015 - Update 2
    Ordered new IAC valve as car seems to want a restart after first starting. All interior lights working perfectly including courtesy lights delay timer and window switch lights turn off. Only fully fixed after pulling and re-fitting nearly all relays. This is with the incorrect window lift module installed.

    August 2015
    Brakes sorted, well still a bit crap but working. May improve with standard mintex pads O2 sensor in, all interior lights working and switched to LED. Windows working again after replacing relay, just about to fit new charge cooler pipe work as previous attempt is still bloody awful to flush air from cc.

    April 2014 - Update
    Car is now booked in for a refit/full refurb of the brake system at Paul Mattys! new O2 Sensor to help smooth out the running and idleing.

    March 2014 - Update
    How time flies! The hunt for a replacement brake system came close but nothing that I was completely happy with. Then I came across the Forum topics from Darren and the Delco Brake system strip down posts. I'm now just waiting for Paul Mattys to get the pressure switches in and Ill be getting booked in to finally sort the brake system.

    June 2010 - Update
    Huge house renovation project has meant I've havnet hardly anything with car in nearly 12 months. But recent runs out have had major problems with the Brakes. ABS light was on, caused by a faulty ABS pressure switch which has now been sorted. but the brakes remain almost without servo assistance. Also the Charge Coolers been bugging me trying to remove the last bit of air from the system so I've fitted a T after the pump to try and solve that problem.

    July 2009
    Cars finally all back together, MOT passed first time and been in to PNM to have the clutch replaced with an new uprated version. Car has been running better than its ever been and the performace is awesome.
    Unfortunatly after a couple of weeks perfect running I've got a suspected crack or hole in the exhaust manifold area. So I'll need to spend some time investigating that, but it looks like there is another expensice job on the horizon which will delay the upgrade of the rear suspension and full geo setup for quite a while.

    May 2009 - Update
    OMG! - has it really been that long... Car's been of the road since late 2007 for some major front end restoration work I had expected to complete during the 07/08 winter months however Holidays, work & Family took up loads of time so I'd get the time. However, with a house move about to happen I've pulled my finger out and got this little lot all back together on my car...
    New Ali Grills all round
    Replaced Chargecooler Rad
    Clear Front Indicator
    Have not replaced front number plate
    Re-coloured Interior
    Fixed the electric windows fault !!!!

    September 2006 -

    August 2006 -
    MOT Failed on leaking steering rack and anti-rollbar bush perrished. So took the time to undertake some major work on the car. Mainly...
    1-Remove and Re-con Power steering Rack
    2-Replace ALL suspension and anti-rollbar bushes
    3-Replace very rusty wastegate capsule
    4-Install s/s braided brakes lines.
    Got to make sure the car is tip top ready for the Factory Visit.

    Also decided to change the front springs and dampers as they are shot and while all this suspension is stripped it will make it easy to get it done.
    April 2006
    DeCat and SJ Sports Exhaust added. EBPV fully removed. Major weight saving from dumping the old exhaust setup.
    March 2006
    Finally got my boost problems sorted out and is running nicely. Upload the pics for some more of the mods.
    Give that the previous owners hadnt looked after my Esprit as they should - I have had to undertake quite a few jobs to put things right that had been neglected.
    After a massive service at PNM Im working through remaining jobs on the car addressing them as soon as the cash and opportunaty comes my way.
    My garage on here is a mix common repairs I've done myself and actual mods. Through my preference in the main is not to change the car too much.


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